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Publication numberUS2340215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 25, 1944
Filing dateNov 21, 1939
Priority dateNov 21, 1939
Publication numberUS 2340215 A, US 2340215A, US-A-2340215, US2340215 A, US2340215A
InventorsFowler Frank E
Original AssigneeFowler Frank E
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Bottle brush spindle
US 2340215 A
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Jan.'25, 1944. F. E. FOWLER 2,340,215

BOTTLE BRUSH SPINDLE Filed Nov. 21. 1939' 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR aa mvv.

Jan. 25, 1944. RE. FOWLER BOTTLE BRUSH SPINDLE Filed Nov. 21. 1939 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 FrlfiilzrvlrlfivllalrlllluarwlrvvllijI,


ATTO RN EYS per head 30 substantially as shown. The outside top portion of the head 30 is threaded as designated by the reference character 34 to facilitate compression of the yielding annulus 35 received Within the opening 33 which is pressed by a ring 36 held by the cap 31 engaging with the threads 34, substantially as shown. It will be obvious that both the upper and lower portions of the yielding annulus 35 are frusto-conical in shape and hence when a cap 31 is advanced upon the threads 34 of the head 30 the annulus 35 will exert compressive action radially toward its axis.

A tubular spindle 39 is axially positioned within the annulus and is provided with an opening 390. extending axially therethrough, the spindle bein separated from the annulus by the split.

bushing 38 formed from a material such as resin impregnated sheet material or the like. The spindle is prevented from moving axially out of the annulus 35 by a ring 40 acting against a washer 4| which bears against the bottom end ofxthe annulus 35, the ring 40 being secured on the spindle and in engagement with threads or by equivalent fastening means.

A sheath element 45, preferably formed'of a relatively thin metallic substance and coated with a layer 46 of yielding material such as rubber or the like, is positioned around the spindle 39 extending substantially throughout the exposed length thereof as is shown in Fig. 3. A split collar 41, extending around the base portion of the sheath 45 and held in engagement therewith by the compression screw 48, is provided with 2, laterally extending arm 49 which, as will be seen from examination of Figs. 1 and 2, is provided with an opennig to receive holding means 50 whereby the collars of adjoining cleaning units are held against rotation. 3

Referring again to Fig. 3 it will be noted that a radially extending opening 39b is-provided in the spindle 39 communicating with the fluid'passage 39a extending axially through the spindle, whereby cleaning fluid can serve to lubricate the interface of the spindle and the sheath. The end of the spindle is threaded, as designated by the reference character l, to receive the threaded end portion of the brush ferrule 52 which, near the end thereof, is provided with a diametrically extending cross piece 53 upon which is mounted the brush stem 54 carrying the brush bristles, essentially as shown. v Referring now to Fig. 4 it will be seen that a sleeve 60 terminating in a stock collar 6| is carried upona supporting head 52 .disposed concentric with-the spindle 39 and the sheath 45. A surface of the head 62 nearest the brush I8 is frusto-conical in shape as'designated by the reference character 63 to serve as a guide for positioning the neck 20a of the bottle, generally designated by the reference character 20, whereby when the head is moved against the bottle neck, the neck end is guided against the member 54 positioned centrally within the head 62 thereby assuring alignment of the bottle neck with the sleeve 60, The supporting heads 62 are carried by a bar 65 which is slidably mounted on the frame H," as is common in machines of this character. I

In operation the shaft I3 is connected with an appropriate power source and after brushes 18 have been positioned within the bottles 20, the cleaning fiuid is forced through the channels within the spindles into the interior of the bottles, draining therefrom through the sleeves 60 into appropriate waste receptacles. Means (not shown) serve substantially automatically to move parts of the device into brushing and rest posttions in predetermined sequence.

While, as hereinabove mentioned, it is preferred that the sheath 45 be formed from relatively thin metallic substance coated with a layer 46 of rubber or other yielding wear-resistant material, the sheath can be made from other substances such as plastics, laminated materials,

metals, or the like, and under certain circumstances it will be apparent to those skilled in this art that the coating layer of rubber may be eliminated, depending upon the conditions of use.

As will be evident from the foregoing the pur pose of the split bushing 38 is to prevent adherence'of the yielding annulus 35 of rubber or like material to the spindle end. The bushing should not be made of thickness such as to interfere with firm holding of the spindle, nor should it be made too thin to serve its mentioned purpose. The formation of the annulus 35 in the manner described serves to permit the annulus functioning in conjunction with the head 30 and the cap 31 tohold the spindle end in a manner permitting yielding and adjustment of the spindle to conditions of use.

It is to be understood that this invention is capable of extended application and is not'confined to the precise illustrated form nor described construction and, therefore, such changes and modifications may be made therein as do not affect the spirit of the invention nor exceed the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described the present invention, what it is desired to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A bottle cleaning machine, comprising, means for supporting a series of bottles in an in verted position, vertically movable heads having funnel shaped recesses to receive the necks of the bottles, vertically movable sheaths having a soft coating on their outer faces and adapted to pass through the heads into the bottles, vertically movable tubular spindles passing through the sheaths, brushes carried by the upper ends of the spindles, means for rotating the lower ends of the spindles, and means for supplying a fluid through said tubular spindles.

2. A bottle cleaning machine as set forth in claim 1, wherein the spindles have a loose fit in the sheaths, and wherein the sheaths are con nected together below their upper ends by means adapted to hold them against rotation.

3. A bottle cleaning machine as set forth in claim 1, wherein the spindles have a loose fit in the sheaths, wherein the sheaths are connected together below their upper ends by means adapted to hold them against rotation, and wherein the spindles are provided near their upper ends with radial openings communicating with the interior of the spindles to convey some of the fluid into the sheaths so as to lubricate the opposing faces of the spindles and sheaths.


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U.S. Classification15/59
International ClassificationB08B9/36, B08B9/20
Cooperative ClassificationB08B9/36
European ClassificationB08B9/36