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Publication numberUS2341600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1944
Filing dateJun 29, 1940
Priority dateJul 1, 1939
Publication numberUS 2341600 A, US 2341600A, US-A-2341600, US2341600 A, US2341600A
InventorsDaniel Karl
Original AssigneeDaniel Karl
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Case for sound films
US 2341600 A
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Feb. 15, 1944. K, DANIEL 2,341,690

CASE FOR SOUND FILMS Filed June 29, 1940 Patented Feb. 15, 1944 CASE FOR SOUND FILMS Karl Daniel, Cologne-Sulz, Germany; vested in Q the Alien Property Custodian Application June 29, 1940, Serial No. 343,141 In Germany July 1, 1939 2 Claims.

In case of sound films it is not possible to bring the title of the composition on the sound holder itself as it can be done with records. For this reason the case containing the sound film is usually to be provided with the corresponding inscription.

The present invention is to solve the problem to give the sound film case such a form as is necessary for easily and clearly arranging it in connection with other sound film cases and which, therefore, will better serve the purpose intended.

The invention is based on a sound film case having rectangular bottom and lateral walls. Such fiat cases are usually piled one upon another. As the sound film cases, when being used, are pulled out of the pile, it is very difficult to keep them in good order as long as they are disposed in the manner just described, the more so as the upper part of the pile will slide downwards and get disordered, when a sound film case is pulled out from the lower part of the pile. Re-arranging a sound film case in the pile, in which the films are disposed, e. g., according to composers, kinds of music or the like, is still more difiicult than taking it out from the lower part of a larger pile.

Object of the present invention is to avoid these and further disadvantages of the known types of cases for protecting sound films and to provide a film case which can be easily and clearly arranged in connection with other works of literature and musical art. According to the invention this is obtained by the fact that one narrow face is formed like a back of a book and bears designations concerning the contents of the sound film case and the sound film. So the possessor of sound film cases will necessarily place the same side by side, using the lower lateral faces as a base. Hereby a very clear arrangement of the cases is possible, which arrangement can always be observed as, when taking out of the whole a certain sound film case, the position of the others is not affected, a free space remaining which designates the site of the removed case.

At the same time such a form of the sound film case is adapted in a very good manner to the character of the sound film as a work of literature and musical art. In this way it is also possible to range the sound film cases decently in a library together with other regular books. In this connection, of course, it is necessary to overcome the prejudice that a film coil maintains its shape in lying condition only. In fact, ex-

perience has shown that a film coil is not affected by placing it vertically, so that the slight change of form which the coil is subject to by the said manner of placing it, is adjusted already after a few turns on the film table of the musical apparatus.

It is advantageous to form from one bottom wall and the four lateral walls an open film case for the sound film, which case is covered by the other bottom plate being constructed in such a way that it can be unfolded. It is recommendable not to bring the designations directly on one lateral wall of the case but to bring them on a wall covering the said lateral wall and which can be unfolded together with the corresponding bottom wall when opening the case. It is also advantageous to provide the bottom wall to be unfolded with vertical lateral walls which are to cover the lateral walls being arranged on the other bottom wall and, therefore, ensure tighter closing. In order to obtain still a better result, an intermediate cover covering the top of the case may be provided, which may bear at the same time indications concerning the contents of the sound notes made on the sound film.

The invention is illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 of the drawing.

Figure 1 shows the sound film case in closed and Figure 2 shows it in open condition, in a diagrammatical view.

The case is substantially formed by the rectangular bottom walls a and b and the four rectangular lateral walls b1, b2, b3, In, which are firmly connected to the bottom wall thus forming together with it an open box, which is to preserve the endless sound film. This film is directly covered by an intermediate cover e which can be unfolded. The bottom wall I: which can likewise be unfolded, is connected to the unfoldable lateral wall (1 covering the lateral wall b4. It is provided on three sides with rectangular lateral walls f1, f2, is, which cover the lateral walls b1, b2, b3, if the case is closed.

The unfoldable wall d connecting the bottom walls a and b to each other is formed like the back of a book and bears inscriptions and other marks which refer to the contents of the sound film case and eventually of the sound film. Owing to such a form of the lateral wall d the possessor of the sound film box will necessarily use the lateral wall In as a base when ranging several cases side by side.

I claim:

1. A container for sound film, said container comprising a bottom plate having sidewalls extending substantially continuously along its edges defining a sound film accommodatin chamber, said sidewalls stiffening said bottom plate against substantial bending, a cover plate having generally the shape and size of said bottom plate, an intermediate plate positioned between said bottom plate andsaid cover plate, said intermediate plate being rigid and designed like a book-back, and substantially as wide as the height of the chamber, said intermediate plate being hinged along two opposite edges to the adjacent edges of the bottom and cover plates, respectively, whereby said cover and intermediate plates can be folded to bring the intermediate plate to a position along the adjacent sidewall on said bottom plate with said cover plate overlying said bottom plate and resting on the upper edges of the sidewalls of said chamher, and sidewalls along the edges of said cover plate except at the edge which is hinged to said intermediate plate, and stiffening said cover plate against bending, the last mentioned sidewalls being positioned and proportioned to outlie and engage major portions of the laterally outward surfaces of three adjacent sidewalls on the bottom plate so as to frictionally grip the cover plate in closed position.

2. A container for sound film according to claim 1 wherein a rigid closure plate is hinged .-at the upper edge of a portion of the sidewall on :the bottom plate adjacent to said intermediate plate, said closure plate substantially closing the opening between the sidewalls of the film chamber when in closed position, said cover platebeingarranged to hold said closure plate in closed position.


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