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Publication numberUS2342066 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1944
Filing dateOct 19, 1942
Priority dateOct 19, 1942
Publication numberUS 2342066 A, US 2342066A, US-A-2342066, US2342066 A, US2342066A
InventorsTramill Charles
Original AssigneeTramill Charles
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Powder container for dispensing insecticide on dogs and similar animals
US 2342066 A
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Feb. 15, 1944. c, ILL,


UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE POWDER CONTAINER FOR DISPENSING INSECTICIDE ON DOGS AND. S MILAR. ANIMALS Charles Tramill, Kansas City, Mo.- Application October 19, 1942, Serial No.- 462,612 a Claims. (01. 119-157) This invention relates to a-powder container opening I 9 therebetween through which the for dispensing insecticide on dogs and similar powder is readily inserted into the pocket. animals subject to infestation by fleas or other a The slot-like opening is closed by a zipper vermin, and has for its principal object to protype fastener 20 having Talon elements 2i and 22 vide incorporation of a device of this character thereof secured along the adjacent inner edges in a collar, harness, or other article worn by the of the flaps in alternate order so that the heads 23 animal so that the powder is automatically disthereof are adapted to be interengaged by the pensed incidental to activity of the animal. usual slide 24 which is adapted to be gripped by a Other objects of the invention are to provide tab 25 that may also form a lock to retain the an'insecticide dispenser that is not conspicuous slide at the closed end of the slot. The Talon when worn by the animal; to provide a dispensing elements are thus adapted to close the slot-like device which is of considerable length and has a opening and retain the powder in the pocket, but substantially co-extensive slot-like opening to there are sufficient spaces between the interenfacilitate insertion of powder; and to provide a gaged heads thereof to provide small apertures closure for the fill opening which also forms out- 26 through which the powder is adapted to sift. lets through which powder sifts onto the animal. The dispensing device or pocket thus formed It is also an object of the invention to provide is adapted for attachment on the inner side of an a powder dispensing device constructed so that article worn by the animal, for example'a collar, it does not. interfere with comfort and activity the strap of a harness,- or the like, but in the of the animal and which is not destructive to present dr Win Ih illustrated I as applied hair or injurious to the skin of an animal. the inner face of a collar 21.

' In accomplishing these and other objects of The collar 21 is of usual construction in that the invention, I have provided improved strucit includes a strap 28 having one end provided ture, the preferred form of which is illustrated in with a buckle 29 for securing the opposite end the accompanying drawing, wherein: 30 in encircling relation with the neck of an Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a dog collar animal. The dispensing device is'attached to the equipped with a powder dispensing device eminner face of the collar with one end thereof adbodying the features ofthe present invention. jacent the buckle and the other end terminating Fig. 2 is an enlarged cross-section through the near the last of the buckle holes 3| so that the collar on the line 22 of Fig. 1. 30 dispensing device extends across the top of the Fig. 3 is, an inside plan view of the collar shown animal's neck and is in position to eifect sifting t parts b k n t t shorten t figure d of powder through the apertures 26 incidental to with the powder containing pocket partly opened. activity of the animal Wearing the co lar.

Referring more. i t l t th drawing; The device may be secured to the collar by any i designates a powder dispensing-device which suitablemeans such as an adhesive, as indicat d includes an elongated pocket for containing a at y hin riv ts or other suitable atpowder type insecticide ,3. The pocket 2 is formed taching meansby tri 1' flexible t mu 4 of desired length In filling the device, the collar is unbuckled and and th and flaps 5 and 5 The side edges 1 and preferably supported upon a flat surface with the a and the ends 9 and Ill of the strip and the 40 inner side up he slide 24 of the z pper outslde'edges H and n of the flaps are intumed is then retractively drawn along the Talon eleto form finished edges I3 and H which are 864 mm of the zipper to open e l ik m1 cured together by lines of stitches l5 and I 6. opening- The fl may then be Spread The strip 4 and the flaps 5 and 6 may be formed wardly to widen the pemng that the pwder of any suitable flexible material, for example a may be deposited along the enthe length of the fabric having closeness of weave to retain the ig i The slide 24 is redrawn along the powder in the pocket. The flaps correspond in astemng elements, causing their re-engagem-ent length to the strip 4 and are of a combined width and closure the opening The gripping greater than the width of the strip 4 so as to give tures a throu gh which the powder is adapted to ffic fullness to provide a Pocket 2 of ample sift. The collar is then buckled about the neck of capacity to contain the desired amount of powder t animal and positioned t the dispensing collar incidental to activity of the animal, the powder falling upon the neck of the animal being progressively distributed to otherparts by the article worn by an 1. A powder dispensing device including an elongated pocket formed of a material substantially impervious to the insect powder adapte to be contained in said pocket and having flexible flaps forming a slot-like opening along the length thereof for insertion of said powder into the pocket, and means for closing said opening and forming a plurality of apertures through which said powder sifts from the pocket.

2. A powder dispensing device of the character described including a strip of flexible material, powder impervious flaps co-extensive with thesides of the strip and cooperating therewith to form a pocket having sufficient fullness to contain said flaps being spaced apart to .provide an opening therebetween through which the powder into the pocket along the length' thereof, and Talon fasteners on said flaps arranged to bridge the opening and form apertures along the length of the pocket through which the powder is adapted to sift from said pocket.

3. In combination with an article to be worn by an animal, an elongated powder dispensing pocket formed of a powder impervious mate- 35 elements projecting rial to retain a powder and having an opening substantially co-extensive with the length of said pocket through which the powder is inserted along the length of the pocket, means securing the pocket to the inner face of said article, and a zipper having interengaging elements fixed to opposite edgesof the openings of said pocket, said zipper being adapted to contact the animal and of a type to form a plurality of apertures through which the powder is adapted to sift from said pocket onto the animal wearing the article.

4. A collar including a powder dispensing pocket formed of a material substantially impervious to a powder adapted to be contained in said pocket, said pocket extending along the inner face of the collar and having a slot-like opening through which the powder is inserted in the pocket, a zipper having interengaging elements projecting from edges of said slot-like opening for closing said opening and adapted to contact zipper being of a type to provide a plurality of openings between said elements for dispensing powder onto an animal wearing the collar, and means for securing said pocket to the inner face of said collar.

5. A collar including rial substantially co-extensive with the inner face of said collar, flaps secured to sides of said strip and having edges spaced apart for forming a slot-like opening therebetween, being formed of a material substantially impervious to powder, a zipper having interengaging from edges of said flaps for bridging said slot-like opening and forming a plurality of openings through which a powder is adapted to be dispensed on to the neck of an animal wearing said collar, and means for securing said strip to the inner face of said collar.


an animal wearing the collar, said a strip of flexible mate- I said flaps v

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European ClassificationA01K27/00F