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Publication numberUS234224 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1880
Filing dateAug 16, 1880
Publication numberUS 234224 A, US 234224A, US-A-234224, US234224 A, US234224A
InventorsEbwaed A. Barton
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US 234224 A
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(No Model.)

B. A. BARTON. Nursing Bottle.

No. 234,224. Patented Nov. 9,1880.




5 end of'the lower part To all whom it may 6mm Nous! Ne {BOTTLE j SPEGIFICATIQN formingpart of Lette se tentuo. 234,224," dated November 9,118 80.

i Application filed A ugustlfi, 1880. (No model.)

'Be it known that I,- EDWARDALFRED BAR- '10N,'.of- Montreal, in the Province of Quebec I andDQminiOu' of; Canada, have invented anewa'n'd useful Improvement in ,NursingZ-BQH Eigure lis 'a side"view .,of the improvement;

Eigrfd 'isa longitudinal section takesturoagii. th e' line w' m, Fig. ,1, but showing theparts' sepa' i alreuthroiugh'v sectional.- e'le rated'.- Fig.3 is a crosesection the line'y y,"Fig. 1-. v vatiou ot'thetnipplenndcoll b imilar letters'of; reference ndicate corre-. spondingparts.

I 'Ihe' objectof t l iis in uentiouiis .to] furnish, nursing-bottles .so constructedgthfifi they can not beliabletb becofne .un corked.v accidentally.

1 {The'body of the bottle ismade ovju-l in its general-form and'iu two parts,- AIB, of unequal size. ,The upper part, A ,--i s made. much i the smaller, so. that, a supplyof .milkl can; be put into the. lower part; B, before; the two, parts are secured; together; -Tliescent-Lends. of the two partsA-Bare soibr e thatuztheupper Ii'llffitl into the lower end ot the uppg aj gf 1 e parts A w-rut tc ethen the upper.-

edge oftheilower"part,";B, rests against a shoulder or rib (J, formed'upou the.inuer'sur-,. face of the upper part,-A, and thelowei' edge" I of the upper. -pa.rt,"- A,,rests agaiust'ashoulder or-rib l), formed upon the-,outerfsurface of" tig lit," sol that there-Belem be-.110 (leakage tie-Z "twcenthe ove'rleppedeuds 'of'the parts A; B. Upon i the" outer surface zofi the; lower en d get the upper part, A ,"1is formed a screw t h rea d,

ner" surface offa collar;

the lesser part's'B A- 103F381] against to uiakethe joints.

F, which fits into a'screwsthread, G, iuthe in- I H; which is madefof hard rubberorjotherl suitable material which 4 upon'entoval body and suflicient' strength to hold the screw-threads while being made thin and .neat. Around the inner, surface of the lower edge oft-he collar H is formed a flange. orbead, 'I,'t0, rest against the lower side of. the fiatuge rib or shoulder D, tostop the 001-.

has suificient flexibility to allow -it tobe screwed A; 1 When the part,-B. "Upon thefshoulders 611D are' placed packing-rings E, of rubber-or .othersuitable material, for the edges of the- I lar in proper position. The upper end of the.-

and keep its .inner end upon the bottom ofithe bott1e,'and has a, tapered neck and opening, al

-- V5 to receive'atapering rubber cork pr stopper, K;. which is inserted from the iDIIBFEidQySO that-thecork cannot be taken out by the child.

The cork .is perforated longitudinally to re .cei ve the tube. L, through which the iuilk is drawn, and which-is 'held firmly in place by the compression of the rubber cork K as it is,

pressed into-the. mouth J of the bottle. The

lowerfendof the'lower part,. B, is tapered toward itslo-wer side,. a s shown-in Fig.1, and

.xh'as an outwardly-projecting ridge,:}l\/l',f foru1ed$ upon tl're lower partofg its loweni siiietofoi'm;

channelsforit he lower end ofi ftliefsliotion-tube L to rest i n, s'o that. the said-logenend magi always be immersed ."in' milk;-toi-p'revent'the child from drawing air through'jthe tube L or, if desired, an inivardly-proj ectiilg, {ridge may beibrmed upon the lower side of the'.part B, 1to foruia channel to receive the end of the {suction-tube L, as shown dotted lines. in

Fig.3. 1 V The nipple is madein two parts, amoutli- 'piece, N, and a neck, 0. Themouth-piece N 'is made in the shape of the upper "part of an:

ordinary nipple, orin any other suitable shape,

andw-itli the rubber of about the same-thickness as the rubber in 1' an 'ordinal'y'nipple.

Around the inner surface of the open lower end of the mouth-piece Nisforzned-e, bead; Rto intel-lock with abead, Q, formed around the. outer;v surfeceofithe upper eud'of theneck O. :The

. neck 0 is formedof thicker rubber than the mouth-piece N, so that it will retain a tubular iiorm and will hold thelower eudof themout'hpiece N distended; It is aglass .QOllar or oouplingywhich has a bead, S, arouudits slightly.-- flariug'upper endto receive and holdthe lower eudiof the neck 0 and a bead, 4T, aroundits lower part to receiveund hold'th'e upper end-.-

of the} suction-tube. With this construction the nipple. can be readily detached from the collar R, and. the parts N Oseparatema-ndltlre mouth-piece N-turned inside outaudthon oughly cleaned. The inner surface of the thbulalr peck O can be cleanedtwith a brush. 1

The upper eud .ofthe uechQ, can be i e are securely connected 5 5 Having thus fully described my invention, I

. claim .as new and desire to secure by Letters laten t, I u 1. In a n ursln g-bottlc, the combination, with p the part A, having shoulder C and screw- 10 thread F, and the part of the collar H, having'screw-thread G and.

B, having shoulder 1),

sho'ulder'I, substantially as hereinshown and described, whereby the together, as set forth.

2. In a nursing-bottle, the loner part, B, made with a ridge, M, substantially as hereinshown and described, whereby a channel is 1 formed to receive thejnner end of the suctiontube L, as set forth.

two parts ofi the bottle 3L A rubber nipple made in tivo parts, substantially as herein shown and described, con.- sisting'of a mouth-piece, N, having a bead, P, upon the inner surface of its open-end, and the tubular neck 0, havinga bead, Q, upon the outer surfaces of its upper end, whereby the two parts will'in'terlock with each other, as set forth. 1

4. The. combination, with thenipple formed of the mouth-piece N and the separable neck 0, of the glass collarvR, having a head aroundits upper endto receiveand hold the neck 0 and a beadaround its lower end to receive and hold the suction-tube, substantially as herein shown and described.

EDWARD A. BARTON. Witnesses:

L.. M. NIXON, M.'J.JoNEs.

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