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Publication numberUS2344169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1944
Filing dateNov 10, 1941
Priority dateNov 10, 1941
Publication numberUS 2344169 A, US 2344169A, US-A-2344169, US2344169 A, US2344169A
InventorsMae Risser Bertha
Original AssigneeMae Risser Bertha
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Bib positioning means
US 2344169 A
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March 1944- B. M. RISSER 2,344,169

BIB POSITIONING MEANS Filed Nov. 10, 1941 5mm Wm A7175! Patented Mar. 14, 1944 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to ready placement of an extension portion in an article of apparel.

This invention primarily has to do with protective outer apparel articles, say of the apron type, wherein there is an upper extension from the waistline, and involves the means for positioning such upward extension independently of over the shoulder or about the neck strap portions and is readily adaptable to the garment the wearer may have in use.

Referring to the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a front view of an embodiment of the invention in a bib type of apron;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary view in enlarged detail of the strap or extension loaded terminus or holding element of this apron bib portion;

Fig. 3 is a view of the apron with the device in position as to a high neck type of garment;

Fig. 4 is a View of the extension as in use in connection with a V-type neck garment; and

Fig. 5 is a view of the device in use by insertion into a garment away from the neck openmg.

In the carrying out of the invention, there may be an apron body portion I having strings or straps 2 for the belt or normal holding means for positionin this article of apparel, which strings may be tied or otherwise assembled to maintain the body I in position in front of the wearer or in protective position as to the garments from the work as undertaken. Above waistline 3, extension or bib 4 is a further protective feature, which the belt holding means 2 are usually ineffective for positioning, especially in the flexible type of cloth or fabric normally used for apparel or aprons. In accordance with the invention herein, this upwardly extending portion of bib 4, near its extremity 5 as away from the waistline 3, may have extending therefrom a uniform strip extension 1 having a weight 8 enclosed therein. This extension I may be of fabric and may have a decoration in keeping with that of the apron body I, be symmetrical with the belt straps 2 if such be desired, or of a symmetrical appearance or an attractive dissimilar appearance as to the bib portion 4. There is, accordingly, a range of styles for utility adoption for this flexible strip 7. The strip 1 in its terminal pocket 9 has a load, herein shown as a metal or lead disk 8, which may be retained in place by an appropriate stitching, ither through the pocket or through the openings in the disk 8.

In the event the wearer It) has an article of apparel or dress with a high neck I l, the strip 1 may be so placed to have the weight 8 slip down inside the neck, whether against the body or between the outer garment and other garments of the wearer. This weight is not of a discomfort character but is merely such that, as placed, there is, due to the change of direction in the portion 1 at a bend I2, a locking or holding to retain the bib portion 4 in its sightly and efficient working position as directly upwardly extending from the waistline 3.

Should the user [3 have a garment with a V-neck openin l4, even for a different type of a bib l5 this extension I automatically adjusts itself. The bend portion 12 registers here, as

in the other instances, at such range of positioning in retaining the upward extension l5 or bib of the protective garment in position away from waistline I 6 above the body portion I I of this article of apparel.

The range of use hereunder is not necessarily limited to an attractive dress but may be in the range of use by servants or ones in special lines of work desiring peculiar or special protective aprons. A merchant, hotel or shop worker I 8 may have a jacket I9 and a protective bib 20 with this extension I therefrom to work as a tuck-in 2| between fasteners 22 of the jacket 19. Here, as in the other instances, the weight 8 is the effective positioning means automatically adjustable for retaining the bib 20 in its proper position above or from the waistline 23.

The carrying on of the invention herein is a simple device providing ready placement or removal of the article of apparel and in such functioning for placement is efficient in its adjustments for locating and holding the upward extension from the waistline in the protective relation even during body movements of the wearer.

The flexible strip is of uniform width throughout its length and the weight is of fiat formation and disposed within the free end portion of the strip in a manner such as not to alter the uniform width of the strip and also to maintain a substantially uniform thickness of the strip for efficient automatic adjustment thereof.

The simplicity of this bib holder reaches also to manufacturing economy, not only in fabric but in stitching savings.

What is claimed and it is desired to secure by Letters Patent is:

In an apron having a bib portion, a flexible strap portion extending from the upper end of the bib portion, the strap portion being of uniform width throughout its length, and a weight of fiat formation concealed within the free end of the strap portion providing a weighted free end portion of substantially the same thickness as the body of the strap portion, the weighted end of said strap portion being adapted for insertion within the neck opening of a garment whereby it is free to descend on the inside of the garment and thereby cause the strap portion to hold the bib portion in upright protecting position,

holding the bib portion in position irrespective of body movements and neck openings of various forms with which the strap portion may be associated.


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U.S. Classification2/48, D02/864
International ClassificationA41D13/04
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