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Publication numberUS2344556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1944
Filing dateOct 10, 1940
Priority dateOct 10, 1940
Publication numberUS 2344556 A, US 2344556A, US-A-2344556, US2344556 A, US2344556A
InventorsManley Robert E
Original AssigneeManley Robert E
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US 2344556 A
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R. E. MANLEY 4 DISENSER March 21, 1944.

Filed oct. 10, 19404 carrying a relatively heavy post 53 having a screw or pin connection with the standard of the support I5. The lower portion of the support I5 is slotted as at 54 to receive the round pin 2'3 while the upper free end 55 of the post 53 extends through the opening in the ear Il9 or if preferred, into a socket in the ear I9. In either case the unit may be lifited off of the post 53 as soon as the pin 23 is moved from the slot 54, there being a reasonable.. amount of: play between the top of the post-53 and the opening-"or recess in the ear I9.

When the device is used on a boat I prefer` the pin so as to receive a cotter 51, this. provision f preventing the lurching of the boat from causing the unit to be detached from the support or stand I5. For use other than marine I prefer thatthe.vv

pin 23 shall only extend the thickness of the sup- DOrt 50.

y In the modified form shown in Figure 3 the base of the support is a ring 60 which may be secured to a supporting surface asxby the 'screws BI. At diametric. portions of the ring 60 I provide hollow posts 62 and in this modiiication the cross piece a is pierced to receive the standards I8 which may be secured as by the pins 2| or by set'screws 65, so that therstandardvs I8 may project suclently far into the tubes 62 as. to afford, ample support for the unit. This type is particu#- larly suitable for use on yachts or on other boats.

In Figurefl I substitute for the pin 23 a fork B6 which may straddle the posti 53a s'et i'nto'th standard 50a, the base 61 ofk which carriesv a clamp 68 ofiusual designA so that the support may be clamped to a tabletop or 'other object. The top of the standard 50a supports the unit which is held at the top by the ear I9 Obviously if the hand wheel 21 of the clamp 'I4 were" greatly increased in diameter, it-alone could support the unit in the serving (inverted) position, and this simple form is sometimes preferred by users.

In Figure 5 I show the unit supported directly fromA a Wall Whichcarries a'bracket 'Ill Aand a staple 1I for the forked" type such as 66 or a recess 'I2 for receipt of the pin type as shown at 23, In this modified form the base Ilia instead of being pierced as in the preferred form carries a. socket I4 which receives the free end of the bracket I0 exactly as it receives the top of the post 53 While the form 66a engages the staple 1I driven in the wall at the proper distance below Vthe bracket 10. In this modification the bottle has very slight movement as is the case: in the preferred form.

When the preferred form has a fork such as 66 in place of the pin and this fork rests upon the standard 50a the bottle may swing completely around the axisof the post'53a`which in some cases may be preferred. Obviously in-this type two or more units containing two diiierent beverthe frame to form a unit structurefor convenient handling, and means independent of said unit structure for supporting the unit in inverted positon.

2; In combination, a base having means for supportingA an erect uncapped bottle on a horizontal surface such as a table top, vertical memrbers `extending from the base on opposite sides of thebottle, an assembly including a cross member connecting the tops of the vertical members to form a frame, and a manually operated clamping screw whereby a. `bot-tle having a valve loosely seated on its open top may be clamped in the frame to form a unit structure for convenient handling, a supporting structure' and means on said base and means on said 'cross member cooperating to position the unit on said supporting structure by a spaced gravity connection with the unit inverted. v

3. In a device for dispensing .the contents of a bottle containing a carbonated beverage, Ta valve adapted to seat lightly upon the open top of a bottle of the type specified and havinga spout, a seat for the bottom of the bottle, across member generally parallelto `said seat, spaced means joining the cross-'member and theseat to form a frame, means having threaded engagement with said cross memberto clamp the bottle and the valve in the -frame to'form a unit for handling, a vertical standard, an extension on the frame adapted to surround the upper endof'v the standard, and means carried by the frame for engagingthe standard near the bottom thereof to transfer a majorfractio'ri of the weight of the unit to the lower part of the standard.

4. In a device for dispensing the contents of a bottle containing a carbonated beverage, a valve -adaptedto seat lightly upon the open'top of a bottle of the type specied and having a spout, a seat for the bottom of the bottle, a cross member generally parallel to said seat, spaced means joining the cross member and the seat to form a frame, means having threaded engagement `with saidcross member to clamp the bottle and the valvein the frame to form a unit for ROBERT El

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U.S. Classification222/181.2, 248/154, 119/71, 251/239, 222/185.1
International ClassificationB67D1/04, B67D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB67D1/0456
European ClassificationB67D1/04D