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Publication numberUS2347443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 25, 1944
Filing dateMar 4, 1942
Priority dateJan 29, 1941
Publication numberUS 2347443 A, US 2347443A, US-A-2347443, US2347443 A, US2347443A
InventorsJosef Vesely
Original AssigneeJosef Vesely
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Gun mounting
US 2347443 A
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April 25, ESE Y GUN MOUNTING Filed March 4, 1942 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 FIG.

-jose Veseb IN ENTQ J. VESELY GUN MOUNTING April 25, 1944.

Filed March 4, 1942 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 II. J.

30 s e& vg h \NVENITCJE,

n RTT'Y' STATES PATENT OFFICE Application March 4, 1942, Serial No. 433,321 In Great Britain January 29, 1941 2 Claims.

The present invention relates to improvements. in gun mountings in general, and more particularly to mountings for guns of small calibre such as machine or automatic guns, light cannon and the like.

The chief object of a gun mounting is to provide a firm and reliable support for the gun when firing, without however unduly increasing the weight of the complete gun, These two conditions in combination are difiicult to meet, since if the mounting is light in weight it does not afiord the required stability, and attainment of increased stability by increasing the weight of the mounting is of course highly undesirable.

The gun mounting according to the present invention solves this problem in a simple and efiicient manner.

The new gun mounting comprises a carrying member adapted to carry the post for supporting the gun, said carrying member being arranged for attachment to or insertion in a suitable tripod or like support adapted to rest on the ground. A helical spring is provided at the lower end of the carrying member, said spring being arranged to screw into the ground upon rotation of the carrying member and for this purpose suitable handles, or equivalent means, may be provided on the carrying member. Suitable abutting means are provided on the carrying member in position for co-operation with means on the tripod or like support, or the abutting means provided on the carrying member may be adapted to rest directly on the ground.

The accompanying drawings illustrate two embodiments of the invention.

Fig. 1 shows one embodiment of gun mounting according to the invention, in part sectional elevational view, partly along the line II of Fig. 2 and partly along III of Fig. 2.

Fig. 1a is an elevational view of a detail, seen from the right hand side of Fig. 1.

Fig. 2 shows the gun mounting in plan view.

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 of a modified embodiment of the invention along III-III of Fig. 4, and

Fig. 4 shows the plan view of the device represented in Fig. 3.

Referring first to Figs. 1 and 2, the reference numeral I denotes the carrying member in general, said carrying member serving to support the mounting post 2 of the gun. The carrying membe! I consists of a tubular or similarly shaped member 3 provided at its bottom portion with a plug 4. A helical spring 5 is secured to the underside of the plug 4 and has its free end 6 tapered, sharpened or otherwise shaped to facil: tate the screwing of the spring into the grounl A collar I is firmly secured on the tubule member 3, said collar having an external cylir drical surface 8 with a conical enlargement 9 2 its upper end.

The support in the form of a tripod consisl of three legs I0, ID, Ill, carrying suitable feet I at their lower ends, which serve to ensure a firi grip of the legs on the ground, The upper enc of the legs are journalled in a ring I2 having it ner cylindrical and conical surfaces correspond ing to surfaces 9 and I0 of the collar I.

The upper part of the tubular carrying merr her 3 carries a sleeve I3 which is provided wit suitable bearings It for two handles I5. Eac handle I5 is journalled in its bearing I4 by a ho I6, and a spring I! is anchored with its one en in or around the bolt I6 and with its other en in the body of the handle I5. A projection I is arranged at the inner end of the handle, sai projection being adapted to enter a correspond ing recess in the wall of the sleeve I3 (seerigl hand part of Fig. 1), and so to hold the hand] in the horizontal position.

A suitable slot I9 is provided in the head the handle I5, through which slot the bolt I passes, so that, upon pulling the handle in th outward direction the projection l8 can be disen gaged from the recess in the sleeve I3 and th handle folded down alongside of the mountinl In order that the sleeve I3 may also serve fc holding firmly the mounting post to be accom modated in the carrying member, the tube 3 an the sleeve I3 are split in their upper parts an the bolt I6 is provided with a wing nut or the lik 20, by the tightening of which the sleeve I3 caused to close the tube 3 firmly on the pos thus securing it in position. The split in th ring I 3 is shown clearly in Fig. 1a.

In operation the new gun mounting is use in the following manner:

First the tripod is placed on ground and th carrying member I inserted therein, being passe through the ring I2, until the end 6 of the sprin 5 abuts the ground. Then, by rotation of th handles I5 which have been brought into hori zontal position, and by a certain pressure on th carrying member I, the spring 5 is screwed int the ground until the conical surface on the cells I abuts against the conical surface 9 on the rin I2. By further rotation of the carrying membe I tension is imparted to the spring 5 so that th carrying member I is urged firmly into and ont the tripod and all parts are firmly secured on th und. The handles 15 may then be folded vn to lie close alongside the carrying member afford a free and unimpeded space around the 1 mounting. The gun post 2 may then be erted into the carrying member I and fixed in I desired position by tightening the nut 20. The mounting may be disassembled in the rese sequence of operations, whereupon the s of the tripod and the handles l5 may be led up to occupy the minimum of space. n a modified embodiment of the mounting, uwn in Figs. 3 and 4, the carrying member is in principle similar to that according to the vious example and is also provided with idles 22 and sleeve 23 as already described. The tripod in this example is replaced by a te 24 fixed at the lower end of the carrying mber 2|. The spring 25 is secured on the ierside of the plate 24. n erecting the mounting in this case the rying member with the spring 25 is rotated l the spring screwed into the ground until 1 plate 24 abuts firmly against the ground, 1 thereafter further rotation tensions the ing 25. The mounting according to the invention is remely simple and light in weight and assures irm and reliable support of the gun. The nipulation, too, is simple and the mounting L be effected in a few seconds.


. A mounting for a gun comprising a carrymember adapted to accommodate the mountpost for the gun, a helical spring mounted on the underside of said carrying member and adapted to be screwed into the ground upon the carrying member being rotated, an external collar on said carrying member, a tripod for supporting said carrying member said tripod having a collar at the upper end thereof adapted to receive said external collar on said carrying member for abutting engagement therewith and an abutment plate for engagement with the ground near the lower end of each of its legs.

2. A mounting for a gun comprising a carrying member adapted to accommodate the mounting post for the gun, a helical spring mounted on the underside of said carrying member and adapted to be screwed into the ground upon the carrying member being rotated, abutting means in the form of; a collar rigidly secured on the carrying member, and having a cylindrical surface and a conical enlargement at its upper end, a tripod, an abutment plate for engagement with the ground near the lower end of each leg of said tripod, a ring carried by the upper end of the tripod, said ring having a conical surface corresponding to the conical surface of said abutting means adapted to impart a preliminary to hear when the carrying member is passed through the ring carried by the tripod, said abutting means adapted to impart a preliminary stable support to said carrier which is supplemented by a subsequent supplemental rotation of said carrier to tension said helical spring and thereby to anchor firmly said mounting in the ground.


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