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Publication numberUS2348999 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1944
Filing dateFeb 16, 1943
Priority dateFeb 16, 1943
Publication numberUS 2348999 A, US 2348999A, US-A-2348999, US2348999 A, US2348999A
InventorsPeterson Frans H
Original AssigneePeterson Frans H
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Photographic enlarging easel
US 2348999 A
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' May 16, 1944.A


Patented May 16, 1944 UNITED STATES PATENT GFFICE ruo'roeaarnrc ENnARGlNG msm. Frans IL Peterson, Monroe, La.

Application February is, 1943, serial No. 476,103

' 1 claim. (ci. sii-'24) This invention relates to photographic enlarging easels, the primary object of the invention being to provide an enlarging easel constructed in ,such a way that a number of pictures of various sizes may be consecutively made, using the standard sensitized photographic sheet.

Another object of the invention is to provide an enlarging easel embodying a main frame sectionand a plurality of shutters so designed that standard sized sensitized sheets may be used in making enlargements on a reduced scale, or a single picture, the full size of the sensitized sheet, the shutters being positioned within the main frame to cover or protect that portion of the sensitized picture sheet which is not directly under the enlarging unit, used in making the enlargement, thereby eliminating the necessity of wasting any portion of the sensitized sheet when making enlargements on a reduced scale or of a size less than the size of a standard sensitized enlarging sheet.

Another object of the invention is to provide an enlarging easel having beveled edges, thereby providing an easel which `will be leak-proof against light entering between the body and removable shutters or frame section of the device.

With the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention consists of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim, it being understood that changes may be made in the construction and arrangement of parts Withf out departing from the spirit of the invention as claimed.

Referring to the drawing Figure 1 is a plan View of a photographic enlarging easel, constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1. n

Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view through the center of the easel illustrating one of the shutters as positioned in making an enlargement on a reduced scale.

Figure 5 is a view in section through the easel, taken at right angles to Figure 4, and illustrating one of the removable frame sections and shutters mounted in the body of the easel.

Figure 6 is a perspective view of one of the covers or shutters used in closing ofi a portion ol the easel and sensitized sheet held therein.

Referring to the drawing in detail, the device comprises a ybody including a base 5 and an upper section 6, the upper section lbeing connected with the base 5, by means of the hinges 1, secured at one end of the base.

As clearly shown by Figure 2 of the drawing, the base is formed with a rectangular recessed portion in the upper surface thereof, the recessed portion being designed to receive the sensitized sheet used in making the enlargement. The upper section 5, is formed with a cut-out portion which is also rectangular in formation, the size of the cut-out portion being identical with the size or dimensions of the recessed portion of the base 5, so that when the upper section has been moved to a position in contact with the upper surface of the base 5, as in Figure 2 of the drawing, the walls of the cut-out portion, will form continuaiions of thewalls of the recessed portion of the ase.

A handle indicated by the reference character 8, is secured to the upper section 6, adjacent to one end thereof, so that the upper section may be readily and easily swung from its closed position to permit the sensitized'sheet used in the en larger, to be positioned under the upper section.

Used in conjunction with the upper section I and base, are removable closures or shutters 9.

These shutters fit within a rectangular frame I0, which is of a length and width to exactly fit within the cut-out portion of the upper section where it is secured thereto, as shown by Figure 2. The frame l0 is of a size so that the lower portion thereof extends beyond the bottom of the upper section and moves into the recess portion of the base 5 when the upper section is moved into engagement with the base. Each of these shutters comprises a rectangular plate, three edges of which are beveled as at I2, to fit closely against the beveled surfaces of the frame l0. Secured along one edge of each shutter is a bar I3 that also has a beveled outer surface, so that when both shutters A and B are used in preparing the frame for use in printing a small picture, the picture when printed will have a border.

It will of course be understood that each of the plates or the shutters, is provided with a handle,

t such as indicated at I4, so that the shutters may be readily and easily handled. g

In order that the sensitized sheet positioned within the frame for enlarging purposes, may be readily removed, opening l5 is provided adjacent to the wall of the cut-out portion of the base, so that the person using the frame, may readily position his linger under the edge of the sensitized sheet, to lift it from the cut-out portion of the base. In using the printing frame, should it be desired to enlarge a picture to a size equal to the size of the cut-out rportion of the base, the sensitized sheet is positioned within the cut-out portion of the base 5 as shown by Fig. 2, the sheet being indicated by the reference character Il.

The upper section 6 is now swung downwardly and the rectangular shutter frame, extends into the recessed portion oi' the base 5, clamping the sensitized sheet, within the recessed portion of the base, for enlarging. The device is now positioned directly under the enlarging unit and the enlargement made in the' usual way.

By using the shutters, portions of the sensitized sheet positioned in the easel, may be blocked ofi for making enlargements on a reduced scale, preserving the remaining portion ofy .7"

-"-- be positioned within the frame.

the sensitized paper for use in making other enlargements, and eliminating the necessity of discarding the unused portions of standard sized sensitized sheets.

What is claimed is:

A photographic enlarging easel, comprising a bodykportion including a base having a recessed upper surface, an upper section hingedly connected to the base and having a cut-out portion ofa size equal to the size of the recessed upper surface of the base, a rectangular frame tted within the cut-out portion of the upper section and being of a thickness equal to the depth of the recess in the base plus the thickness of the upper hinged section. whereby said frame completely covers the inner walls of the recess of the d base and wail of the cut-out portion of the upper section when the upper section is moved to engage the upper surfaceof the base, preventing light rays entering between the base and upper section, and removable shutter plates adapted to

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U.S. Classification355/54
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