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Publication numberUS2349183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1944
Filing dateOct 2, 1942
Priority dateOct 2, 1942
Publication numberUS 2349183 A, US 2349183A, US-A-2349183, US2349183 A, US2349183A
InventorsMahler John S
Original AssigneeMahler John S
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Safety razor accessory
US 2349183 A
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yMaly 16, 1944. J. s. MAHLER SAFETY RAZOR ACCESSORY Filed 001'.. 2, 1942 A L. c oHoL


Y R 0.7 E Mfg m Vim m N 1 T M. .A J

Patented May 16, 1944 STATES PATENT OFFICE SAFETY RAZCR ACCESSORY John S. Mahler, East Orange, N. J.

Application October 2, 1942, Serial N0. 460,503

CCI. 21-87) 4 Claims.

This invention relates to an accessory for use in connection with razors, particularly safety razors, to prolong the useful life of the blades.

As safety razor blades are ordinarily handled, they rapidly lose their effective cutting edges. Even stropping or honing of the blades does not serve to prolong their useful life for any extended period.

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a container with a liquid in it in which the razor, after use, and Without being disassembled to dry the blade and other parts, is immersed. The liquid consists of an anhydrous alcohol containing a suitable desiccant such as quick lime, anhydrous calcium sulfate (Drierite) or the like. Anhydrous ethyl alcohol is advantageously used, but other anhydrous alcohols, such as methyl alcohol, glycols, glycerine, isopropyl alcohol, butyl alcohol, tertiary butyl alcohol, may be used. It is provided in a suitable container, such as a wide mouthed container, usually a glass jar, although containers of other materials, such as metal, plastics, etc., may be used, and the container is provided with a cover preferably of the type which may be applied and removed readily and quickly. With such a container the cover may be removed. the razor immersed in the liquid, and the cover applied to the container immediately thereafter to minimize exposure of the anhydrous alcohol to the air. Preferably the container is of such depth and the amount of liquid in it is such that the common type of safety razor with a blade therein, when placed in the container, will have the upper end of the handle extending slightly above the level of the liquid. Throughout the times when the razor is not in use, the container is kept closed to minimize exposure of the liquid to the atmosphere. Advantageously, a small quantity of a light mineral oil, such as kerosene, is included inthe nquid.

To prevent the desiccant from adhering to the razor when it is removed from the accessory. a supporting spider, grill or the like is provided at the bottom of the container upon which the razor rests.

An accessory which embodies the invention is illustrated in the drawing:

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of the container;

Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional view of the container.

In the accessory there illustrated, there is provided a wide-mouthed container l0, with a quickclosing cover I2. At the bottom of the container lill is a supporting grill I4, on which the razor i8 rests. The liquid in the container is anhydrous denatured alcohol containing a little kerosene. The desiccant at the bottom is quick lime. The grill supports the razor above the desiccant, which settles to the bottom of the container, so that when the razor is removed, it is vfree from adhering solid material.

The size and construction of the container should be such as to permit complete immersion of the safety razor in the liquid within the container, except that preferably the upper end of the handle extends above the level of the liquid as illustrated. The amount of desiccant included in the container is suflicient to absorb the water which is introduced into the liquid when the razor is repeatedly placed in it Without drying, and thus keeps the alcohol in an anhydrous condition. For example, the container may be of such size and shape that something less than one half pint of liquid will be sufllcient for the immersion of an ordinary safety razor, and may contain about one ounce of quick lime, as the desiccant or dehydrating agent, along with the necessary quantity of alcohol and, advantageously, a small quantity of a light mineral oil such as kerosene.

With such an accessory, the user, after shaving, simply rinses the razor under the spigot, shakes off the excess water without disassembling the razor (with razors with flexed blades, the top may be loosened to unilex the blade), and immerses the razor in the liquid within the container and closes the container. When the razor is to be used again it is simply removed from the container and used, the procedure being then repeated.

When a safety razor is immersed as described between uses, not only is the effective life of the blade prolonged, but, to a substantial extent, its quality is improved; that is, a blade which has been kept immersed as described between uses gives a better shave after it has been used several times than does a new blade.


l. An accessory for preventing the dulling of razor blades in the intervals between uses cornprising a container adapted to receive the razor,

' said container having in it an anhydrous liquid alcohol in sulcient quantity to permit the immersion of the razor, and, admixed with the alcohol; a solid desiccant.

2. An accessory for preventing the dulling of razor blades in the intervals between uses coinprising a container adapted to receive the razor and containing anhydrous alcohol in sufficient quantity to permit immersion of the razor, the

alcohol containing a small quantity of a light mineral oil and having in admixture with it a solid desiccant.

3. An accessory for preventing the dulling of razor blades in the intervals between uses comprising a container adapted to receive the razor. said container having in it anhydrous alcohol in suflicient quantity to permit the immersion of the razor, said 'alcohol containing a small quantity of a light mineral oil and having in admixture with it a solid desiccant and having supporting means at the bottom to support the razor above the desiccant.

4. The'method of preventing the dulling -of razor blades during the intervals between uses which comprises immersing the razor without disassembling it in a liquid comprising an anhydrous alcohol 'and a solid desiccant adapted to absorb the water remaining on the razor after it has been rinsed and the excess water shaken JOHNl S. MAHLER.

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