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Publication numberUS2352529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1944
Filing dateJun 19, 1943
Priority dateJun 19, 1943
Publication numberUS 2352529 A, US 2352529A, US-A-2352529, US2352529 A, US2352529A
InventorsPearl Frankel
Original AssigneePearl Frankel
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US 2352529 A
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June 27, 1944.


PEARL FRANKEL ATTORNEY ITED STATE Patented June 27, 1944 srATENrorm The present invention relates to ornaments, and. is more particularly directed toward'ornaments suitable for use as hair ornaments, hats, ornamented buckles, bracelets, ear rings, and other accessories. Y

The present invention contemplates the. use of a clasp having a body about which the yarn,

straw, or similar material is crocheted to form a foundation, and .this foundation is used as a base around which similar material is crocheted to form an enlarged crocheted ornament so that the completed ornament covers the body of the clasp and is very much larger than the clasp.

In carrying out the present invention it is preferable to increase the number of stitches so that the ornament has a rufiled edge and acquires thickness instead of being flat.

A further object of the present invention is to provide ornaments of the nature referred to which are suitable for use as hats, and such a hat may 4 made according to the present invention may be worn;

Figure 2 is a rear view of a barrette showing the initial stage of the crocheting and indicating in outline a completely crocheted ornament;

Figure 3 is a front elevational view of the ornament of Figure 2 completed, and provided with a cluster of flowers;

Figure 4 is a sectional View taken on the line 44 of Figure 3 looking in the direction of the arrows;

Figure 5 is a longitudinal sectional view on the line 55 of Figure 3; and

Figure 6 illustrates a small ornament.

The barrette l0 illustrates in the drawing is of conventional form having a body 'H and pin l2. This barrette is narrower at the middle [3 than at the ends l4, l4, and these end portions are skeletonized so as to provide openings I5, I5. The yarn employed in making up the ornament is as indicated in full lines at 16, so as to form: a

foundation which extends all the wayaroundthe periphery of thebarrette bodyso that it is entirely and completely covered by the yarn. After this foundationhas been crocheted in place the crocheting operation continues around and around and, the number of stitches is increased so that the length of outer edge I] of the crochet work is materially increased, and, instead of the .crochet work being flat, asa crocheted rug, it is ruflied as indicated by the wavy outline in Figures 1 to 5, inclusive, and is wider and longer than the supporting clasp body. The ornament may be crocheted in solid color, or various color combinations may be used, if desired, and it may be used on the hair without anything additional.

While the preferred method of obtaining the rufiled fabric is to increase the number of stitches it is possible to employ a larger needle or heavier yarn. Where one portion of the crochet work is to be made larger than the other or more ruiiled, more stitches may be added than where a flatter effect is desired.

Where it is desired to use the crocheted ornament for a flower hat the openings in thefoundation provided by the skeletonized form of barrette used make it readily possible to attach or secure fresh or artificial flowers or similar decorated ornaments. Such a flower ornament is illustrated at 20, and the stem at 2|. This stem passes down through one of the openings IS in the barrette body, passes behind the solid mid-portion I3 and up through the other opening I 5 in the barrette body, as indicated at Figures 4 and 5. The rufiled crochet work forms a pocket-like enclosure for the flower so that it is supported and kept in place without any other fastening. When the barrette is secured on the head as a hair clasp, as indicated in Figure 1, it is self-supporting and functions as a hat. Should it be desired to employ a veil with the hat, it is possible to pass a veil through one of the openings in the barrette and arrange it about the head and face in any desired fashion. Such a veil is diagrammatically illustrated at 22 in Figure 5.

While the clasp shown is in the form of bar'- rettes or hair clasps large enough to be used "in making hats, it will be obvious that one can crocheted about the frame of the barrette body, 55

start with a very small clasp having a simple straight body, such as shown at 32 Figure 6, and

crochet the foundation on the body, and as the crocheting progresses the entire front face of the clasp may be hidden behind the crochet work 33. Such small clasps may be used as shoe ornaments, dress ornaments, lapel ornaments and the like.

' Since it is obvious that the invention may be embodied in other forms and constructions within the scope of the claims, I wish it to be understood that the particular forms shown are but a few of these forms, and various modifications and changes being possible, I do not otherwise limit myself in any way with respect thereto.

What is claimed is;

1. A clasp ornament. having a clasp body, a foundation crocheted about the body to cover the body and provide a series of loops tucked toby the foundation and crocheted thereto to form a continuous sheet of fabric the number ofv stitches being increased in succeeding circuits secured to the hair, the body hoving skeletonized mid-portions, a fabric oranment crocheted directly onto the body to cover the body and having. a substantial increase in thenumber of stitches in succeeding courses which cause the fabric to ruflle whereby the fabric stands away i 1 from the head when the clasp is secured in gether about the body, and crochet work carried about the foundation so that the fabric becomes ruflled. V V

2. In combination, a clasp body enclosed in crocheted loops to cover the body, and a crochetwork fabric border about the'crocheted loops, the border'having the number of stitches increased greater than necessary to account for the natural increase in periphery so that the 3. In combination, a clasp body having a solid mid-portion and skeletonized end portions, crocheted loops about the mid-portion and the end portions of the body, and a crochet-work place, and a detachable ornament received in the fabric and having a stem which passes through the openings in the skeletonized body so that when the clasp is secured to the hair the detachable ornament in held in place.

5 A hat comprising a hair clasp having a skeletonized body, a crocheted foundation about the body having the skeletonized openings therein, ruffled crocheted fabric extending outwardly from the periphery of the body and having a substantially greater. width, length and thickness than the body, a flower spray .received in the crocheted fabric opposite one skeletonized opening and'having a stem which extends rearwardly through saidv opening and forwardly through another similar opening.


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