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Publication numberUS2355010 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1944
Filing dateMay 6, 1941
Priority dateMay 6, 1941
Publication numberUS 2355010 A, US 2355010A, US-A-2355010, US2355010 A, US2355010A
InventorsValentino Pera
Original AssigneeOrsola Lucia Pera
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Beverage cup
US 2355010 A
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V. PERA BEVERAGE CUP Afig. 1, 1944.

Filed May 6, 1941 INVENTOR I/ 1; EN T'I/VO PERA ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 1, 1944 BEVERAGE CUP Valentino Pera, Pinole, Calif.," atssignor'of. one-j half to Orsola Lucia Pera, Pinole, Calif.

Application May'6, 1941, Serial No. 392,061

3 Claims. (01. 65-13) The invention relates to a. container such as a a flexible tub of rubber or' the like may' be UNITED7 STATES I PATENT enac i ,1

cup or mug or stein from which beverages are straightened in a straight bore, the passagefl is to be drunk. preferably straight for receiving either arigid An object of the invention is to provide a bevor flexible tube, it being recalled that straight erage container of the character described having suction tubes are :frequently referred to as means for facilitating a suction removal of its straws. contents in lieu of drinking from the lip thereof. In the present structure, the handle portion 8 Another object is to provide for the progressive provides a straight passage 9, extends obliquely removal of the beverage from the bottom thereof, upwardly from the receptacle bottom; and may whereby to avoid the drinking of any froth or 10 be connectedto the 'receptacle'near its top end scum on the beverage. by means of an integralhandle portion l3. *In

A more specific object is to provide a cup of this manner, the handle portions 8 and 13 co-' the type described having a suction-well provided operate with the opposed mug'side to provide a in an accessory portion of the container which handle loop forzreceivingfingers of a supporting may also comprise a handle for the'container. 15 hand. With the resulting dispes ionof the dis The invention possesses other objects and feacharge end of the passage 9 ata point laterally tures of advantage, some of which, with the forepaced froml the re p the e e going, will be set forth or be apparent in the folneed not be directly over the receptacle as when lowing description of a preferred embodiment a suction tube is applied within the receptacle. thereof, and in the accompanying drawing, in While I have disclosed the provision of the which, passage 9 in a lateral mug extension 8 which com- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a stein-like prises p t O the mug handle, it Will be undermug embodying the features f the invention, stood that such an extension is not necessarily and supported in a persons hand by its handle P Of a handlet e angularity 0f the for the removal of its contents through a suction extension with respe t to the adjacent mu Side straw disposed in its suction well. y be v i ct, e angle between the Figure 2 is an elevation of the mug with the extension and the pp mug Side p t on m y structure thereof shown in section at the suction be z w y t extension is p l t the well. mug side and cross-sections taken at different Figure 3 is a fragmentary section at the lin heights along the Wall m y be as h Section Of 33 in Figure 2. Figure 3.

Figure 4 is a plan iew of th mug, For facilitating the removal of the mug con- As particularly illustrated, the features of prestents through a tube l di p in e passa e ent invention are incorporated in the structure the receptacle bottom p ti l4 y e p of a mug B or the like having a receptacle portion Vided h a depression p e e end of e l of cylindrical form provided with a handle exp e 9 and arranged to fa i itate the ow of tending integrally therefrom. Essentially, a latliquid from t receptacle Cavity into the tube eral receptacle extension 8 provides a suction 1 Straw S p c r y n, he lowerpassage 9 connected with the bottom of the recepmost Corner Of the Suction u e I2 is arranged tacle cavity H, with the passage 9 extending at 40 to t p n n u p ss d tt p ti a least to the plane of the lip of the mug. Conjacent the depression 15. veniently, and as shown, the extension 8 com- The described mu structure y be f d prises part of the mug handl of glass or ceramic war or a plastic or a metal While the passage 9 may be utilized directly as may be desired. It Will of COUISE be ObViOLlS as a suction passage for removing the receptacle that a precise handle outline for provi in the contents by the application of the drinkers mouth present St aight suction pas ge 9 is ge e a y to the upper passage end at the upper end of the immaterial tubular handle portion 8, it will generally be pref- While o general ti i y, the present mug strucerable for sanitary reasons, that a drinker utilize tllre has been Particularly designed to f ci tate an individual tube applied through the passage 9 the drinking therefrom of liquids which have for removing the mug contents by suction. Acfrothy unpalatable D Portions Carry fruit cordingly, the extension 8 is so formed that the pieces or other decorations above the liqui S suction passage 9 therethrough may freely receive liquids including medicinal preparations, egga suitable suction tube 12. Since rigid suction noggs and other whipped beverages, malt liquors, tubes of glass or paper are usually straight, and .5 chocolate drinks, etc. Since the liquid to be served would be originally placed in the cup from the top of its cavity l I, the passage 9 will be free of froth or scum, and the insertion of a straw 12 therein may not cause a clogging of the straw bore as might occur if the straw is lowered directly into the liquid in the cup cavity. It will thus be understood that the present mug structure is useful both in the hospital and the home and at refreshment counters.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, the advantages of the'construction and method of use will be readily understood by those skilled in the art to which the invention appertains. While I have described the features and the principle use of an arrangement which I now consider to, be a preferred embodiment of my inVention QI desire to have it understood that the showing is primarily illustrative, and that such changes may be made, when desired, as fall within the scope ofthe following claims.

I claim:

1. In a mug or the like, a body providing a liquid receptacle and a'lateral tubular extension providing a uniform straight passage connected with the receptacle space solely at a receptacle side pointadjacent the receptacle bottom, and a straight and laterally rigid suction tube removably disposed in said passage and having its lower end supportedlyv engaging the receptacle bottom and its upper end exposed beyond the top of the passage for the application of a persons mouth thereto for effecting the suction removal of the receptacle contents, the receptacle bottom opposite the lower tube end being vertically stepped with the higher bottom portion thereat supportingly engaging the tub and the lower bottom portion thereat extending laterally beyond the tube end to provide for a free liquid flow along the bottom and beneath the tube into its said end.

2. In a mug or the like, a body providing a liquid receptacle and a lateral tubular extension providing a passage extending upwardly from the receptacle bottom to at least its top level, a suction tube removably disposed in said passage and having its lower end supportedly engaging the receptacle bottom and its upper end exposed beyond the top of the passage for the sucking application of a persons mouth thereto, the receptacle bottom opposite the lower tub end being vertically stepped with the higher bottom portion thereat supportingly engaging the tube and the lower bottom porion thereat extending laterally beyond the tube end to provide for a free liquid flow beneath the tube into its said end.

3. In a mug or the like, a body providing a liquid receptacle, and a lateral extension of the body providing a passage extending upwardly from the bottom of the mug receptacle to at least the plane. of the receptacle top, a suction tube replaceably disposed in said passage with its lower end supportedly engaging the receptacle bottom while its upper end is exposed beyond the top of the passage for the suction removal of the receptacle contents through the tube, and means facilitating the flow of liquid from the receptacle bottom to the intake end of the installed tube, said means comprising the formation of the receptacle bottom with a depressed portion disposed to underlie less than all of the lower end of the tube and to extend laterally from beneath the tube.


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