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Publication numberUS2356036 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1944
Filing dateMay 16, 1944
Priority dateMay 16, 1944
Publication numberUS 2356036 A, US 2356036A, US-A-2356036, US2356036 A, US2356036A
InventorsDreisbach Edwin J
Original AssigneeDreisbach Edwin J
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Support for easel-back picture frames and the like
US 2356036 A
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SUPPORT FOR BASEL-BACK PICTURIE FRAMES AND THE LIKE Filed may 1s, 1944 Eowm J. DREISBACH Patented Aug. 15, 1944 il??? y e assaut e `L"SlirronrotSELBKPrcuR FBAMESANDTHELIKE v `Edwin J. Dreisbach, New-Havemconn. Atliiietioje 1t, 1944, 1seltiariin;', 535,834,

' 2 claires@ (c1. 24aen y i-,The present invention relates to improvements l bevel I4 :and thezfront or forward face I6 of the in supports and nrelates more particularly. to sup-1 leg-,plate I3 provides what-may be aptly termed* ports for easel-back pictu-re frames .and the like, a heel I1. ,l l I i. e., picture frames or the like having secured v At-4 apoint substantially in line with the heel thereto pivotal l,legs adaptedto support the pic- 5 I'I lin a'direction from front to rearofthe vlegture frame in an inclined position on a horizontal plate I3,-the' said leg-plate is formed with a hole sur-face. y -f orpassage-I8 leading therethrough from side One of the objects of the present invention is edge to side edge thereof. The said hole I8 acto provide a superior support for easel-back piccommodates the body-portion I9 of an attachture frames and the like, which is so constructed l0 ing-loop generally designated by the reference and arranged as to combine strength and durabilcharacter 20, which may be conveniently formed ity with low cost for manufacture. of metallic wire. At each of its respective opposite A further object of the present invention is to ends, the body-portion I9 of the attaching-loop 20 provide a superior support of the character reis formed with attaching-arms 2| and 22 which,

ferred to which may be produced mainly from prior to their installation in the back-sheet II, wood or other low-cost non-metallic material and extend in parallelism with the side edges of the still possess the characteristics of easy assembly leg-plate I3, as is illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5.

and ruggednessinuse. The complemental-attaching-arms 2| and 22 Another object of the present invention is to of the attaching-loop 2l) may be suitably sharpprovide a superior support for easel-back picture ened at their free or outer ends and forced forframes and the like which will permit the picture wardly through the back-sheet I l until the front frame to be also suspended from a Wall without face I6 of the leg-plate I3 is lightly seated undue interference from the support. against the rear face of the said back-sheet.

With the above and other objects in View, as The respective outer-portions of the attachingwill appear to those skilled in the art from the arms 2| and 22 may now be bent toward each present disclosure, this invention includes all feaother into engagement with the front face of the tures in the said disclosure which are novel over said back-sheet and in parallelism with the the prior art. body-portion I9 of the attaching-loop 2U, as is In the accompanying drawing, in which cerespecially well shown in Fig. 3. tain modes of carrying out the present invention :m When the leg-plate I3 is pivotally attached to are shown for illustrative purposes: the back-sheet II by means of the attaching- Fig. 1 is an edge view of an easel-back picture loop 20 as above described, the said leg-plate may frame equipped with asupport constructed in achave its lower end swung outwardly until the cordance with the present invention; bevel I4 at its upper end is brought into ilatwise Fig. 2 is a View thereof in rear elevation; :x5 engagement with the rear face of the back-sheet Fig. 3 is a broken detail sectional View taken II, whereupon the further outward-swinging on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2 but omitting the picture movement of the said leg-plate will be checked. frame save only the back-sheet thereof; The leg-plate I3 may also be swung so that its Fig. 4 is a broken face view of the leg-plate, front face I6 is in parallelism with the backdetached, together with its connecting-loop; and in sheet II, as indicated by broken lines in Fig. 1,

Fig. 5is an edge view thereof. whereupon the entire picture frame I0 may be In the accompanying drawing is shown a picsuspended from a wall surface if desired, by any ture frame I0 having the usual back-sheet II suitable suspension device and without the legwhich is usually formed of relatively-heavy cardplate I3 or its attaching-loop 20 causing instaboard or the like, andV which is retained in place bility or undue spacing from such wall surface. in the frame by a plurality of retaining-members By locating the hole or passage I8 immediately adjacent the heel I1 of the leg-plate I3, the

Pivotally secured centrallytothe upper-portion said leg-plate may be swung into either of its of the back-sheet II is a leg-plate I3 which may two extreme positions with mild frictional rebe formed of wood or other suitable non-metallic straint and without injuring the back-sheet II low-cost material. The upper edge of the said or its equivalent, or unduly straining the attachleg-plate I3 is formed with a bevel I4 forming an ing loop 20. In producing the attaching-loop acute angle with respect to the rear face I5 of 20, asuitable length of straight wire may be cut the leg-plate I3 and an obtuse angle with respect and inserted through the hole or passage I8, to the front face I6 thereof. The junction of the 55 `after which the opposite ends of such a length of changes coming within the meaning and equivai 2^* lency range of the appended claimsare intended` to be embraced therein.

I claim:

1. The combination with the back-sheet'of a'" through the hole in the leg-plate from side edge to side edge thereof and provided with two attaching-arms respectively located at its respective opposite ends, which arms are extended through the said back-sheet and clinched against the face thereof opposite the leg-plate.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a support for easel-back picture frames and the like, cornprising:` a leg-plate having a beveled upper end constructed and arranged to engage with the back-sheet of a frame-assembly or the like and providing a heel at the junction-point of the inner face of the leg-plate and its said beveled end,

lthe said leg-plate having a hole extending therethrough from side edge to side edge intermediate f and in substantial parallelism with the respective picture frame or the like: of a leg-plate` having a beveled upper end constructed and arranged'td engage with the surface of the said back-sheath.:

and providing a heel at its point ofjunction with the inner face of the said leg-plate, thel said' legplate having a hole yextending therethrough from side, edge to side edge intermediate and substantially parallel with its respective inner and outer faces and at a point substantially coincident and parallel with the heell on the leg-plate; Vand 'an attaching-loop havingl a body-portion extending inner and outer faces of the leg-plate and at a point substantially coincident and parallel with the heel on the leg-plate; and an attaching-loop having a body-portion extending through the said hole inthe said leg-plate and formed with two attaching-arms respectively located atits res pective opposite ends -and constructed and arranged to be extended through and clinched upone the back-sheet of a frame-'assembly ory the like.


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