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Publication numberUS2357871 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1944
Filing dateSep 29, 1943
Priority dateSep 29, 1943
Publication numberUS 2357871 A, US 2357871A, US-A-2357871, US2357871 A, US2357871A
InventorsNoel Bolinger George
Original AssigneeSta Rite Ginnie Lou Inc
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Hair ornament
US 2357871 A
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p 1944- G. N. BOLINGER 2,357,871

HAIR ORNAMENT Filed Sept. 29-, 1943 Patented Sept. 12, 1944 HAIR ORNAMENT George Noel Bolinger, Shelbyville, 111., assignor to Sta-Rite Ginnie-Lou, Inc., Shelbyville, 111., a corporation of Delaware Application September 29, 1943, Serial No. 504,328

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 5 Claims. (Cl. 13247) of replacing womens hats.


or fastening means,

the ring.


following description.

of the invention. In this shwing ment,

devices which may be secured in the hair. These Figure 4 is a similar view of an implement devices are being widely used even to the extent particularly adapted for use in assembling the In the making of ornament, and, bows from ribbon, the ordinary bow knot of course Fi ur 5 s an enlarged fragmen y elevation involves only two loops with two ends and it of a spiral p s c0i1 s d for h m n of has been the common practice to assemble addi- 1 the holding rings. tional pieces to form a multiplicity of loops and Referring to Fi e 1 n 2 t numeral ends to make a fairly completely circular ornadesignates the body of the ornament'shown in mental bow. Such a bow is usually held tot e present ins e s a bow of ribbon having gether by gathering it in the center and tying or four 1 5 H d four ds It Will be ObVi"v sewing another ribbon in position encircling the 0118. Of Course, that the invention is not limited gathered portion of the bow. It has been proto thepartieular p of w, and n f y posed to secure the bow together by a rigid metalbe Used in the makihg'of Ornaments from a 80ft lic encircling device having two ends which snap material p e of being gatheredrfel reception together, a hinged section being movable to open in the holding ring to be described-Q The holdposition to receive the gathered portion of the ing ring is indicated by h numeral 1 n the elements of the how are gathered as at M to An important object of the present invention is be received Within the r d held re to provide a novel hair ornament of the chare ring is p t as at M and its ends acter referred to wherein the elements are held 15 substantially r ppi g e h other o effectogether by a novel form of resilient ring withtiVely hold the gathered po t of the ent out the necessity of providing a hinged section within the ring. It will be obvious that when i p the ring is assembled on the ornament in the A further object is to provide such a device manner to be described, the m r i r be wherein the holding ring is resilient and split permanently held Within the ring n no portion verlapping ends thus preventing any porn. vOf the material of the bOW or. other ornament can tion of the bow from becoming dislodged from be displaced from the ri I The device lends itself readily to attachment A further object is to provide such a device to the hair- Referring o ures 1 d 2 the nuwherein the nature of the holding ring is such meral de i n a bi u ate element pr r that it may be made of any of the commonly ably in the form of a'conventional resilient hairemployed plastics, thus adding to the ornamental p n which s s d v r e v r pp ends, appearance of the ornament while at the.same 0f t e d vi e s s w n Fi ur 'lhe hairtime providing an extremely simple form of hold p l 6 Obviously p ovides si ple means wherely. ing device which may be economically manuface device ay be attached to the hair.

40 The ring I3 may be made of any suitable resil- A further object is to provide such a device t material and s preferably made of a cone wherein a bifurcated element such as a hairpin ventional resilient plastic. 7 may be slipped over the overlapping ends of the ployed in the making of the ring may be of any ring to be held in position thereby, whereby the color as will be obvious. device may be attached to the hair of the wearer. may be employed which matches the colors .01 Other objects and advantages of the invention the bow of the ornament orit may be made of will become apparent during the course of the a contrasting color and being preferably smooth and polished adds to the ornamental appearance In the drawing I have shown one embodiment of the device. p

In the making of the device itisprefe that Figure 1 is a face view of the completed ornathe individualrings be cut from a. spiral [1 (Fig-- ure 5) formed of the desired plastic material. Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken Lengths of such spiral material are now commonapproximately axially through the holding ring 1y employed in dressing the hair of women, the

and centrally through the overlapping ends thereof, the attaching hairpin being shown in position and the elements of the bow beingomitted,

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the holding ring,

The material em- For example, a ring spiral being employed as a base around which portions of the hair may be wound to form rolls.

A suitable implement such as a circular saw of small diameter is employed for cutting along lines indicated by the dotted lines I8 in Figure 5. The successive lines I8 are parallel to each other and are cut through the corresponding points in successive convolutions of the spiral. cessive cut I8 after thefirst cut will provide a ring of the character shown inrperspective in Figure 3. Two of the successive cuts I8 will provide sloping edges I9 and 2B and obviously the point I at the extremity of the edge 20 willbe Each suc-' substantially overlapped with respect to the point. I5 of the edge I9, thus providing, in effect, a

continuous unbroken ring. Moreover, the substantial overlap in the ends of the ring provides the portion of the ring engageable by the hairpin I6, The latter will be fixed in position by the overlapping ends of the ring and by firm frictional engagement with the gathered portion of the ornament within the ring.

-In Figure 4 of the drawing there is illustrated an-irnplement which is particularly useful for easily and rapidly assembling the rings with over the smaller end of the shank 2| and is moved upwardly therealong and then beyond the shank and toa point adjacent the top of the tapered end 22. The ring is positioned with respect'to the implement so that the overlapping endsIS will be centered with respect to a line bisecting the angle of the opening 23. When the ring is pushed upwardly-to theiposition shown in Figure- 4; therefore, the ring will be spread open and the two ends I5 will lie adjacent the respective edges of the opening 23, preferably 'without'extending beyond such edges. of the ornament is then placed in position with respect to the implement 2| in such a manner thatitlies' in the open extremity of the end 22 with the portion to be engaged by the ring lying just, above such extremity. The bow of the orna- The bo'w' ment will be momentarily held in such position,

whereupon the ring will be pushed upwardly past the upper extremity of the end 22, whereupon itwill-snap inwardlyto its normal shape and size to completely encircle the ornament, for example the gathered portion I4 of the ribbon bow shown in Figure 1. The hairpin I6 then may be placed in position by inserting one end centrall of the overlapping ends I5'and between the ring and the ornament. The hairpin will then be pushed downwardly tothe position shown in Figure 2 and the ornament will be completed ready for use. I

It'will beapparent that the cost of making the fornament is, reduced inasmuch as it requires some little time to gather the center of a ribbon bow and encircle it with aseparate piece of ribbon. Such piece of ribbon must be manually heldin position while the free ends of the ribbon are gatheredbehind the bow and hand sewed together. The cutting of the individual rings I3 from the spiral I1is quickly and easily accomno fastening or holding means of any kind. The

finished device, while capable of more economical manufacture than conventional devices of this.

character, is more pleasing and ornamental in appearance than conventional ornaments.

It is to be understood that the form of the invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred example of the same and that various changes in the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the subjoined claims.

I claim:

l. A device of the character described comprising a body of relatively soft material'having a portion gathered and reduced to relatively small 'size, and a split unitary resilient ring surrounding said gathered portion in gripping engagement therewith, said ring having its ends tapered and spirally overlapping each other to a prising a body of relatively soft material having a portion gathered and reduced to relatively small size, and a split unitary resilient ring surrounding said gathered portion in gripping engagement therewith, said ring having its ends tapered and substantially overlapping each other, and a bifurcated securing device having a looped end slipped over the overlapping ends of said ring, said securing devicehavinga portion arranged between the overlapping ends ofjthe ring and the gathered portion of said body. 7

4. A hair ornament comprising lengths of ribbon arranged to form loops and. ends to simulate a bow of ribbon, such bow being gathered into substantially small size centrally thereof, and a resilient unitary ring surrounding the gathered portion of said bow in gripping engagement therewith, the ends of said ring being tapered and spirally overlapped to a substantial extent.

5. A hair ornament comprising ribbon material arranged to simulate a bow of ribbon, such bow being gathered into relatively small size centrally thereof, and a resilient unitary ring surrounding the gathered portion of the material in gripping engagement therewith, said ring being formed of an elongated body shapedinto substantial spiral form with its ends substan{ tially spirally'overlapped, the inner surface of the ring in engagement with the gathered portion such surface with the gathered portion of the material to prevent endwise slipping thereof.


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