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Publication numberUS23581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1859
Publication numberUS 23581 A, US 23581A, US-A-23581, US23581 A, US23581A
InventorsR. Jackson
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US 23581 A
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Car Seat and Couch.

Patented Api. 12. 1859..

C O ma A. Q




Specicaton of Letters Patent No. 23,581, dated April 12, 1859.

To all whom Ait may concern.'

Be it known that I, IVJLLLUI R. JACKSON, et the city ot Baltimore, in the State of i.faiylantl, have invented a new and useful Combined Railroad-Car Seat and Couch; and I do hereby declare the following to be a correct description thereof, reference being' had to the accompanying drawings, in whichM Figure l. is a side elevation of a number of my improved car seats, arranged for use by day, and Fig. 2. is a similar view of said seats arranged for use as couches for night travel.

In both figures., a represents the back of the seat.; 7) the bottom: c', the ways; (l, the frame supporting' the bottom; e the side standards; f. the hinge of the back. The backs o: are hinged at f to the standard e, in the usual manner, and they are unconw nected with the bottoms 7), so that they can be reversed at pleasure. The frames (Z slide in the guides or ways c. They can be firmly fixed to their respective standards by means o1 a bolt or catch, or in any other suitable manner, so to render them steady and immovable when in ordinary day use. IVhen it is desired to provide sleeping accommodation for the occupants of a car, the trames l are released from their standards, and moved forward till they occupy positions intermediate betweenl the standards as shown 1n Fig. 2. As each seat d 1s moved forward, the back a attached to the same standard falls into line with the seat; and

so all the seats and backs in a` car can, in a few minutes be arranged to form a continuous couch, as shown in Fig. 2, without any inconvenience, or complex cumbrous and eX- pensive contrivances. The couch is as readily reconverted into seats having the saine appearance and advantages as those now in most general use.

Having' thus Jfullv described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is" The method herein described of constructing the ordinary reversible seats of railroad cars so that the backs can be brought down into line with the bottoms; but this I only claim when the backs, when so brought down, occupy the positions previously occupied by the bottoms, and the bottoms are used to till the intermediate spaces between them, substantially as described and shown.

The above specification signed and witnessed this twenty fifth day of January A.

IV. R. JACKSON. IVitnesses Enw. F. Baowx, CITAS. F. STANSBURY.

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Cooperative ClassificationB60N2/34