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Publication numberUS23584 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1859
Publication numberUS 23584 A, US 23584A, US-A-23584, US23584 A, US23584A
InventorsIsaac G. Johnson
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US 23584 A
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A Stove Cover.

NO. 23,584. Patented April 12, 1859.

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Specification of Letters Patent No. 23,584, dated April 12, 1859;

T 0 all wom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, ISAAC G. J OHNSON, of Spuyten Duyvel, in the County of Westchester and State of New York, have invented Or discovered a certain new and useful Article of Manufacture, which I denominate a Malleable Center Piece for Stoves and I do hereby declare the following to be a full description thereof, referring to the accompanying drawing for illustration..

One of the greatest difficulties heretofore encountered in cooking stoves, ranges, &c., where there are openings in the top for boilers, is the warping and destruction of the small center pieces between the boiler holes that constantly Occurs. Many devices have been resorted to to obviate the difliculty, such as making them double with an air Chamber, shielding them with a non-conductor, &c., but they all greatly increase the cost and but partially remedy the evil.

My mode consists in constructing the center piece shown at a in the drawing of malleable cast iron, by which I attain all the requisite advantages heretofore sought as I have tested by a thorough practical trial. In the first 'place the piece is less liable to warp by the fire and it can be made much thinner and still strength, and when it does warp by long usage it can be taken oif and hammered fiat and straight again. In handling it is wholly free from breakage or cracking, which so often entirely spoils a good stove in all other respects especially when used far from the manufactory. These and many other advantages render this simple device of the greatest importance to the stove manufacturer and consumer. The piece is formed of any pattern for any style of stove and is cast and made malleable by any of the best processes therefor now in use.

Having thus fully described my newly constructed center piece for stoves, ranges, &c.,-what I desire to secure by Letters Patent is The Said center piece constructed of malleable cast iron as an article of manufacture as above specified.

In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this fifteenth day of November 1858.


In presence of- D. F. CURRY, JAS. W. FRASER.

retain the necessary

Cooperative ClassificationF24C15/10