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Publication numberUS2358600 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1944
Filing dateMar 25, 1943
Priority dateMar 25, 1943
Publication numberUS 2358600 A, US 2358600A, US-A-2358600, US2358600 A, US2358600A
InventorsSelten Bernard A
Original AssigneeSelten Bernard A
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Drinking unit
US 2358600 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

B. A. SELTEN DRINKING UNIT Sept. 19, 1944.

Filed March 25, 1943 T m m m V L t m x m a 1 Ha J 2 p Adm I 0 I M l M F m Patentedcpt."'fl9fl944 U D" fnmnxmeun'rrl i flB c -njard h scl t h,LosAngelea'calll. I

, 1. l .;AnplicationiMarch 25,1943,"serial Norislldiiz' E My invention relates to a noveldrinking unit I that comprises a container-and acover'therefor which .is so related to the "mouthof the container as to enablea person to drink liquid therefrom in limited or regulated quantities. An object of my invention isto provide a novel drinking unit whereby liquid therein may be fed to babies with the attendant features of drinking from a glass or cup, but which will insure against the liquid being spilled in any great quantity if the container is violently moved as is many times the case when feeding children. Other features are that consumption of the liquid in too great quantities (such as gulping) is prohibited, and shell shocked persons may consume the liquid contents of the container without danger of spilling the same.

An object is to provide a novel drinking unit having the aMve features and in which the flow of liquid available for consumption may be regulated by varying rotary positions of the container.

Another object of my invention is to provide a novel drinking unit whereby spilling of the liquid contents therein is reduced to a minimum when carrying the same, as from kitchen to bedside; and which aids in maintaining the contents in a cold condition, as well as in a sanitary condition.

, Fig. 4 is-a perspective-view oi'a-fragmentarw portion" of the Zlj open mouth ot the 'container showing a modified form or means for holding the cover adjacentthe' openend of the container} My drinking 'unit A comprises a container j|-1 and a covermember 2. 1 Thecontainer-"l may of any suitable shape and may be made ofany suitable 'material suchas glass, porcelain, metal,"

plastic or the like. The container i is provided with a closed end or base 3 and with an open end or mouth 4.

The cover 2 is removably held in position in the container I a short distance from the open end 4 and said cover 2 may be made of the same material as the container I or may be of any different material as above indicated.

The container 6 is provided adjacent the open end with a cover supporting ledge or abutment 5 which may be in the form of an annular flange as shown, or the same may be in the form of. protuberances or bosses similar to the protuberances 6 that are spaced from the cover support Features of my invention are that the same is i not a glass or tumbler, as such, and with which a weir may be associated; but is a unit comprising an open mouthed container and a cover associated therewith in a novel manner whereby the foregoing advantages and objects may be accomplished.

- Still further objects of my invention is to provide a novel drinking unit of the above character and which is simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to clean and maintain in a sanitary condition.

Other objects, advantages and features of invention may appear from the accompanying drawing, the subjoined detail description, and the appended claims.

The accompanying drawing illustrates the invention in some of the forms I at present deem preferable.

Figure 1 is a vertical axial sectional view of a drinking unit constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the cover, detached from the container.

Fig, 3 is a side elevational view of my novel drinking unit, tilted for use in drinking the contents, and illustrating its operation.

'as being elongate and extending to the periphery of the open mouth 6 of container 5.

The periphery of the cover 2 is of such diameterrelative to the interior or container i that it substantially closes the open mouth of the container and when in position on its support 5 is spaced a short distance inwardly from the open end 4 so as to provide a drinking chamber s which is separated by the cover 2 from the main chamber In in which any suitable liquid It may be placed.

In use, when the drinking unit is tilted as shown in Fig. 3 the liquid contained in chamber In will ooze over the support 5 and through the notches l and into the drinking chamber 9 from which it may be sipped or drunk in the usual manner.

In the event one of the notches I is submerged by the liquid I I when the unit is tilted for drinking purposes, the flow of liquid from chamber Hi to chamber 9 will be slower than if the unit is rotated so that two notches I are submerged when the unit is tilted for drinking purposes.

Itherebyobtainavariationinthsilowofliquid fmmchamber llpastcoverlandintochamberl.

homtheforegoingitwillbeseenthatinoperation the cover! cannot be accidentally removed from the container i and liquid II will not be accidentally spilled .irom chamber I. .over the open end 4 when the unit with liquid therein is being carried from one place to another, as for example. from the kitchen or refrigerator to a bedside.

Although I have shown and described particular constructions and combination and arrangementofpartsandportionaldonotwishtobe limited to the particular construction, combination and arrangement shownr but desire to include in the scope of my invention such construction, combination and arrangement as may be embraced and set forth in the following claims:

I claim:

1. A drinking unit comprising a container having at its upper end an open mouth, integrallyformed cover-supporting means on the interior of said container and spaced a substantial distance below said mouth, an imperforate rigid removable cover substantially fitting the interior of said container and adapted to rest on said supporting means, thus dividing said container into a main chamber and a drinking chamber, means on the container for retaining said cover in position on said supporting means so as to 30 a e p prevent its displacement with respect thereto. and said cover having a notch in its periphery serving, when said container is tilted, to permit a restricted flow only of liquid from said main chamber to said drinking chamber.

2. A drinking unit comprising a container having at its upper end an open mouth, integrallyformed cover-supporting means on the interior of said container and spaced a substantial distance below said mouth, a plurality of retaining lugs projecting from the interior of said container between the mouth thereof and said supporting means, and an imperforate cover substantially fitting the interior of said container and adapted to rest on said supporting means, thus dividing said container into a mainchamher and a drinking chamber, the periphery of said cover having a plurality of notches through which said lugs may pass when said 'cover is lowered upon said supporting means, said lugs being spaced from said supporting means such a distance as to permit the periphery of said cover to enter between said lugs and supporting means when the cover is turned so as to bring said notches out of registry with said lugs, and said notches, when the cover is so turned, and the container tilted, serving to permit the flow of liquid from said main chamber to said drinking chamber.


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