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Publication numberUS2359372 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1944
Filing dateOct 18, 1943
Priority dateOct 18, 1943
Publication numberUS 2359372 A, US 2359372A, US-A-2359372, US2359372 A, US2359372A
InventorsSophie Leader
Original AssigneeSophie Leader
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Dustproof shoe bag
US 2359372 A
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()ct. 3, 1944. s. LEADER DUSTPRooF SHoE BAG Fi1ed oct, 18, 1943 Pafentod ocf. 3, 1944 UNITED ST TES PATENT oFFICE DUSTRBooF SHoElBAG sophie Leadof, New York, N, Y. ApoHoaffo ()ofohof 18, 193, soffof 1`fo. 506,709

(ol. 15o-1) vido a. duStproof cover Seb on the bfos for pookets for a. Shoe bog to provide s11fffoief t overhang over the top edge of the pocket So that anlple Toon1 is provided for a.rtioleS placed within the pookets.

fufther objecf of Iny invention iS fo provide Spacing between the Snap fastener of fhe duSt proof ap ond the ooacting faSfener of the pock of to cover the pookets preventing dust fron1 Set tling on the ortioleS, Such as shoes, after the aftioleS are plaoed vvithin the pookets.

or a funer undeTstanding of the nature and object of Iny invention, referenoe lS had to the fo11owing detailed desoription in conneofion wfth the acconponying drowing, fn Which;

,ig. 1 is a. front view of the oontoiner showing the dustproof f1aps oovering the enlpty pockets, 'ig. 2 is a sechional vieW taken olong line 22 of g. 1.

1efeTring to the dravving, nuInera1 o deSig nates the back of the bag made preferably rectongular in shaJpe, as Shown in E'ig. 1, the Ina toriai being out on the straight. The upper end of the nlaferial l iS folded over to forn1 the top sfrip stftched along their lower endS and of theif sfdes to the back m. crossp ieoes l2 aand '3 ore aJSo sfffched fo the baok ongifudinally, thoreof, thuS diviofng the cross ieces to con sfitute pockets and 5 in the upper and lovver cross pieces l2 ood 3l respeofively. Infermediate the pointS of Wf1ich the oross pieces l2 and l3 are Stitched to the back m the former aro fo1(fed as shown of 5 vvhereby an enlarged pock of is produoed.

(rosS dustproof pieoes ff and lB afe Stibched of thoir upper ends along stitch liI1es lo and 20, reSpectively. crosSpieces IT and l2 are cut on the bios in ofder to provide give ond Stretch obnity to the moterial and are ofso stitched The oross pieceS 2 and l3 are along their sides beneoth binding tapes 2 and 22 along stitch lines 23 and 22.

At the top of eah pocket there are Inalle faS- tenerS 25 Whne at the lowe1 end of the cross pieces ll and !8 there are fenlole snap fastenerS 25 to coact with IIlole fasteners 25. It Should be noficed thof theTe fs a sInan distance befween the male avnd female fasteners 25 and 25.

vvhen articles, suoh aS ShoeS, ore ploced Within the pocketS and 5, the hee1S of the shoes oreofe o bulge at the top of the pookets and the bias out pieceS IT ond 8 stretch over the bulge created by the heelS of the shoeS So fhat the snap faSteners 25 and 25 can be snapped to gether to provide a, covering fo1' the pockets and the articles within the pockets. Both the strefch abnity of the bias cut pieces and l8 and the distance provided betwoen the male and feInale snap faStenerS 25 and 2G give afffple roon1 for the bu1ge of the artioes wlthfn the oooketS and l5.

EyeletS 2- are provided of the top So fhat the bag fnay be oonveniently SuSpendod usuany on the inside of the o1oset door.

Sinoe the Tnaterial of the pookets l4 and l5 and the back ln are cut on fhe stTaight liftle or no Sagging or gTive resultS so that the weight of the articleS placed within the pocketS of the bog are held in posltion by the supporf of the warp threads of the fobric. The oroSS pieceS and l8 are attached to the back ollt on the bias in order to give Stretchability and a,Inple rooIn fo1, oovering the pooketS and the artioles therein, so thot no duSt vv,i11 fa11 upon the articles Witfn the pockets.

It is obvious thof various chongeS ond Inodi flcations Tnay be fnade fn the details of conStTuc fon vvithout departing from the genera1 spirit of tho invention, aS Set forth in the oppended olaims= 1. A bag of the charaofer described, cofnpriS ing a back of fnateria1 on the Straight, crosS pieceS Stitohed to Said back at the botton1, SideS and internlediafe theTeof soid oroSS pieces having poI^tions folded fnwardJy so that the ends of the folded portions are a. Short distance from each other prodooing enfarged pooketS, Said book having itS upper end folded over and stitohed tranSversely thereof t() forIn a top reinforcing strip for Soid bag, a plurolify of eyelets spaced ot predeternined distanoes along said to stnp, oroSS duStpfoof pieces for Safd pocketS on the loteTa1 sfretchobnity, the bottom of Said omss dusbproof pieces h8ng nleanS for fastening to sajd pockets, Sa d cTOss pieces providing a, dustproof cove for sadd pocketS.

2. A shoe ba com risin a back set on the Str8ight, cross peces fornung pockets theTeWith set on the stroight and Stitched to sa/id back, cToss dustproof pieces set on the biS o provide oterBl stretchability, 8nd overlopph1g the tops of said pockets, fastening nleons aLt the to of said ockets and at the bottom of said crosS dust roof i ieces, sad fastenin Ineans bein S aced part, Whereby arrticles plarced Withln said pock ets Wil be covered by SBid cross duStproof pieces provlding ample room for sa d articles When the faStening mealns alre joined together.

3. An aJ tic1e bEg of the chara,cter deScribed comprising al substantiany rectangular back Set 0n the straight, sad back overlapping the top t() form a. reinforcing cross strip, cross pieces set on the straight 8nd stitched to the b8ck 8t the botton1, at the SideS, arnd intennedlate there0! With folded portions therebetWeen to forn1 pook ets, duSt-proof cross peces set on the bials to provlde atera1 sretchbi1ity and stitched at the tops, S8id oross pieces covenng ond ovenopping the top of sald pocketsl fastening n1eBns at the tops of said pockets alnd a,t the botton1 of s81d dustpr00f cross pieces providng 8. -S111El11 dist8nce betWeen sa,id fastening 1eans, Whereby said duStproof oross pieces permit the insertlon of art1cles thin said pockets providing ample mten8! to cover said articles to prevent dust fron1 g3.ther

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European ClassificationA45C3/12, A47G25/00B