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Publication numberUS2362992 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1944
Filing dateFeb 4, 1944
Priority dateFeb 4, 1944
Publication numberUS 2362992 A, US 2362992A, US-A-2362992, US2362992 A, US2362992A
InventorsDentzler Jr William G
Original AssigneeDentzler Jr William G
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Drafting device
US 2362992 A
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, dicated at 24 so as manipulating the device.

' and the holder portion so made of one piece, of any Patented Nov. 21,. 1944 PATENT? oFFlos I 2,362,992 i DRAFTING Baylor: WilliamG. Dentzler, In, Chicago, 111. Application February 4, 1944, Serial No. 521,048

This invention relates to a drafting device and is particularlyconcern'ed with a contour pen holder comprising a resiliently supported frameadapted to hold a centrally mounted downwardly.

pointing pen or pencil for perpendicular downward drawing" or tracing engagement of the pen or pencil point with drafting paper or tracing Fig. 315 a top view of the device; and

secured by tightening of the screw member 34;

I it is thus removably held in thecurved forward sections of the clips the extension 9.

As willbe seenfrom the drawing the pen or pencil 6 projects perpendicularly downwardly 30 which project beyond centrally of the opening 26 andcentrallyof the ring-like base member I0. I The legs I6 are mounted resiliently, each in a radially inwardly extending enlargement I2 provide'don the base member l0. Each enlargement isior this purpose provided with a boring 13 equipped with a circular groove 15 and a bottom recess 20, as shown in Fig. 4. Each leg forms a Fig. 4 represents a cross-section taken through 7 one of the posts of the supporting frame alon the lines 4-4'shown'in Fig. 3. a

The new device comprises a holder portion generally indicated in Figs. land 2 by the numeral 5, which is adapted to hold the pen or pencil 6, and a base *or: supporting portion generally indicated by'thenumeral '1 I The holder portion includes the upwardly extending arm 8 provided at its top with a head 28 and a lateral extension a tubular ring-like member. I0,'a plurality of resiliently mounted radially symmetrically disposed legs l6, and a plurality of upwardly projecting posts 22. These posts are symmetrically disposed and form circumferential cutouts 2| and a platform-like intermediate portion which is centrally open as shown at 26. The posts 22 may be exteriorly roughened or grooved as into provide a firm grip for The arm 8 extends upwardly in alignment with one of the posts 22, as particularly shown in Fig; 2, in such a manner as to avoid obstruction of the view through'the device in a downward direction. The supporting far described -may be desired material, pref erably of transparent material, including plastic material.

Clips 30 are disposed in cutouts 29 of the lateral extension 9 projecting from the head 28 on top of the arm 8. One of these clips is provided with guide pins 32, 33, projecting through the extension 9, andwith a threaded opening for receiving the threaded shank ofv the knurled knob 34 The other clip is'provided with apertures for receiving the guide pins 32, 33. The pen or pencil 6 is held in the clips 30 and is 9. The base includes properly inserting the penor pencil in the clips head I6, a recess l1, and a guide section IS. The. latter is provided with a recess for receiving' one end of a spring IS, the other end of which is disposed in the recess 20 at the bottom of theboring I3. A split ring I4 is disposed in the Each of thelegs l6 isassembled by'placing the spring l9 into the recess on the guide section l8, and thesplit ring l4 into the annular recess 11. dially contractedland the .leg'with the spring and split ring is slipped into the boringsl3 until the split ring l4 snaps into position in groove 5. The leg is now held in resilient axially movable engagement in the ring-likebase Ill of the frame. The ring-like member [0 is made relatively thin so as to avoid obstructing the downward view through the device. The enlargments l2 serve well for the mounting of the legs [6 and do not detract from the desired visibility.

It should be noted that the pen or pencil point is disposed centrally of the ring-like base member, and that the legs l6 are positioned in this base member radially equally spaced from the center thereof and circumferentially symmetrically distributed with respect thereto.

The device may be used in numerous drafting operations, including the tracing of contours and the like. The structure is simply placed upon the drafting paper or upon the tracing cloth, after 30, and is then manipulated by means of the base gor the posts 22.

The exteriorly roughened or grooved posts facilitate a firm grip thereon. As previously mentioned, the downward view upon the lines to be drawn or traced is facilitated by the open structure of the device. The posts are separated by large openings so that the view is not obstructed. The transparent material of which the device may be made further facilitates groove l5, forming a means for retaining'the leg axially movable in position in the-base l0.

with the frame;

The split ring is then ra-'v The supporting frame including the tubular base member I has been shown as of circular shape. It is clear that this member may be" made of angular configuration. The term tubular as used herein is intended to cover both round and angular forms.

Changes may be made within the scope and spirit of the following claims in which I have defined what I believe to be new' andddesire to have protected by Letters Patent of the United States.

I claim:

1. A draftingdevice for holding a pen or the like comprising a tubular-base member, an arm upwardly extending therefrom; an extension on" said arm which projects laterally therefrom, and means on' said extension for removably securing such pen: thereto in perpendicularly downwardly directedposition centrally of said base member;

2. The-structure defined in claim I, together with a plurality of enlargements projecting from said base member laterally inwardly thereof, and means-forminga leg projecting from" each of said; enlargements axially of saidbase member.

3. The structure defined in claim: 1,1 together with a-plura-lity ofangularly'symmetrically disposed l'e'gs projecting. edgewise from'said: basemember.

4."-Thestructure defln'e'dirr claim 1, together with: a. plurality of an'gularly' symmetrically di'sposed" legs projecting edgewise from said: base member, and means for el'asticallymounting each of saidlegs in said base member.

5; The structure" defined in. claim '1, together with aiplurality" of posts upwardly projectingof said posts.

8. A drafting device of the class described which is especially adapted for use as a contour pen holder, said device comprising a tubular relatively'short base member, supporting means extending from the upper edge of said base member upwardly and slightly inwardly thereof, an arm" extending from said supporting means upwardly and slightly inwardly thereof, an extension on said arm which projects laterally therefromsubstantially at the top thereof, and means oni said extension for removabiysecuring thereto a pen orthe' like in perpendicularly downwardly extending position centrally of said base.

9; Thestructure defined in claim 8', wherein said base member, said supporting means, and said' arm are made of one piece and formed of suitable preferably transparent material.

10; The structure defined in claim 8, wherein said base member; said supporting means, and said arm are made of one piece and formed of suitable-preferablytransparent material, together with mounting means; formed on said". base-memberand' projecting therefrom; laterally and inwardly thereof, and a leg elastically'movably disposed in each of said mounting means andaxially downwardly. projecting therefrom.

11. The structure defined} in claim.- 8, together with a plurality of legs-proj'ectingyin. axial direc- 40 tion from th lower' edge of said base" member,

each of said legs comprising a guide portion-disposed within a boring ire-said. base member; spring, means in: said base-member-acting'upon said leg, and means for retaining said-leg: axially movable within said boring.


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