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Publication numberUS2363418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1944
Filing dateApr 26, 1941
Priority dateApr 26, 1941
Publication numberUS 2363418 A, US 2363418A, US-A-2363418, US2363418 A, US2363418A
InventorsHosmer George H
Original AssigneeHosmer George H
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Display device and holder for price tags and advertising cards
US 2363418 A
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-Nov.-21, 1944. G. H. HOSMER 2,353,418

DISPLAY DEVICE AND HOLDER FOR PRICE TAGS AND ADVERTISING CARDS I Filed April 25, 1941 applied by the dealer position and will various shapes and sizes.

Patented Nov. 21; 1944 DISPLAY DEVICE AND TAGSAND ADVERTISING CdRDS George H. Hosmer, Arlington, Mass.

1941, Serial BIO-390,615

Application April 26,

" gol iis. (0140-11) This invention relates to improvements in display devices and holders forprice-t'ags, adver-' tising cards and the like which devices are adapted to be 'remov'ably attached tocontainers of various types and shapes.- v

- It is an object ofmy invention: to provide an advertising novelty in' the'rorm of a display device or price card holder which may be readily to necks of bottles, tops of cartons orother containers for merchandise in such a manner: that the device is firmly held in serve itself as an upright display or. may 'be used as anea'sel tohold in uprightv position price tags, advertising .cards and v I at the like. 7

It is furtheran object of my invention to pro vide an advertisingnovelty of the type described which may be manufactured at low cost by being stamped out substantially flat from sheet metal and which is provided with bendable corrugated legs that may be readily bent by the fingers to secure the advertising novelty to containers of Further objects and advantages of my improvements will be more readily apparent from the following description of preferred embodiments PATENT, OFFlCE HOLDER FOR PRICE ner in which the device of Fig. 8 is applied to the top of acarton;

Fig. is a verticalsection taken on the plane indicated l0-'-l 0 in Fig. 8but showing the device bent and applied to the top of a-cartonas in Fig. 9'.

thereof as disclosed in the attached drawing, in


Fig. 1 is a plan View of one form'of a device embodying my invention as stamped out and beicre bending thereof;

Fig. 2 is shown in Fig. 1 on the plane indicated 3-3 but with the parts of the device bent as in Fig. 2; Fig. 4 is a perspective view similar to Fig.2

v but illustrating the device in Fig. 1 applied to a container having a larger cap;

a perspective view showing the manner I in which the deviceof Fig. 1 isapplied to the neck The deviceindicated generally l0'iin 'Fignlais made of bendable material such as sheet metal, heavy tin foil or the like and is preferably stamped out to shape in one operation so 'that it maybe produced at low cost. The device [0 includes a central body portion IZ'from which extends a plurality of radially disposedjlegs l4, there-being four of such legsin the'device' as shown-in Fig. l

but more or-less could beused. The legs l l are preferably transversely corrugated asshown by the corrugations. I Bin Fig. 3.- .;In the centralbody portion I2 a-pair'of -U--shaped.cuts- -l8 are formed to provide tabs or ears wards as shown in Figs. 2 and 3. There is further provided a pair of easel fingers 22 which are somewhat longer than the tabs 20 and which extend outward from the central body portion I2 I and which may be bent at their juncture with the body portion so. as to stand upright as in Figs. 2 and 3. When bent the front edges 24 of the fingers 22 are at an angle with respect to the vertical from the horizontal plane of the body I2. As shown in'Figs. 2 and 3, a price card, advertising card or the like 2-6 may be fitted between the tabs 20 and the fingers 22 so that the card will Fig. 5 is a plan view similar to Fig. 1 but showing a modification inwhich the bendable corrugated legs are made shorter and bent to clip under the bottle cap;

Fig. 6 is a perspective view showing an assembly of the device in Fig. 5 upon the crown cap of a bottle;

Fig. '7 is, a vertical section taken on the plane indicated 'L-l in Fig. 5 but showing the parts of the device bent as in Fig. 6;

- Fig. 8 is a plan view of a further modification of the device designed to be applied to a carton; Fig. 9 is a perspective view showing the manbe held in upright position butwill be inclined rearwardly withrespect to the holder. The body portion I2 of the device may be reinforced and strengthened by the forming of an annular corrugation 28 as shown in Fig. 1.

.The device is applied to the cap and neck of a bottle such as the bottle 30 of Fig. 2 or the container 32 of Fig. 4. The corrugated legs l4 may be readily bent by the fingers to fit the contour of the particular cap or container to which the device is applied, and by reason of the bending and the. gripping effect of the corrugations the device will be firmly held in position. It will be understood that the device may be applied and may be just as easily removed. When properly applied it cannot be a'ccidentally knocked off and it will serve to firmly hold the price card a 20 which may be bent upquickly and easily 1 may be further The panel 38 may be used to display advertising matter relating to the device itself or to the product to which it is applied, and may be grasped by the fingers to quickly remove the device from the bottle. As shown in Fig. 4 the device may be applied to containers having relatively wide caps providing the corrugated legs l4 and the attaching portion 36 for panel 38 are made sufiiciently long so that the parts may be bent as shown in Fig. 4.

In order to provide a device which is particularly adaptable to bottles having the standard size of crown cap, the device may be made as shown in Figs. 5, 6 and 7 in which the corrugated legs 40, which correspond to the corrugated legs M of the device of Fig. 1, are made somewhat shorter and the end portions 42 are bent to engage beneath the bottom edge of the crown cap 44 as shown in Fig. 6.

Figs. 8, 9 and 10 disclose a modification of the device shown in Fig. 1 which is designed. to be applied to the top of a carton 46 as shown in Fig. 9. The corrugated legs 48, instead of being radially arranged asin Fig. I, extend laterally from a substantially rectangular body portion 5!! whereby the legs 48 may be bent downwardly to gripthe sides of the carton as shown in Fig. 9. The tabs 20, fingers 22, panel 38 with the attach- .ing portions 36 have substantially the same arrangement and function as in Fig. 1.


1. A display holder adapted to be attached to the top of a container over the closure therefor comprising a sheet metal stamping having a central body portion, a plurality of transversely corrugated legs laterally extending from said body portion, said legs bein readily bendable to grasp the sidesof the container and to accommodate containers of various sizes and shapes, a pair of tabs bent upwardly from the body portion and a pair of rest members extending laterally from the body portion and bent upwardly therefrom said rest members being bent transversely with respect to said tabs from the central body portion, said tabs and rest members forming holding members to retain and support in substantially upright position a display card, the tabs being adapted to engage the front face of the display card and the rest members being adapted to engage the rear face. of the display card in edgewise relationship.

2. A display holder adapted to be attached to the neck of a bottle over the closure therefor comprising a sheet metal stamping having a substantially circular body portion reinforced by an annular corrugation formed therein, said body portion being adapted to rest on the top of the bottle closure, a plurality of radially disposed leg members extending from said body portion, said leg members having transverse corrugations therein and adapted to be bent downwardl to grasp the neck of the bottle,-the circular body portion having a pair of tab members cut therein and adapted to be bent upwardly, a pair of rest members extending laterally from said body portion adapted to be bent upwardly at their juncture with the body. portion, said tabs and rest members being adapted to receive and retain in substantially upright position a display card, said rest members being disposed to engage said display card at the front edges of said rest members, said front edges of said rest members being inclined with respect to the plane of the body portion whereby the display card is supported in inclined position.


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