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Publication numberUS2363699 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1944
Filing dateAug 2, 1943
Priority dateAug 2, 1943
Publication numberUS 2363699 A, US 2363699A, US-A-2363699, US2363699 A, US2363699A
InventorsTravis O Smith
Original AssigneeDavid M Lorenz
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Garbage holder
US 2363699 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Nov. 28, 1944. Q H 2,363,699

GARBAGE HOLDER Filed Aug. 2, 1945 INVENTOR. 774145 0275 5/?7/ 77? the accompanying drawing, wherein; I Fig. 1 is a p rspective view of a garbageholder Patented Nov. 28, 194;

GARBAGE HOLDER Smith, Kansas City, Mo., mesne assignments, to David M.

Travis O.

son County.

Application August 2, 1m. sci-151 No. 497,695

n r. by Lorenz John 6 Claims. (01. smiles) This invention relates to. household equip to garbage holders of the ment and particularly type employing containers or receptacles disposable with the garbage. I

The handling of garbage or refuse from the kitchen is always a disagreeable task. Pails commonly used for thispurposeguickly become contaminated and must be frequently cleaned. Often they are filled to overflowing before the garbage collector makes his round and not in-.

frequently, the pails are turned over by dogs and the garbag is spilled therefrom.

This invention has for its primary object the provision of a, garbage holder adapted to be positioned in a kitchen or other convenient location,

and constructed to support a. disposable container in normally closed condition but embodying mechanism whereby the container may be quickly and conveniently opened for the reception of refuse or garbage.

Another'object of the a garbage holder having a separable table top. with onesection thereofarranged to be moved coincidentally with the opening of the receptacle in order to expose the mouth of the latter when garbage i to be deposited therein.

It is a, furtherobject of the invention. to provide a garbage holder having a frame which may be readily collapsed for storage or shipment.

A yet further aim of this invention is to provide a garbageholder construction, which can be manufactured at low cost and easily assembled for use. d

These and other objects of the invention have been accomplished with structure illustrated in constructed in accordance with this invention.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary section of theupper end of the holder taken on line II-II of Fig. 1; and

i 3 is a fra menta y scale, of the upper. end

sectionon an enlarged of a garbage receptacle in closed condition and anchored to cross members of the tram d v In constructing the garbage holder, a pair of spaced apart parallel legs 8, of flat steel bars or the like, are pivotally connected in crossed relation with a similarly spaced pair of legs 8 to produce a collapsible frame. A rod Ill having its opposite ends extended through the crossed is provided with nuts l2 legs of pairs 6 and l. on either side of the legs to in properly spaced and Identical rods and I 8,

maintain the same assembled condition. provided respectively invention is to provide of simple, light weight lower edge 'with hooks 56. These with nuts. l8 and 28, are likewiseemployed to hold the lower ends of pairs 6 and 8 in fixed spaced relation. Theextreme lowerends of the legs may be twisted and bent to form feet 22. Aspacer rod24, extended throughrthe upper ends of legs 8, also pivotally mounts one end of each of a. pair of connecting bars 26 adjacent said legs, bars in assembled condition. with legs 6 The, oDD Site ends of bars V at 30 for engaging the respective ends of. a spacer rod 32 extended through the upperends of legs 8. Itwill be noted that pairs of nuts 34 threaded on eachend of rod 32 serve to clamp the adjacentends of bars 28 and legs8 together i edge of cross member 26 its lowerinside edge provided with a series of rebentupwardly directed hooks 52. Similarly, a channel 54 is. seated on movable member 42 and providedon its inside hooks 52 and 56 areadapted to engage the reinforced. upper edges 58 and 60. of a disposable As will be observed from Figs. 2 and 3, the edges 58 and 60 forming the mouth of the receptacle, are normally contiguous, being held in horizontal leg 46 of member 42 and the opposite end secured to the bight T2 of a U-shaped treadle I4. Arms 16 of the treadle have their outer ends pivotally connected to legs 6 adjacent the lower end of the latter by bolts 18.

In order to further extend the utility of the nuts 28 being employed to hold the 28 are notched as shown a movable cross slots 48 formed in bars 26.

garbage bag or receptacle 62. It is contemplated that receptacles 62 be made of waterproofed paper or other suitable flexiblematerial.

10, running in the grooves 68 of rollers 56, each have one end attached to holder, a separable table top, comprising a rela- "tively stationary section III and a movable section It, may be provided to cover the upper end of the device. The meeting line of the separable sections is preferably immediately above the closed mouth of receptacle l2. Stationary section 80 having a peripheral depending flange l4,

extends beyond the front and side edges of the rod 24 by a tubular link 08 having an angular leg 88 fixed to the lower face of section 84. The rear portion of flange 84 rests on the upper edges of bars 28. as clearly shown-in Fig. 2. when it becomes necessary to remove or replace receptacle 8!, section 80 may beswung on rod 24 to the position shown in dotted lines in saidv figure, where it will in no way interfere with manipulation of the receptacle.

Movable section 82 is also provided with a peripheral depending flange 90. A channel 92 has one leg fixed'to' the lower facenf section 82 near its front edge and its other leg secured by bolts 94 to cross member 48. The rear portion of section 82 preferably rides on rollers 68. As cross member 48 is moved in a direction away from member 38, section 82 is carried along as indicated in' dotted lines in Fig. 2. The direction of rotation'of rollers it is such as to assist in this movement. Accordingly, when'the mouth of the receptacle is opened, the sections of the table top will be separated to uncover the mouth. Simultaneously with the closing of the receptacle, the movable section 82 will return to its original position.

The operation-of the devicewill be obvious from the foregoing disclosure. A relatively light pressure' on treadle '14, simultaneously moves table section 82in.a direction away from section 80 and opens the mouth of receptacle '82. After the garbage'has been discharged therein, pressure is removed from the treadle and springs 64 reassaeoa holder frame and may be hingedly mounted on ingits ends projected through and movable along turn cross member" 42 and top section 82 to their original positions, and simultaneously therewith, close the mouth of the container.

When the receptacle has been filled, it is removed fromhooks M and 5B and disposed together with the garbage in any convenient manner. A clean container is then mounted on the hooks and the device is ready for further use.

Only one form of" the invention has been shown and described, and since it is conceivable that various modifications thereof might be made without'departing from the spirit of this invention, it is desired tobe limited only by the scope 'of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. Agarbage holder comprising a frame having a fixed and a movable member; a flexible container having opposite sides of its mouth respectively attached to said fixed and movable members; a pulley'on the frame; a treadle pivotally mounted on the frame; a line running over the pulley and having its opposite ends respectively connected to the movable member and to said treadle for opening the mouth of the container when said treadle is depressed; and a spring for retracting the movable member to close the mouth of the container.

2. A garbage holder comprising pairs of legs;

member to open themouth of the container; and means for retracting said movablemember to close the mouthof said container.

3. A garbage holder comprising pairs of legs:-

bars connecting the upper ends of said pair of legs, each bar having a slot; a fixed cross member secured to said bars; a movable member havsaid slots; a flexible container. having opposite sides of 'its mouth respectively attached to said fixed and movable cross members; a treadle pivotally mounted on said legs; fiexiblemeans connecting the treadle with the movable. cross member for opening the mouth of the container;

and resilient means for returning the cross member and treadle to their original positions for closing the mouth. of the container.

4. A garbage holder comprising a frame having a fixed and a movable member; a table top section secured to the movable member; a fiex-' ible container having opposite sides of its mouth, respectively, attached to said fixed and movable members; means for moving the last-named member together with said top section away from the fixed member to open said mouth: and means for returning said movable member to close the mouth of the container.

5. A garbage holder comprising a frame having a fixed and a movable member; a separable table top for the frame comprising a stationary and,

a movable section, said stationary section being mounted on said fixed member of the frame;

"means for securing the movable section to said movable member; a flexible container having opposite sides of its mouth respectively attached to said fixed and movable members; means for moving the last-named member together with said movable section away from the fixed memberand stationary section to open said mouth; and means for returning the movable member and movable section to close the mouth of the container and bring said top sections into contiguous relation to each other, the meeting line of said top sections being in substantial alignment with the closed mouth of the container.

6. A garbage holder comprising a frame having a fixed and a movable cross member; a flexible container having opposite sides of its mouth respectively attached to said fixed and movable members; a pulley on the frame; a treadle pivotally. mounted on the frame; a line running over said pulley and having its opposite ends respectively secured to the movable cross member and to said treadle for opening the mouth of the container when said treadle is depressed; means for? retracting the movable member to close the mouth of the container; and a table top having its forward edge secured to and supported by the movable cross member and having its rear carried by said pulley.



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