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Publication numberUS2363926 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 28, 1944
Filing dateMar 12, 1943
Priority dateMar 12, 1943
Publication numberUS 2363926 A, US 2363926A, US-A-2363926, US2363926 A, US2363926A
InventorsEgmont Arens
Original AssigneeGreat Atlantic Pacific Tea Co
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Bag closure
US 2363926 A
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E. ARENS Nov. 28, 1944.

BAG cLosURE Filed March l2, 1943 INVENTOR n N m v ma /TNESS ES u Patented Nov. 19441 d BAG `CLOSURE v Eg'montArens, New York, N; Y., assigner to The Great` Atlantic @t` Pacific Tea Company, New York, N.IY., a, corporation of New Jersey Application Marchlu, 1943Serial No.`478,888

e e e d d e d iclaim.

This invention relates to bag closures and more particularly to closures for bags ofthe tuck `in side, gusset type or flat `fold type `regardless of the material from which they are made;

Bags knownto the trade `as squarebags or e shaped bags aremade with `a gusset or bellows tuck-in fold `on each side which opens out when the bag is lled. It has been customary to close such bags by folding over thetop horizontally p two or Ithree times and then fasteningthe fold by I means of a Wire staple so that the bag would not 229-62) e e I y e I that the bag when empty lies iiat.` When the bag is lled the tuckedin sides or gusset II is ex` panded to allow the frontandzIrear walls I2 and I3 of the bag to separate and` thus lcarry morefI merchandise. `When thebag is filled, `itlisIcustomary to fold the top I4 inone Iormore folds I I I5 to seal the bag and, as has been stated, thelbag open. To open the bag required either the prying open and removal of the metal staple orthe `tearing of the bag to remove that .portion through e which the staple went. It was` not possible to again securely close thezbag in the event theuser I l. didnt wish to dispose of the entirecontents.

metal for stapling is not available. my invention isIto provide abag closurewhich will, not only `efficiently close `the bag but which At the present time due to war-time shortages,

An object of I may be used as a hanger so that the bags may be hung from suitable hooks in display. A further `object is to provide a closure which may bear` printed 'material and so act as a label. I

-My closure may be made of cardboard orIother` suitable `material.` It consists of a four-sided cardboard having a front panel and a rear panel, each of which is of substantially the same length as the width of the bag. The front and rear panel are connected at either end withftuck-in e folded sides. [The closure is `applied by slipping it over the folded top of the bag in such a way that the tuck-in,Y panels engage the gusset and e the tucked-1n side of the bag. The bag is then folded and the closure wedged into and interlocked with the fold at the top of the bag. The front and rearIpanels are provided with `an opening wherebythe bagmay be supported from a hook or na`il.I` I I InIthe accompanying drawing, e Figurejl `is a side elevation, partly broken away of a bag embodying my closure. I

- l Figure 2 is a cross-sectional View taken on the I I line 22 of Figure l; I d e Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view taken Ion line 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a cross-sectional viewtaken on the u line MofIFigure 1.

Figure 5 is a perspective view of mv` bag closure as manufactured. I I

Figure 6 is a sectional view showing the man- `ner in which the bag is folded and the closure applied. I I The conventional bag I0 of the type described 1s provided with a folded-in side or`I gusset II so was customarily stapled. e I ,e

p I provide a bag closure I6 which consists of a strip of cardboard so folded and joined together as to provide a front panel I'I and a rear panel I8 and two side members I9 and 2|] each of which is folded in at 2| and `22`Ito provide Wedge-.shaped members adapted to engage the gusset II. The

closure I6 isI provided with two tabs 23 and 24I which arepunched at 25. `This closure may be` Imade of one strip pasted or otherwise fastened "upon itself at 26 and 2l.` I

In use the bag is oiled and the closure plated .over the top thereof with the folds 2| and 22,I

inserted into thegussets I'I. Theclosure is then pulled upwardly so that theside members I 9 and e 20 are wedged into position and the `foldedIportion 30 of the bag securely held between the end,` Y members I9 and 20 and the rear panel 22.I The tabs 23 and 24 are thus brought together and the bagif desired mayjbe hung or otherwise displayed by placing a hook through the opening 25;

When it is desired to `open the bag, my closure" may be removed eitherbysliding it downwardly on the sides of the bag,.in which case thefbag` mayagain be sealed, or byripping it oi thus pulling the end members out ofthe gusset II.

It will be appreciated that not only have I provided a closure which eliminates the use of metal A e `but one which may be used from time to time by the customerfor the consumer. I claim: I

I In combination Witha conventional bag having I `for locking the folded portion in position against e the side of the bag, comprising an endless band like member having` front and rear panels and inwardly extending gusset like sides which inter t with the gussets of the bag, said member being slidable longitudinally of the bag into `operative I and inoperative position, when in operative `position the inwardly extendingportion ofthe band like member cooperates wthan adjacent panelA to clamp the folded portion `of the bag against e aside wall thereof and lock it inposition.

IEGMQNT Asians.`

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D77/12
European ClassificationB65D77/12