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Publication numberUS2367339 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 16, 1945
Filing dateApr 30, 1943
Priority dateApr 30, 1943
Publication numberUS 2367339 A, US 2367339A, US-A-2367339, US2367339 A, US2367339A
InventorsPape Harry E
Original AssigneeAmerican Viscose Corp
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Centrifugal spinning bucket
US 2367339 A
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Jan. 16, 1945. H. E. PAPE 2,367,339

CENTRIFUGAL SPINNING BUCKET Filed April 30, 1943 .1 v Fi .1- I 1 73 m.



I Patented Jan. 16,1945.

CENTRIFUGAL'SPINNING BUCKET 7 Harry Pape, Ridley Park, Pa., assignor to -American Viscose Corporation, .Del.,' a corporation of Delaware Wilmington,

Application April 30, 1943', Serial No. 485,190

. 4 Claims.

- This invention concems centrifugal spinning I 'buckets, such as are employed in twisting and .collecting artificial filaments, or natural or artificial yarns, for liquid-treatment thereof, and for liquid-extraction therefrom. The invention particularly concerns improvements in means for ejecting the wound packages or cakes formed or treated within the spinning buckets after completion of the collectionjorfof the 'w'et-treathub 3 which fits upon and makes a driving con- .ment or of the extraction of liquids therefrom. It has heretoforebeen suggested to employ a hollow spindle motor for driving the centrifugal I buckets, the bore of which is provided with a reciprocable rod extending beneath the motor 7 it ends of which continue through the bottom of and'attached at its upper end to a cake-supporting member in the form of aplate fitting withinspindle, a cake may be ejected when desired.

An alternativearrangement has also been sugtor 5. As shown inFigure 4, the hub 3 is prov gested in which a cake-supporting member-within the bottom of the spinning bucket has a plurality of rods secured thereto which extend throughiapertures within the bottom of the Figure 6 shows, in elevation,- and partially in cross-section,.one' arrangement for actuating the ejecting means upon a spinning bucket in a machine for spinning artificial filaments.

As shown inthe drawing, acentrifugal spinning bucket 2'which may be provided with the 1 conventional grooves for receiving a cover and "cover-locking ring and with the customary liquid-escape perforations in walls thereof, has a nection with a spindle 4 extending from the movided with one or more arcuate grooves i i (three being shown) extending axially therealong, the

the box as perforations I therein. An ejector member, shown in Figure 5, is provided and com- '-prises a collar 8 which, in the normal position I of Figure 1, encircles the lowermost portion of the hub} of the spinning box. From the collar 8, one or more rods 9 (three being shown) extend axially thereof and are shaped to fit within the groove or grooves 6 of the hub and to provide an external :surface which is substantially bucket and carry secured to their lower en coplanar with the circumferential surface of the 1 an annular plate which may be reciprocated by suitable actuating means to effect ejection of the cake from the spinning bucket. This type of arrangement has the disadvantage that'the rods disposed about the hub of the spinning bucket tion with the bucket, thuscausing lost power.

In accordance with the present invention, an

. improved form of cake-ejecting-means is provldedin association with a spinning bucket f create a greatdeal of windage because of rota.-

- which avoids the disadvantages of both forms of'ejection devices mentioned above. Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the thereof hereinafter.

In the drawing, illustrative of the invention,

drawing and the description Figure 1' is an elevation, partially in cross-' with the present invention,

Figurej5 is a perspective view of an ejecting collar which fits slidably upon bucket, and

the hub of the to'the upper end of the rod or rods 9. Alternahub 3. The perforations I within the bottom of the bucket are of corresponding cross-section and adapted to permit the reciprocation of the,

rodor rods 9' therethrough. As shown in Figure 1,- the cake-supporting; member I!) within the spinning bucket rests upon or is in proximity tively, this member l0 -may be secured tov the upper ends of the rods 9. Asshown, the hub 3 and collar 8 rest upon a ball bearing II but where the atemative' form of arrangement just described is employed (that is, where thecake-- supporting member is secured to the rods ex-,

'tending from the collar), the hub 3 and collar 40 lrneed not rest upon such a bearing ll upon but may be disposed well above the motor I the motor.

As shown more particularly in Figifre 6, the 4 centrifugal buckets of a machine for spinning artificial filaments may be provided with the ejec- ,Figure 2 illustrates the invention of Figure 1 hub of a spinning bucket made accordance tor devices of the present invention, and the machin may be provided with a rail l2 (comm-is ing two parallel. bars l3 joinedtoge ther at intervals between the spinning buckets by suitable cross-strips l4) extending longitudinally beneath one or more spinning boxes arranged side by side in'the spinning machine in the normal manneri The rail [2 may be provided-with a depending link it which is pivotally'connected at it to a -slotted lever. ll fulcrumed 'at 18 provided erator may merely step upon the foot pedal, thus causing reciprocation of the link It within suitable stationary guides 20, which reciprocatory motion is transmitted to the collars I about the hubs 3 of the-several spinning boxes by means of the rail l2.

Whereas the rods 9 which elevate the. caksupporting'member Ill to ejecting position are shown of such length as to cause thecake to be brought entirely outside the spinning bucket,

aaeasse with a foot pedal 19 at its other end. By this riphery of the hub and extending axially thereof arrangement, when dofilng the machine, the opin alignment with the perforation means, and means for reciprocating the reciprocable means through the pe'rforationmeans.

2. In combination, a centrifugal bucket for handling filamentary material, a package-supporting member within the bucket, a hub on the base of the bucket and positioned outside thereof,

' at least one groove extending axially along the rods of shorter or greater length may be substituted therefor.

'While th cake ejecting device of the present invention has been specifically disclosed in relation to the spinning buckets within a machine for spinning artificial filaments, it may be associated with the centrifugal buckets employed in machines for treating wound packages or cakes of yarns with liquids or for extracting liquids from such wound packages or cakes, such as in the centrifuging machine disclosed in the prior application of Henry Crewdson, Ser. No. 433,155, filed March 3, 1942.

While preferred embodiments of the invention have been shown, it is to be understood that changes and variations may be made without departing from the spirit and scope or the invention as defined by the appended claims.


-1. In combination, a centrifugal bucket for handling filamentary material, a package-supr porting member reciprccable in the bucket, a

solid shaft adapted to drive the bucket, a hub so depending from the buckethaving a bore for receiving the shaft, perforation means in the bottom'of the bucket, reciprocable means for recipmeetingthe member, said reciprocable means lying substantially entirely within the external peperiphery of the hub of the bucket an aperture through the bucket in alignment with and communicating with the groove, and a collar having a rod fitting slidably within the groove.

3. In combination, a centrifugal bucket for handling filamentary material, a package-supporting member within the bucket, a hub on the base of the bucket and positioned outside thereof,

a plurality of grooves extending axially along the periphery of the hub of the bucket, a corresponding number of apertures through the bottom of v base of the bucket and positioned outside thereof, a plurality of grooves extending axially along the periphery of the hub* of the bucket, a corresponding number of apertures through the bottom of the bucket in alignment with and communicating with the grooves, a collar having a pluraiity, of rods fitting slidably within the grooves, the rods having their external surfaces substantially flush with the peripheral surfaces of the hub and being arranged to extend during normal rotation of the bucket substantially the entire length of the grooves;


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