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Publication numberUS2369115 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1945
Filing dateSep 10, 1943
Priority dateSep 10, 1943
Publication numberUS 2369115 A, US 2369115A, US-A-2369115, US2369115 A, US2369115A
InventorsHyman Bloom
Original AssigneeHyman Bloom
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Wrist supporter
US 2369115 A
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Feb. 13, 1945 BLOOM 2,369,115


Hy man B 600 MAW ATTORNESS I Patented Feb. 13, 1945 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE} WRIST SUPPORTER Hyman Bloom, Newark, N. J.

' Application September 10, 1943, Serial No. 501,793

1 Claim.

' wearer and the turning of which is prevented by the engagement of the band with the wrist bone.

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent in the course of the following specification:

Inaccomplishing the objects of the present invention, it was found desirable to provide a wrist supporter having the form of a broad band which is provided with two openings. One of these openings is preferably round and is adapted to receive the wrist bone of the wearer. The

other opening is elongated and is so wide that the band has the form of two straps. These I straps extend on both sides of the first-mentioned opening when the band is being worn.

Thus, in accordance with the present invention, the first-mentioned opening prevents the band from being turned since the wrist bone protrudes through that opening. The second opening is used to form traps which increase the grip of the wrist supporter and which, at the same time, do not inconvenience the wearer since they are located on opposite sides of the wrist bone.

The invention will appear more clearly from the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing showing, by way of example, a preferred embodiment of the inventive idea.

In the drawing- Figure 1 is a front view of the wrist band.

Figure 2 is a perspective view illustrating the wrist band as it is being worn.

The wrist supporter shown in the drawing may be made of leather, fabric or any other suitable material. The wrist supporter includes a substantially broad band 3, the length of which is so selected that the band 3 may be wrapped at least twice around the wrist of the wearer.

The band 3 has converging narrower ends 4 and 5.

In accordance with the present invention, the band 3 has two openings 6 and l. The opening 6 is preferably round and is of such size that the wrist bone 8 of the wearer may conveniently project through the opening 6 when the band is being worn. The opening I is elongated in formand is located next to the opening 6. The opening 1 is so wide that the portions of the band located between the opening 1 and the outer edges 9 and ID of the band form two straps II and I2, which extend on opposite sides of the wrist bone 8 when the wrist supporter is being worn.

The fastening means holding the supporter upon the wrist may include a narrowfastener strap l3 which constitutes a continuation of the end 5 and which is provided with holes M.

The opposite end 4 of the band 3-carries a buckle l5 which cooperates with the strap M to hold the band in place.

The proper position of the band 3 upon the wrist of the wearer is illustrated in Figure 2. The wrist bone 8 of the wearer extends through the opening 6 and thestraps II and I2 extend on opposite sides of the wrist bone 8 and assist in strengthening the wrist supporter and in providing a better grip while eliminating any danger that the wearer would be incommoded or inconvenienced. i I

It is apparent that the illustration shown above has been given by Way of illustration and not by Way of limitation and thatthe above xample is subject to wide variations and modifications,

without departing from the scope or intent of v the present invention. All of such variations and modifications are to be included within scope of the present invention.

What is claimed is: I

A wrist supporter, comprising a substantially broad band of a length sufficient to be wrapped at least twice around a wrist, said band having formed therein a round opening of a size sufficient to receive the wrist-bone of the wearer, and an elongated opening located in another portion of said band and extending in the longi- HYMAN BLOOM.

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U.S. Classification2/16, D02/627
International ClassificationA61F13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/107
European ClassificationA61F13/10T