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Publication numberUS2369217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1945
Filing dateOct 13, 1943
Priority dateOct 13, 1943
Publication numberUS 2369217 A, US 2369217A, US-A-2369217, US2369217 A, US2369217A
InventorsDerho John J
Original AssigneeDerho John J
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Combination hanger support
US 2369217 A
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Feb. 13,1945. M, DERHO 2,369,217


ATTORNEYS PatentedjFeb. l3,

UNITED STATES. PATENT OFFICE I zssaz 'z' t comma-non HANGER surroa'r John J.'Derho, mum, ms, :Applleation October 1a, 194:, Serial Ne. 506.115 1 Claim. (Cl. 248-125) the ring IZis pivoted to the position of Eure 4.

My invention relates to emblems or thelike, and includes among its objects and advantages the Provision or an improved emblem having a combination hanger and standing support.

In the accompanying drawing; Figure 1 is a perspective view of the rear face 01' an emblem in accordance with my invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view along the line 2-2 of Figural.

Figure 3 is a face view oia hanger ring adapted.

to serve as a standing support, .and

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 2 but illustrating the emblem ina standing position.

In the embodiment of the invention selected for illustration, 1- make use of an emblem I0 suitable to-hang on a wall, stand on a table, shelf or r the like. To' support the emblem in its hanging or standing position, 1 provide a ring M. This ring .-'is bent from a piece or wire to the shape of alarge loop ,with a small eye I formed at one end of the wire. The plane of the loop I! is arll'gnged at an obtuse angle to the plane 0! the eye it screw it is-passedthrough the eye It and threaded into the emblem I. at a point where the emblem will hang straight when the ring is head 2| oi the screw is larger than the eye to gross the latter against the rear face of the emem I, Because of the angularity o! the eye it with inserted over a supporting pin or the like. The

, respect $0 the loop ll, the loop. ll serves a a prop j v positioned'at an-acute angle to e when In this po'sltlomthe ring termlna l tly short 01. the lower edge 01' the emblem, so that the emblem may reston the support 22 at a suitable angle rearwardly and to theverticalwhen the ring is brought to rest on' the support When the loop I4 is hung on a wall pin, the emblem tilts forwardly' to a suitable angle and its lowervedge comes to rest on'the face oi the wall.

Without further elaboration,.the foregoing will so fully explain my invention, that others may, by applying current knowledge, readily adapt the same for use under various conditions of service.

feular loop' 01 which is considerably larger than the other and bent at the point of connection between the. loops to arrange said loops at an angle to each other, said wire being bent circularly in one direction to form the larger loop, and then bent circularly in the opposite direction to form the smaller loop, and the smaller loop adapted range the larger loop at an acute angle to the body, aid larger loop when extending upwardly adapted to be connected with a vertical base, and

when extending downwardly adapted toens a horizontal base to support the object at an inclination from the horizontal base.

, Jomt-J. naano."

to be. pivotally connected to the object to ar-

U.S. Classification248/470, D11/97
International ClassificationA47G1/16
Cooperative ClassificationA47G1/16
European ClassificationA47G1/16