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Publication numberUS2369864 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1945
Filing dateJul 11, 1944
Priority dateJul 11, 1944
Publication numberUS 2369864 A, US 2369864A, US-A-2369864, US2369864 A, US2369864A
InventorsSpaldo Philip A
Original AssigneeSpaldo Philip A
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Combination bag and book cover
US 2369864 A
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4 P. A. SPALDO l COMBINATION BAG AND BOOK COVER Original Filed May 22, 1940 mm H mm w Patented Feb; 20, 1945 1 UNITED: STATES PATENT" OFFICE I It" "I .aasasci' 9 COMBINATION BAG ANIILBOOIK covnn Philip A. Spaldo, New York, N. Substituted for abandoned application Serial No.

336,533, May 22, 1940. This application July 11, 1944, Serial No. 544,388

1 Claim.

venient and readily accessible manner, instead of having to carry two separate articles, which is not only troublesome but often results in the loss or dropping of one of them.

Another object of the invention is the provision of the book cover, forming part of the combina tion, with extensible means so that the same may be accommodated to any size book within ordinary limits, and the cover will snugly fit anysize of book within such limits. Thus, the book will not only be held firmly within the cover, but the combination containing the book will at all times present an attractiveand neat appearance.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an adjustable or extensible strap adapted to releasably close and open ends of the book cover at all times, whether' or not a book is contained within the cover. This strap is also [extensible to accommodate any thickness of book within the usual limits, and securely holds the two open ends of the cover together, also thereby offering a neat, compact and attractive whole.

The above and other objects will'beco me apparent in the description below, reference bein had to the accompanying drawing which is presented for the purpose of illustration only and is not to be construed as a necessary limitation to the specific details shown, as the underlying features of the invention may naturally be carried out in a number of ways, of which. the one herewith presented is but one example.

Referring briefly to the drawing,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the article in closed position, showing a relatively narrow book contained therein. v

Figure 2 is a similar but fragmentaryview, I

and an inner wall 12, the flan or closure I3 extending from the inner wall. I Between the walls II and I2 is the compartment of the bag III. A rear wall I l, secured along its bottom and side edges to the same edges of the front wall II, or even formed integral therewith along the said edges, provides a space or compartment I5, open at the top, between itself and the inner bag wall I2. A pocket I6 is formed. on the exterior surface of the rear wall I4 at the lower end thereof, by

securing thereto along itsv bottom and side edges a flap I'I, this pocket being open at the top as shown in Figure '5. o

' The parts thus far described may be considered one section of the article. The other section comprises a pairof walls I8 and I9, of substantially the same dimensions as the wall I-4, joined along their bottom and side edges and open at the top, providing a compartment 20 therebetween. A pocket 2 I, similar to and complementary with the pocket 1'6, is formed on the exterior surface of the wall I9 by securing thereto along its bottom and side edges a flap 22.

An intermediate book cover member '23 has one end 24 secured to the wall I2 along its lower edge,

of the member 23, and the extremities of these strips, which extend beyondthe end 25 of the member 23, are secured to the bottom edge 01 the compartment 20, as shown in Figurefi. Thus, through the medium of the lengths of these elastic strips between the bottom edge of the end 25 of the member 23 and the extremities of thestrips, which are anchoredas just-mentioned, the member .23 may be pulled outward from the compartment 20 and, upon being released, will be pulled back by these elastic strip extensions.

A strap .21 has a similar elastic strip '28 secured to the inner end thereof against the inner surface of the rear wall I8, the strip 28 being anchored at 29. Thus, the strap 21 may also be yieldably pulled out.- I I v It is to be noted that the inner exposed surfaces of the various parts described may be covered with cloth lining.

The walls I2, I4, and I9, as well as the flaps l1 and 22, may be formed entirely of cloth, whereas the other parts are mostly leather, covered, if desired, with a cloth lining. This construction is provided only for illustration of the most presentable and inexpensive method of construction, but forms no part of the invention.

In using the article as a book cover, the ends of the book covers themselves are inserted into the pockets l6 and 2|, with the member 23 covering the book binding. When the book is a relatively thick or wide one, it is obvious that the member 23 will adapt itself to whatever the thickness is, through the yieldable elastic strips 26. Likewise, the strap 21 will adapt itself through its yieldable elastic strip 28; a snap button 3| engages a snap 32 to lock the strap in closed position. Thus an adjustable book cover has been provided in combination with a purse or hand bag.

Obviously, modifications in form and structure may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

This application is a substitute 'for abandoned application, Ser. No. 336,533 filed May 22, 1940.

I claim:

In an article of the class described, a pair of opposed complementary sections having an intermediate substantially inelastic yet flexible member such as leather, said member being rigidly secured to one of said sections at one end, the other end of said member having elastic strips extending therefrom, said strips being anchored in said other section, said sections being adapted to enclose a book with said member covering the binding of the book.


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