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Publication numberUS2371808 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1945
Filing dateJul 24, 1943
Priority dateJul 24, 1943
Publication numberUS 2371808 A, US 2371808A, US-A-2371808, US2371808 A, US2371808A
InventorsDe Swart Jan
Original AssigneeBland Jamison C
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Lipstick holder
US 2371808 A
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March zo, 1945. Y L rDE SWART 2,371,808

LIPSTICK HLDER 4Filed July 24, 1943 s l "EN lll JNVENTOR.

Patented Mar. 20, 1945 a claims.` (omas-56.)

" journaled in the respective recesses I1. Member My invention has to do with holders and has for one of its more particular objects the provision of a tubular housing,va slidable carrier and an operating member so arranged and constructed that the article being held, such for instance as a lipstick, may be readilyprojected for use and the housing `may be `effectively sealed when not in use. i 1 A Another object is to provide a lipstick holder which may be economically manufacturedand assembled and which is very durable.

An additional object is the provision of a lip-` stick holder capable of being molded entirely of such materials as synthetic plastics and in which all metal parts may be eliminated. i

Still "further advantages are provided by my invention and how those as well as the objects hereinabove set forth are achieved will be best understood from the following detailed explanation of a presently preferred embodiment, for which purpose I shall refer to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective of the device in closed or inoperative position; I

Fig. 2 is a perspective, with part broken away for illustrative purposes, showing the device in course of being opened; l I f Fig. 3 is a perspective showing the device in a stage intermediateof its open and closed positions; l Fig. 4 is a vertical section, with some parts in elevation, showing the device in operative position;

Fig. 5 is a section on line 5-5 of Fig. 4; I

Fig. 6 is a longitudinal medial section of Fig. 1;

` Fig. 7 is a section on line 'I-1 of` Fig. 6; and

Fig. 8 is a side elevation of the housing element.

Referring now to the drawing, I show at '5 a tubular housing having an open top end 6 and a bottom end closed by end cap 1. A longitudinal slot 8 is provided through the side wall of the housing, thehousing having at each side of the slot and extending outwardly flush with the respective walls of the slots a flange member I0. Slidable longitudinally in the housing there is a carrier I5 'atop which is secured a lipstick L. `The bottom portion of the carrier is transversely lsplit l at I6 to divide the lower end ofthe carrier into two legs I5a, |511, each of which is provided with an inwardly opening recess I1 in its innerl face. Each of the recesses I1 opens through the side wall of the carrier opposite the slot 8. An operating and sealing member generally designated by the numeral 20 has a lower right angle end portion 2l presenting trunnions 22 20 has a side arm 23 which snugly and laterally engages in the slot 8 between the flanges I0 whereby to effectively seal they slot when the device is not in use, and has an integrallyformed cupped end cap 24` tofeffectively seal the upper end of the housing when the device is not in use (Fig. 1). I To assemble the device, the member 20 is first assembled in the carrier I5 and said carrier `assembly is inserted from the lower end of the housing before the end cap 1 is applied. After the carrier assembly is thus inserted, the end cap I- is secured in place.` For instance, the body may be molded of a suitable thermoplastic, such as Tenitej and acetone may be used to secure the `cap 'I in place. Inasmuch as the recesses I1 open i at the side of the carrier opposite the slot 8, the trunnions cannot escape therefrom in use.

To use my device, starting with the closed `or inoperative position shownin Figs. 1, 6 and 7,

"the cap 24 is lifted sufficiently to, clear its side flanges from engagement over the end of the housing (Fig. 2), and then the arm23` with its carried cap 24 is swung outwardly to the position of Fig. 3, after which the arm 23 is moved upwardly along the` slot until it contacts the end `wan 21 of the slot (Fig. 4).

In this position,

` the lipstick L is projected into a position for convenient use. After use, the arm is moved downwardly along the slot 8, being swung upwardly before it reaches the end-cap 1, and the cap 24 is tted over the open end of the tubular housing.

From the foregoing it will be observed that only a single slot in the side wall of the tubular vbody is required and that slot is effectively closed Y by the arm 23 when thedevice is'not in use to prevent undue exposure of the lipstick to the elements. The flanges IIJ enhance this sealing and at the same time provide substantial support and bearing surface for the arm when in use to materially strengthen the device. i While I have described my inventionas a holder for lipsticks, it will `be understood, ofcourse,

that it is susceptible of other uses, and within its 1 broader aspects the invention is capable of being carried out by structures having physical characteristics diering from the details hereinabove particularly described. i I claim: I i l 1. A holder comprising a tubularhousing hav ing a longitudinal slot through its side wall,a car-` rier mounted to slide longitudinally in the hous i ing, said carrier having a bifurcatedbottom end presenting two depending legs, a laterally and in- Wardly opening recess in each leg, and means for sliding the carrier including an arm laterally engageable in the slot, said arm having a right angle portion presenting trunnions rotatably disposed in said respective recesses.

2. A holder comprising a tubular housing having a longitudinal slot through its side Wall, outwardly disposed longitudinal anges on the housing'fiushwith the respective side walls of the slot, a carrier mounted to slide longitudinally in the housing, said carrier having a pair of spaced parallel depending legs, a recess in each leg open` ing through the side of the leg opposite theslot and inwardly towards the other leg, and means for sliding the carrier including an arm having sealing engagement with saidV anges, said arm having an angular lower end portion presenting trunnions slidably and rotatably engaging in said respective recesses and an angular upper end portion having sealing engagement with the upper end of the housing.

3. A lipstick holder comprising a. tubular housing having a longitudinal slot through its side Wall, outwardly disposed longitudinal anges on the housing, the adjacent faces of the anges being disposed ush with the respective side Walls of the slot, a carrier mounted to slide longitudinally in the housing and means for sliding the carrier including an arm pivotally secured at its lower end to the carrier for lateral swinging movement through the slot, a closure cap carried V,by the free end of the arm for sealing engagement over the top end of the housing, the side `faces of the arm having frictional longitudinal sealing engagement with the flanges when the closure cap is in sealing engagement with the top end of the housing. v l


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