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Publication numberUS2372971 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1945
Filing dateAug 28, 1943
Priority dateAug 28, 1943
Publication numberUS 2372971 A, US 2372971A, US-A-2372971, US2372971 A, US2372971A
InventorsHarry W Moore
Original AssigneeHarry W Moore
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Halfvest carrier for hearing aids and batteries
US 2372971 A
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April 3, 1945. H. w. MOORE HALFVES'I CARRIER FOR HEARING AIDS AND BATTERIES Filed Aug. 28, 1943 M fnyezrfaf jzarryWJfoare m Jffarnqy Patented Apr. 3, 1945 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE HALFVEST CARRIER FDR LHEARWGAIDS AND BATTERIES Harry W. Moore, Chicago, "111.

Application August :28, 1943, Serial IN 0. 5110,3116

1 Claim.

"invention relates to a novel and unique hailfvest carrier for hearing aid and batteries.

'Gne of the essential objects of this invention is to provide a carrier equipped with several pockets arranged for separately and individually housing and protecting the hearing aid as well as the batteries, and which pockets preferably include a pocket for the microphone, another pocket for the batteries, and a third pocket for the power cord which connects the microphone and the batteries. 7

A more particular object of this invention is to provide a carrier of this type which is constructed in the shape of a halfvest having pockets arranged thereon in series and comprising a front pocket for housing the microphone, a side pocket for housing the batteries, and also a pocket between these two for housing and protecting the power cord which connects the microphone and the batteries, such carrier with its means for supporting and mounting it on a person being arranged and constructed so that the front pocket with the microphone therein will be positioned directly under the chin of the wearer, thereby making it convenient to use a telephone with the use of this carrier and th hearing aid carried thereby.

Another object of this invention is to construct the carrier in the shape of a halfvest comprising a front portion having a microphone pocket thereon, a side portion having a battery pocket thereon, and between these two portions a third portion having a, cord-carrying pocket thereon, and this halfvest-also including a supporting portion which is integral with and extends from these pocket-equipped portion to bear on the shoulder, all being arranged so that in applying this carrier the microphone will be positioned directly under thechin and the battery pocket will be located under the arm to support the weight of the batteries directly on said supporting portion on the shoulder.

These and various other objects and advantages are attained with this invention, as will become apparent from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing wherein the invention is shown in its preferred form, it being evident that various other arrangements and forms of construction may be resorted to for carrying out the objects and purposes of this invention.

In the drawing: I Fig. 1 is an elevational view illustrating this invention applied to a person.

Fig. '2 shows this carrier in an unfolded ".position. 1

Figs. '3 and '7 are enlarged .sectional'views, taken thru the microphone pocket on lines 3-3 :and 'l-'l of Fig. '2, respectively.

Fig.4 is an enlarged sectional xview, taken tlzxru the power cord pocket on line 4-4 of Fig. .2.

Figs. 5 and 6 are enlargedusectional views. taken thru the battery pocket on lines 55 and 6-45 of Fig. 2, respectively.

This invention is illustrated in the drawing in its preferred form of construction comprising a carrier H), which is shown as a partial vestshaped garment, and it is preferably arranged in the form of a halfvest which comprises a front portion H including a front pocket I2 for housing and shielding a microphone l3 therein, also a side portion [4 including a pocket 15 for housing the battery or batteries l6 therein, and an intermediate portion ll, between these two portion II and 14, which includes a pocket l8 for housing and protecting therein the power cord H) which connects the microphone and the batteries Said pockets l2, l5 and I8 are arranged on this halfvest to extend in a series from the front of the chest of the wearer to one side under an arm, as illustrated in the drawing.

The means for mounting and supporting this carrier on a person comprises a supporting portion 2| which is substantially strap-shaped, and it is preferably made integral with the aforesaid pocket-equipped portions and is arranged to extend therefrom over the shoulder, as indicated in Fig. 1. Said means also comprises a strap 22 which extends from one side of the carrier and includes means 23 to adjust it for length, and the strap has a hook 24 at its end .to be engaged in a loop 25 provided on the other side of the carrier.

This halfvest carrier is preferably made of suitable cloth or fabric, and the pocket l2 for the microphone l3 comprises a, window 26 which is made of porous or interstitial material, to facilitate the passage of sound waves therethru. Moreover, by the use of such a pocket to house and shield the microphone therein, a large portion of what is called case noise, which is caused by the rubbing of the wearers clothing over the microphone, is hereby eliminated.

A further feature of this invention is that the microphone pockets on these carriers are made in several sizes, so as to fit the various hearing aid instruments now on the market.

The pocket [8 of this carrier is also of considerable importance, as it accommodates and It should also be noted that this carrier with its various parts is arranged and constructed so that in applying and in wearing it the supporting portion 2| will rest comfortably on one shoulder and the strap 22 maybe conveniently adjusted to fit around the waist, in such manner that the pocket l2 with the microphone I3 therein will be positioned automatically and readily on the chest directly under the chin, whereby this arrangement will facilitate using a telephone while utilizing this carrier with the hearing aid carried thereby. Furthermore, the

battery pocket I5 will be positioned herein directly under the arm and below the supporting strap 2|, so that the weight of the batteries is hereby carried directly, on this shoulder strap. Said pocket I5 is adapted to house the two batteries noW generally used in the modern vacuum tube installation.

I claim:

A combination carrier for a hearing aid and batteries comprising a partial vest-shaped garment adapted to extend under one arm and partially across the chest of the wearer, said garment having an arm hole in its upper part, thus providing a shoulder strap integral with said garment, a body encircling strap attached to one side of said garment, connecting means on the free end of the strap, cooperating connecting means on the other side of the garment, and a plurality of pockets on the lower part of said garment; said pockets comprising an open top battery pocket situated directly under said shoulder strap, an open top microphone pocket situated on the chest portion of said garment, and

an open top power cord pocket situated between .said first mentioned pockets; said power cord extending from the battery through the open top;

of the battery pocket into the open top of the power cord pocket; thence through said small, side opening and through said small bottom;

opening into said microphone pocket.


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