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Publication numberUS2374375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 24, 1945
Filing dateDec 2, 1943
Priority dateDec 2, 1943
Publication numberUS 2374375 A, US 2374375A, US-A-2374375, US2374375 A, US2374375A
InventorsO'donnell James H
Original AssigneeO'donnell James H
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Illuminated brooch
US 2374375 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Apr. 24, 1945 NITED s 'rss PATENT OFFICE ILLUMINATED BROOCH James H. O'Donnell, Woburn, Mass.

Application December 2, 1943, Serial No. 512,581

1 Claim. (Cl. Mil-6.4)

' My invention relates to illuminated brooches to be worn upon the clothing of a person for purposes of display, amusement and the like, and it has for its object to provide an inexpensive and eflicient self-contained device of the character 5 described which can be detachably fastened in position upon the clothing of the wearer and which shall be provided with illuminating means that can be lighted and extinguished at the will of the wearer.

To these ends I have provided a brooch of the character described which, in its preferred form,

Figs. 1, 2 and 3 of the drawing is a box-like structure comprising a molded front section or wall III which is preferably made from a plastic and which may be molded to present an ornamental design as shown, and' a rear receptacle section II of metal made at its front with two recesses l2, l2 within each of which is provided a dry cell battery It. a

Adjacent to its lower end the rear section II is made interiorly with a transverse groove it within whichis confined the intermediate portion of a sheet metal spring ll whose opposite end portions are within therecesses l2, l2 and bear against the lower ends of the metalcasings of the batteries is so as to yieldingly urge the latter upwardly against shoulders I provided adjaceht to the upper endsof the recesses II. In this way the batteries are held against endwise movement in their recesses. The metal casings It will thus be clear that when either lamp l I is manually screwed downwardly its center contact will seat upon the center contact of its battery is thereby completing the circuit through said lamp. It will also be clear that when either lamp is thereafter manually adjusted outwardly within its socket ll, away from contact with its battery, the lamp will be extinguished.

The front wall III is removably fastened in posiio tion against the front of the rear section II by means of two *screws II which extend loosely through holes provided in rear section II and are screwed into threaded apertures II (Fig. 1) formed in the front wall ll. Thus the front wall is may readily be removed whenever it becomes necessary to replenish the batteries, but while it is secured in position upe'n the rear section it assists in holding the batteries in axial alinement with the lampsi so Directly in front of each lamp is the front wall II is made with a window aperture 2| within which is secured a transparency If, one of these two transparencies being indicated as colored red and the other as colored green; These transas parencies may be made from glass, Lucite,"

Vynlite," or the like, and are cements in position within their window apertures.

soldered or otherwise fastened at its one end to the exterior of the back wall of the rear section H is a pin It whose opposite pointed end portion is adapted to be engaged with a hook it that is soldered or otherwise fastened to said wall, said pin and hook providing means by which. the brooch .is fastened to the clothing of the wearer.

The design ofthe device shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 is appropriate for use by young girls and other young people. For example, when worn by a young girl or woman who is approached by a young man seeking her acquaintance, she can signal encouragement to him by illuminating the green transparency to the exclusion of the red by adjustment of the lamp thereof, or should she desire to repel his attentions then she can iiof the batteries are, as usual, provided with an lumihate the red transparency to the exclusion of the green by adjustment of the lamp of the same.

other kinds of transparencies may be substiq tuted for those shown, if desired.

What 1 claim is:

A device of the character described comprising a box-like rear section, a front wall section, and

means sep r bly fastening said sections together, said rear section being provided upon its exterior with means for separably attaching it to a garin said sockets ment and made interiorly with a pair oi! battery recesses disposed side by side and having an end wall made with a pair of threaded lamp sockets whereof each is axially alined with one of said recesses; an electric dry-cell battery element held in position within each of said recesses by said front wall section; two electric lamp elements having threaded bases removably mounted withby which latter said lamp elenieTitsazesupported each in axial alinement with the axis of "one of said battery elements with its center contacfidirectly opposite the center contact of said battery element so that when said lamp element is manually rotated its center contact is shifted into and out of contact with the center contact oi said battery element thereby to close and open a circuit including said two elements; and two transparencies having diiferent visual characteristics each of which is in front of one or said lamp elements so that it is illuminated by the latter when one of said circuits is closed, the bulbs 01 said'lamps being disposed upon the exterior of said rear section back of said transparencies where they are accessible for direct manual operation.


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