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Publication numberUS2376783 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1945
Filing dateAug 30, 1944
Priority dateAug 30, 1944
Publication numberUS 2376783 A, US 2376783A, US-A-2376783, US2376783 A, US2376783A
InventorsKingman Russell B
Original AssigneeKingman Russell B
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Scouring implement
US 2376783 A
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May 22 1945- R. B. KINGMAN 2,376,783


'to effect the'best results.

'ing thesame inl clean Water,

Patented May 22, 1945 '2,376,783 A, v sitintin-rito1MPLEMnNrv l RiSSell B .Kingman, Qaillge, 'i' u "application Augusta, 1944, serialnmcssiszu t oonims. 401.511'-'-1ail` l 1 This Iinvention relates, generally, toimprovements in scouring implements; and the'invention has reference, more particularly, to la novel hand 'implement for cleaning, scouringand'polishing kitchen utensils, metal and other surfaces` `abrasive actionl which require the application of 'This invention has for an object` to'jtprovidea novelscouring implement comprisingfa scouring body formed by 'tough-flexible and'som'et ywhat resilient,-' liquid` impervious or non-absorbe'entrx'raterialVv with at least the external'face portions ofj which abrasive grainmaterial or grit is incorporated; whereby when -in use 'the' imple-k yment is pressed against and movedy over a surface to be' scoured, the abrasive surface of said body will readily conform to and efficiently abrade `said surface with scouring-effect; and Whereby'when the implement is used with water vor other cleaning' liquid, the latter cannot penetrate the substance of the'body and consequently said body may be easily cleaned after use merely by rinsd `thus` may be readily kept in a sanitary condition. y

The invention has for another object' to provide a resiliently compressible scouririg implement comprising an internally cushioned hollow seamless body, said body being made of atoughffieii- "ible Vand somewhat resilient and-liquid impervir@Us or non-absorbent material which also serves as a matrix for securely holding particles of pillverized abrasive material with which'the sameis l charged. r l t 'l Theinvention has for a more specific object f t 'provide a hollow, seamless body oontairiinea llshioning means or c ore of dry, fibrous material,

[said body. in a preferred enibodimentv thereof,

being made from a composition consisting of copolymers of both vinylv Chloride and vinyl acetate in relative proportions whereby the zo-polymers ofl vinyl chloride predominate, so that the'ire- `sultant body is not only tough, exible and ysomewhat resilient and well adapted to lserve as -al matrix for eourelyholding a pulver-ized abrasive material'v incorporated therewith, butis also .impervious to liquid or non-absorbent whereby to prevent water or other cleaningfluid from gaining access to the internal fibrous'` cushion means or core so that the latter-not only remains dry and springy, andfree from tendency to become soggily matted down, asy would be the case if saturation thereof with Water or other cleaning fluid were permitted, but also remains free Y from accumulation of dirt, grease or the like,

which 'would otherwise Vbe likelyv to `ir'ivitelmncdity'and vother unsanitary conditions* Otherobjects of this inventionli'not at this time l more particularly enumerated,v will beunder-r stood from the yfollowingI detailed descriptionl of thesamef l A Illustrative embodiments ofthe'i'nvention are shown in the accompanying `dravvirrg;in which;-

Fig. 1 is a` face view ofy the `scouring implement according tothe invention; Fig. 2 is an edgeele vational viewthereof; and Fig. Bris a transverse v.vertical sectional view thereof.

Fig. 4 is a transverse vertical sectional View of a somewhat modified formof the scouring implement according to this invention.

Similar characters of reference areemployed in vthe above-'describedviews to indicate corresponding parts.`

,The lnovel scouring device according' to `this invention kis formed by a hollow y seamless body Illl of Vany desired external shape, but which. is

illustrativelyshown'in the drawing as of a'ciri cular or disk-dreimal having `sub;Siaiiti'althickness, Saidhollow seamless bodyis made of ya plastic material of such nature'asto `be characte'rizedby thequalities of toughness and some.-

- what resilientexibility, while at the, same time being impervious to liquid or non-absorbent.

The plastic material also providesy a matrix for strongly gripping and holding, especiallyat,` the i external surfaces thereof, the pulverized abrasive rnateriall or grit H desired to be incorporated therewith. The internalcushioning of said hollow seamless body I0, whereby the latter is yieldable supported and backed, may be vvariously accomplished. Preferably, however, the hollowlrlterior o f said seamless body lrllsllled withamass y'of dryf'a'ndspringy fibrous material adapted to provider'a resilient cushioning core l2; 'Said` f1- brous material may be of any desired'or suitable kind. such as. a mass of vegetable. animalormineral libres, cellulose or the like.

Lhave found a satisfactory` mastic matral vfroml Which'the hollow seamless bodylll m' be formodfis afforded by-'d composition 4.comprising dgmixture of theorpolymersofboth vinyl chloride and 'vinyl ,acetatov wherein' the ,forrriorj` Drei- ,erablyi constiiuiesirom to 85 per cent, oor

IESS; 0f thetotal 'rri'ixtureet This compositionmay be initially condiiionodby asuitalole solvents@ as to provide a substantially liquid Vmass of 'somev "what viscous consistency,`which when dried, so

as toA be substantially freed of the solvent by evaporation thereof, preferably in the openair, becomes. cured to a tough yet resiliently iiexible the composition V,alloove referred to, tht-:cushioning homogeneous body texture, which is free from pores, and which is impervious to penetration by liquid, while at the same time being adapted to formv a strong holding matrix for binding to. t` self and to external surfaces thereof .the pulverized abrasive or grit particles Il with which it is charged for the purposes of this invention,

In-producing the structural form of scouring ,implement shown in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive from 1o COTS l2 coated'rwvthlthe viscous 'mixture until said core is wholly enveloped therebyin the form of -an integral seamlessl integument of suitable'. thickness; .which thickness can be built up to a desired predetermined degree bysuccessivecoat'-l lings. Before the composition sets ,toilnal .dry

condition, i. e., before its external'surface solidifies, the external surface portions arerolledv in the pulverized abrasive material or grit 1|,pr said abrasive material or grit is otherwise suitably-applied thereto, whereby to liinbedthe same ingsaid outer surface portions ofthe formed 'integument `org-:hollow s eamless'body il).l Alternatively, vthe abrasive mate-maior grit n may' vltennixeci.with ,amodicum of the viscous`v composition, Awhereby toform a gritvcharged final and external ,coatingfor applicationto and amalgamation with the initial .integument forming 'coating or. coatings. Infeither, case, the allorasivevmaterial or gritl Il is'gconfined to th'eouter surface portions of .the hollow seamless body,fso that inner portions of the* latter are substantially yfreefrom abrasive ongrit content, and consequently a maximum of "resilient `flexibility ofthe integument or hollow seamlessbody is assured. VIf desired, the abrasivermaterial or. grit Il may be initially mixedwith the composition, .so that after the latter is applied to and around the cushioning core I2,the -resultant integument or hollowseamless body. is impregnatedfthroughout' its vmass with the .abrasivematerial or grit.

v This isshownin Fig@` 4, wherein the abrasive impregnated integument or hollow seamless body y isgiridicated by the reference 'character' J5. Such' formtof thescouring .implement is'quitesatisfac-V torygalthough the resultant integument or hol. `,kmr 'seamless-body thereof is somewhat stiffer and lessfflexibl'e.V y 1,

L' twill be lobvious from the albove that the-novel 4 implement ofl this rinventionv providesa very con-z venient means for adequately performing the operation ofthoroughly 'scouring' and polislkiingpa surfaces desired to 'becleaned The abrasive` chargedhollow seamlessbody of the device, be r"ing resiliently,backed bythe internal cushioning `core I2, will. be 'rmlyf and conformably pressed againstthe" surface "operated upon, .so that,4 as Vthe implement is rubbed backand forth 'over said surface, the `abrasive willA loey brought into intimate 'contact therewith, and 'so as toexert agscrapingfe'ect .well calculatedto loosen and `scrape away encrusted. and caked dirt, greaseand soil, and finally to efficiently'polisl i. the cleansed surface.V In such operationsoapv ,andw'ater Vor fotherdesired cleaning iiuid may be 'used-in assistanceithereof, andA yet the resultant dirty and v'greasyl liquid cannot penetrate the scouring yplement so as to gainaccessto the internalcushi'oningy core. As fa. consequencafsaid internal cushioningcore is mai'ntained'in dry a'ndspringy` "condition, without. tendency' to, be matted land broken down rinto a soggy mass. Furthermore.

"thereto by said materian'of the body;

the core is thus protected against accumulation of dirt and grease',v and therefore cannot become ing the implement in clean water. It therefore .l follows that the implement, while eflicient forv scouring operations, may nevertheless beeasily `.maintained sweet, clean, and sanitary for rev pfeat'ed use over a long lie* of service..`

` l( am aware that various" modifications of structure and form may be made with respect to-the scouringvimplement of this invention withoutde- ,i parting from the scope of the invention as defined n Hence, I do notl -limit myself to the exact arrangements and combinationsof the materials and parts described in by .the here following claims.

the, foregoing specification, nor do I confine mY- self to the exact details of the construction of illustraiedin haar thedevice and its parts as f coripanyng l'draw-ing. o l

1.2 A scouringv implement` .comprisingY a mf'rmation of suitable shape,- said-.body formation' being vformed from-a cured' composition ofthe cofpolyme'rs of vinyl-chloride andfvinyl A'acetate in Awhich .the former .substantially 'predcminates,`

Y what resilient liquid impervious m aterial,andI at l' last external surface portions of said body hav- "ing'abrasive'grit bound therein and 'thereto'by thefmaterialoffsad body. l o V4.' A scouring implementl comprising an". internally `cushioned hollow seamless body, said body being formed from a cured composition ofthe copo1ymers, ofl vinyi @monde ao yi'nyi acetate lin v'which the former. substantially .predominates and 'at least external surface portionsfiffsaid body having abrasive grit "'bounvd .therin' and 5. A scouring implement comprisingaihollow seamless Ibody, said body being [formed from la toughilexible and somewhat resilient'l liquidi'm- -lperviojus material, ',a-resilientl cushioning core of -brous material filling thehollow inter-iorof said "'body; `and at least external surface vportiorlfs'of `saidlbody having abrasive vgritbound-therein landthereto by the material of Asaid bodyf-gfv jj 1.21651 A scouringr implement comprising vafliollow seamless'body;` said body being formed ffromfa cured'l composition ofthe` co-Dolymersjofyinyl l 'chloride and Vvinyl acetate". in which the former substantially predomnates, azresilient-cushioning coregof'vv dry fibrous material. llingithehol- `lowy interior of said body, `and atleast-external surface portionsofsaid 'body having1albrasive grit l bound y, therein and thereto by said Y, material-; of

n'foifjlriation ofistuitables'hape, saidbodyjfo'rma on being formed from av tough,iflexib leland` so e" f "what `resilient liquid impervious risate t least external surface portionsA of sai

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