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Publication numberUS2376893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 29, 1945
Filing dateJun 21, 1941
Priority dateJun 21, 1941
Publication numberUS 2376893 A, US 2376893A, US-A-2376893, US2376893 A, US2376893A
InventorsBaker Augustus J
Original AssigneeBaker Augustus J
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US 2376893 A
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May 29, `1945. y l A. J. BAKER I. 2,376,893

l I CIRCUMCISER l Filled June 21, 1941 /ira r/veys;

Patented May 29,

4UNITED STATE s PATENT oFFicl-z omcUMors'ER Augustus J. Baker, Cleveland, Ohio Application June 21, 1941, Serial N0. 399,099

' (ci. 12s-305) 2 Claims.

This invention relates generally to a surgical instrument commonly known Vas 'a circumciser, used in the surgical operation 'known as circumcision, which consists' in removing a portion `of l the prepuce, leaving the glans penis exposed,

It is an object of this invention to generally improve upon the construction lof the circumciser, and to produce a compact, convenient instrument of the kind which will facilitate making the operation more expeditiously in a minimum of time.

It is a further object of this-inventon'to devise a circumciser which will permit advantageous combinations tobe made by changing the parts so that the instrument may be used in practically all cases of circumcision from an infant to an adult, thus considerably `widening its ileld of use. It is a further object of this invention to provide a circumciser with means to carry a knife circumferentially'around 'thelcone or bell that shields the glans penis to sever the prepuce or foreskin at a predetermined plane.

Other features of thel presentinvention will result from the following detailed description of a specific embodiment.

A` preferred embodiment of the present vention will be hereinafter described with refercarrying member there is provided a knife positioning member I8 in which the knife I9 may be Q adjusted, vand after adjustment may be held in position therein by means ofthe setscrew 20.

The knife carrying disk member is provided with a plurality of spaced knobs ZI by means of which it may be rotated on the base without causing rotation of the removably mounted ring in the base. The knife carryingdisk projects slightly over the base, and the edge 22 thereof maybe knurledl or milled so that the same may be digitally engaged to eiect forced rotation there'of.

l In the apertureor hole in the base there is pro- 15.

-25 between'the yflange and the shielding member in ence to the accompanying drawing, given merely by way of example, and in which similar reference numerals indicate similar parts in the several views, and in which:


Figure 1 4is a 'vertical cross-section of an illustrative embodiment of the invention in which the knife carrying disk member is rotatably mounted on the base.

Figure 2' isa fragmentary front strument shown in Figure 1.

Y Figure 3 is a plan or top view of Figure 1,.

Fig. 4 is a. fragmentary front view of a ring and a penis shield, showing the indicia marked thereon, so that the rlngandpenis shield that goes with it maybe easily selected by the operator. Referring to the drawing in detail and to Figure l thereof in particular, there is shown a circumciser comprising .a base Il' having integrally formed therewith an arm Il. In the base there is provided an aperture or hole I2 therethrough, and in the arm asmooth bore or'journal I3. On the base there is a, fixed ring member Il having an' extending annulmnmge lt. The ring 1s lieu view of the inin fixed position by means of screws Ii. The

kifarrying'diskmember I1 is'heldin assembled relationship by the fixed ring member and is the clamping operation. The aperture in the base is adapted to receive any one of a plurality of rings, each ring having an opening adapted to receive a shielding member that mutually cooperates with the selected ring. The'outside diameter of the various rings are made to a, standard measurement, but the opening in the ring` `through which the shielding member nearly passes through, lis dimensioned to receive the shielding member designed to go with the selected ring member. The shield and ring combinaf tion may have' numerals or other suitable identifyingindicia or legends marked thereon yto fa'cilitate their proper selection. The identifying indi- The shielding member 26 is of suitable coni figuration to receive the glans penis. The shield member is provided witha stem 21 having a threaded upper portion 28. The shield member may be provided with fenestrae, one of whichis l shown at 29 in Fig. 2, through which the position member. The glans and prepuce are shown dialrotatably mounted'on V#the l Oli the knife 55 ofthe glans penis may be observed in the shield grammatically in the chainline in Fig. 1 at 42.

In the journal or bore in the arm there is mounted a non-rotatable axially movable control member 8l. This member is provided with follows:

The patient is placed on the examining table,` the organi's given the usual preoperative treatan integrally formed head 3|, a vgroove 32, and a4 threaded portion 33. Mounted on the member 30 there isa freely mounted internally threaded member 34. The aforesaid member is yheld in contact with -the head 3l by means of a fixed collar 35. The internally threaded member is adapted to mechanically connect-the shield member to the non-rotatable axially control member. 'Ihe threaded portion of the control member cooperates with a threaded knurled nut 36 having a chamber so that rotation of the nut will. cause an upward movement of the control member to which the shield member is attached. Interposed between the nut and the arm Within the chamber there is provided a conical spiral spring 31 which is seated on the vwasher 38. The spiral spring can be compressed very short axially and tends to resiliently urge the control member with the connected shield member upward in the aperture in the base.l A set screw 39 is -provided in the arm, the end 40 of which engages the' groove in the control member and prevents its rotation in the journal or smooth bore in the arm, but allows it to move upand down therein when the internally screwthreaded knurled nut is turned in the desireddirection. The conica1 spring applies an upward movement to the member to` which the shield member `is connected, so that previous to the final clamping of the prepuce in the instrument, the'shield may be slightly released in the base by pressing the member downward toward the base, thus freeing the shield member so that the position of the prepuce may be altered therein if desired, previous .to the nal clamping operation preparatory to the operation. The arm is provided with recesses or grooves 4| by means'of which a grip on the instrument may be obtained.

The surgical operation as now performed is given for the purpose of comparison of the steps involved, and the steps eliminated by. the use of the circumciser, as welltas to disclose the slm-` plicity of the operation when the circumciser is employed.

Theoperative technic of circumcision with the` use of the instrument herein described 1s as ment with an antiseptic and is .then anesthetized.

The proper shield is then selected.v If the fore-v skin is irretractable, a dorsal slit is made in the foreskin or prepuce just `long enough to allow` lprepuce is then pulled up between the base and 1 the prepuce to be stretched over lthe shield. The

the shield -member then up on the shield member,

and when properly positioned, the prepuce is clamped and crushed between the base of the instrument and the shield 'member thus causing haemostasis over all the blood vessels. The clamp is allowed to remain for a considerable length of time to prevent hemorrhage. The knife is then positioned and locked in the knife carrying member. The knife carrying member is then rotated, abscising the prepucepn an exact line "with the top of the base of the clamp. 'The parts and modification of structural detail may be resorted to Without departing fro-m the scope or spirit of the invention as herein claimed.

What I claim as my-invention and Adesire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

l. In a device of the character described, comprising a support consisting of a base portion and an arm portion, each of the' aforesaid portions having an aperture therein, a ring removably mounted in the aperture in the base portion, av shielding instrumentality extending into and partly through the ring and provided with a stem that is non-rotatable but axially movable in the aperture in the arm portion, and resilient means for imparting movement toI theshielding instrumentality in -the direction of the arm from the base.

2. A circumcision instrument comprising an arm portion and a base portion, each of the afore'- said portions having an aperture formed therein, a removably mounted ring having indicia marked thereon mounted inthe aperture in the base portion, a penis shield identifiable by like indicia entering into and passing partly through the ring mounted in the base portion, 'a .threaded portion connected to the penisshield non-rotatable but .axially movable in the apertureV in the ar portion, a knurled nut having a chamber formed therein, a. conical spring mounted in the chamber and surrounding'the threaded portion connected to the penis shield and adapted to-urge the penis shield with its threaded portion connected thereto upward-in lthe aperture in the base, a manually rotatable disk member mounted on the upper surfaceof the base member, means on the disk member for holding a knife, and .means to

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