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Publication numberUS2378755 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 19, 1945
Filing dateMar 4, 1943
Priority dateMar 4, 1943
Publication numberUS 2378755 A, US 2378755A, US-A-2378755, US2378755 A, US2378755A
InventorsJuliet Dowling
Original AssigneeJuliet Dowling
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Novelty device
US 2378755 A
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June 19, 1945. f -J. DowLlNG v NovELT ADEVICE Filed March 4, 1943 I semblies. I

Patented June 19, 1945 UNITED STATE `NOVELTY Dawes.

S PATENT! .OFFICE Juliet Dowling, Fulton Qounty, Ga. s Application March 4, 1943, Serial N0. 478,015 I `3 claims.

fThis invention relates to articles of ornamentation; such as belts, beads, andthe like, and essentially` contemplates the employment of :various stamps in the physical structure of these devices insuch a manner as to lend an attractive appearance to the article.

Anobject of the invention is to provide a protective means for stamps employed in such `as- Another object is to provide display means for stamps thus used. I

A still further object is to provide an economical and `attractive means of thus displaying stamps.

Another object is to stimulate the sale of certain types of stamps and provide structure where- `by such may be incorporated into articles of wearing apparel` Another object is to provide simplicity of operation of such a device.

' complished by means of my invention, a full and complete understanding of which is facilitated by reference to the drawing herein, in which:

Fig. 1 is a view in perspective of a belt or similar article embracing the instant invention.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view of a section of Fig. 1, showing a stamp mounting station thereon.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical cross sectional view of the structure shown in Fig. 2, taken along the line 4-4 thereof.

".Fig. 5 is a View of a `modiled form of my inventionin which separate stamp bearing plaques are strung on a supporting member to form an article of ornamentation.

Fig. 6 is an Venlarged verticalV cross sectional view of one of the plaques shown in Fig. 5, taken along the line 6-15 thereof.

Fig. 7 is a horizontal cross sectional view of the structure illustrated in Fig. 6, taken along the line 1 1, of said ligure.

Fig. 8 is a view in perspective of another modlflcation of my invention showing protected stamps strung to form a necklace.

Fig. 9 is an enlarged horizontal cross sectional view of one of the beads shown in Fig. 8; and

Fig. 10 is an enlarged vertical cross sectional view of the beads shown in Fig, 9, taken along the line I Il of said ligure.

Referring now to the drawing, Fig. 1, it will be seen that my invention in one of its forms consists of a belt-like element I0, which may be suit# ablyornamented as at Il and 2, and to which is attached a series of stamp bearing stations I3, preferably comprising a back element Hand a front member' I5, joined together and clipped to I0 as bymeans of attaching member I6. A. suit# able message may be carriedby I5, such as Afiix one dollar stamp only,` this governing the'type and quality of the belt generally. A series of war savings stamps or the likemay-Abe'aliixedto-elements |5`, either simultaneously with the purchase of "the belt, or progressively, the result being a novel and beautiful article of wearing apparel having a patriotic motif. When it is desired to turn the stamps in for a bond,`elements I5, carrying said stamps, may be readilydetached, and similar surfaces attached to the belt, possibly as l a courtesy by the department store or other place where such was originally purchased, such attachment being a relatively simple operation.

Fig. 5 illustrates another, and more finished exemplication of my invention, in which a series of plaques |1 are strung on a carrying member .such as I8, to form a belt or like article. Plaques ber may be prevented by sealing the horizontal consist essentially of a substantial backing member I9, covered by transparent material 20 such as Celluloid or the like and having contained therein a backing memberzl carrying a war savings stamp or the like 22. A series ol perforations 23 and 24 in elements I9 and 2li, preferably I against the back of transparent member 20, and I it will further be noted that when the elements are thus associated the stamp carrying member cannot be moved sideways, slits 23 and 2:4 being of a shorter length than the vertical dimension of 2|, and downward displacement of this memedges of 20 at the points where such contact I9; or 2| may be pasted or otherwise anchored to I9, and the aforementioned pressure counted upon to maintain the stamp in placeuntil such time,`

as it may be desired to remove same, experimentation having demonstrated that the frictional resistance thus set up is ample to keep the stamp in place without actually' gluing such to 2|.

Further modication of the instant idea is illustrated in Fig. 8, inv which a series of stamps have been rolled into hollow tubes, suitably protected, and spacedly strung, `to produce a `necklace or like article. Fig. 9 illustrates this element in detail, 25 being a, stamp which has been rolled into a tube, surrounded by a layer of transparent material 26, which in turn has been sealed as by being bound at its edges or completely surrounded by another layer of transparent sealing material 21, as for example, Scotch tape. is passed through a series of such assemblies,

Aand spacer members 29 being preferably provided betweenv each fbead, a plurality .of,.such combinations'then. being` joined together'f'to yproduce an ornament o the desired length.

From the foregoing it will be apparent that-.I have disclosed a new and unique method of and means f0r Using stamps as ornaments,

`contributingtothis.resul-t.i` y y n While It1mgfderihedfs-sbasieapplicwtibnwf A string 28 my invention, and several modifications thereof,`

it will be apparent that I do not intend to thereby limit myself, but on the contrary, alterations, re-arrangements, and other changes maybe resorted to without departing from the scope of the 'appended claims which are to be given an interpretation in keeping with a fair evaluation of my contribution to the art. i

I claim:

lo' 1.111, a.. device of the .charactermdescribed a supporting", belt'like eleme'nt, and.L a ',series of stamp receiving plaques, said plaques comprisbase members and having transparent covring elements.

,.ZIn. a device of the character described, a

". supporting element, and a plurality of stamp re- 'ceiving plaques associated therewith, said plaques v'icfllfrmltisug.fabasefmembers, transparent covering elements, and backing elements for stamps inter- 20 posedbetween said base and cover members.

, 3.t1naa ,device v vof. '.:the character e described; a 'stamp receiving-,plaque compris-ing a Lfloa'seemerxl- .beri a. transparent; covering element; therefoys 9, .Stam/P. rfevvrlgv jhawk 1 interposed fbetween.v ,fsaid base-and cover, foppositely disposed: slots imsaid base and cover adjacent the outerwedgesf of gsai'd back v.element- .and mea-ns. passedfthrough said slotszand to therear-.ofssaid--back'element wlxierse-y by said plaques are strung in sequence. p y

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International ClassificationA44C5/00
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