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Publication numberUS2378935 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1945
Filing dateFeb 23, 1942
Priority dateFeb 23, 1942
Publication numberUS 2378935 A, US 2378935A, US-A-2378935, US2378935 A, US2378935A
InventorsMable A Kraft
Original AssigneeMable A Kraft
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Shield display
US 2378935 A
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1m 26, 1-945. M. A. KRAFT 7 2,378,935

SHIELD DISPLAY Filed E eb. 23, 1942 Patented June 26, 1945 SHIELD DISPLAY Mable A. Kraft, Chicago, n1. Application February 23, 1942, Serial No. 431,963.

2 Claims. (01. 132-73) This invention relates, in general, to an advertising display and heat deflecting shield, and

is more particularly described as a manicure shield display adaptedto be used as a heat de-' flector or shield for a person receiving a manicure while seated under a hair drier.

An important object of the invention is to provide a' shield or deflector adapted to be held in upright or slightly inclined position upon a horizontal supporting surface with an opening at the bottom under Or through which the hand of a person may be inserted.

A further object of the. invention is to provide a heat deflecting manicure shield adapted to be held in upright position with an adversiting or display surface at the front or outer side thereof in position to be observedby a person when receiving a manicure.

A still further object of the invention is in the provision of a display shield with an opening at the bottom for inserting the hand of a person and with supports at the back by means of which the shield may be supported in an upright display position.

Other objects of the invention will appear in the specification and will be apparent from the accompanying drawing, in which, i

Fig. 1 is a front view of a display shield in accordance with my invention;

Fig. 2 is a back view of the shield;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view illustrating a shield of this kind as ordinarily used when a person is receiving a manicure seated under a hair drier.

In using liquid finger nail polish, it is desirable to prevent the polish from drying too quickly during a manicure as this tends to form blisters and curling of the polish as it isapplied to the finger nail, tending to crack and peel soon after the completion of the manicure. As the nails 7 are being manicured while a person is sitting I under a hair drier, too much heat is blown or directed from the drier upon the hands which produces an objectionable result in applying the nail polish under such conditions. The present invention overcomes this objection by providing a shield which may be placed upon the manicure table in front of the drier, the shield having a bottom opening or recess through which the hand of a person may be inserted free from direct contact of the heat from the drier and with no obstruction for the work of the manicurist;

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, a shield is made of cardboard or any other suitable material preferably of 'light weight and inexpensive, with printed pictures or advertising at the front or on both sides of the board if desired. This board or shield may be of any suitable size or shape, but preferably it should be not less than 11 x 14 inches in order to provide a shield of sufficient size.

At the bottom of the shield is a recess or notch 6 preferably curved or semi-circular and of sufiicient size so that the hand of a person may be inserted freely therethrough when the lower edge of the shield rests upon a table I or other horizontal support. In order to hold the shield in upright position, itis provided at one side, preferably at the back with one or more easels 8, usually one at eachside of the opening 6, preferably near the opposite edges of the board. The easels, as shown, have a flap 9 adhesively secured to the board 5 with a supporting wing it hinged'thereto and heldin distended position by a locking device II also made of the material shield will bemaintained in upright position upon a table without giving further attention thereto. This construction also adapts the shield to be used as a counter or other display, the advertising matter at the front thereof being visible not only to a person when receiving a manicure, but also when the device is simply resting upon the table or other support and not in use as a shield.

When used as a shield, the manicurist can apply the liquid nail polish, the heat from a hair drier is deflected away from the nails because of the angle at which the card is set and the heat is also directed away from the manicurist, making greater comfort for her.

Any desired illustrations 0r adversiting matter may be placed upon the face of the shield, the shield may be of any desired shape or construc tion to make it more attractive as a design, display or advertisement so long as a recess or opening is provided at the lower edge through which the hand and arm of a person may be inserted.

1. A movable heat deflecting display shield adapted to be placed upon a supporting surface between a manicurist and a person receiving a v porting surface toward a manicurist, and the rear oithe shield having easels at the side edges, free from and-not obstructing the bottom opening leaving the space between the easels free and unenclosured for the work of a manicurist,

the shield being supported in a nearly vertical position and interposed between the drier and a hand being manicured and also deflecting some of the heat of the drier from a manicurist.

2. A new article of manufacture consisting of a movable heat deflecting display shield for manicures, comprising a relatively stiff sheet of material having an opening centrally of the lower edge sufliciently large to enable the hand of a person to be inserted thereunder when the shield is supported on a horizontal surface, and collapsible folding easels secured to the rear side and located near opposite ends at a distance from the opening and not obstructing the opening and adapted to support the stiff sheet in a substantially upright position inclined slightly rearwardly toward the manicurist but leaving the li) top of the hand unobstructed iforimanicuring.


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