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Publication numberUS2380106 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1945
Filing dateSep 1, 1943
Priority dateSep 1, 1943
Publication numberUS 2380106 A, US 2380106A, US-A-2380106, US2380106 A, US2380106A
InventorsJenkins Hilton Melvin
Original AssigneeJenkins Hilton Melvin
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US 2380106 A
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M. J. HILTON July 10, 1945.


Filed Sept. 1, 1945 v .C M 1 5 5 4. 4 E m A m W W C M 5 uv 4 3 S m E M l K T m wb uvsa 2 4M m m m R x I i 3 4 5 4 5 m m x w W a C n I C M IA w Q W. 1

Fig. i

, !NVENT0R Melup'n. 1 Hilton BY A'rTodNaY Patented July 10, 1945 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GAME I Melvin Jenkins Hilton, Burbank, Calif.

Application September 1, 1943, Serial No. 500,757

2 Claims.

This invention relates to games and deals particularly with a game wherein a board and men are used.

The principal object of this invention is to provide a game comprising luck and skill wherein a. combination of a printed form and men are used. Another object of the invention is to provide a game wherein the element of skill predominates over the element of chance. Other objects and advantages will become apparent as the description proceeds in conjunction with the drawing in which: I

Figure 1 shows a card as it would appear when filled out by a player;

Figure 2 shows the beginning and the end of.

an alphabet pool; and

Figure 3 shows the men in a time pool.

Briefly stated, the invention amounts to a game wherein a printed form is used in combination with letter men of an alphabet pool and time men from a time pool.

suit the requirements of the players. These men comprise what is called the time pool.

In playing the game, each player is given a card C, bearing the same number in the upper left hand corner, and letter men are drawn from the alphabet pool corresponding to the number of horizontal lines on the card. These letters are then written in column M by the player. After zontal line. After the time indicated in thebox In Figure 1, I have shown a card C carrying printed indicia thereon with ruling on the card to suit the procedure of the game. It will be noted that the card has printed thereon a series of horizontal lines H and a plurality of vertical columns l2. In the card shown I haveheaded each of the columns 2 by a designation shown as proper names in this case. It is to be understood, however, that the designations at the top of the columns can be varied to make the game more comprehensive and to suit the knowledge of the players. For this purpose I place numbers on the cards as shown and designated by the numeral 1 in the upper left hand corner of the card. All cars bearing the .numeral 1 would be identical; likewise all cards bearing a numeral 2 would be identical, and so forth. Associated with each of the columns I2 is a column l3 which has been designated the points column. There is also another vertical column designated [4 which is for the purpose of determining the first letter in each of the words written in the columns 12 in a manner to be later described.

In Figure 2, I have shown an alphabet pool consisting of letter men l5. Each of said letter men carries one letter of the alphabet and there may be a single complete alphabet or there may be a duplication of certain letters, and there may even be certain letters deleted from the alphabet which would not form a satisfactory first letter for many words.

In Figure 3, I have shown men It carrying numerals thereon. There may be any number of these men shown with various numerals to I1 expires, the cards are collected and scoring is done in the following manner. For each word in every column the player gets 5 points unless the same word is duplicated on some other card, in which event each player gets only 4 points. If the same word is duplicated on three cards, each player gets only 3 points, and so on until if the word is duplicated on five or more cards each player gets but 1 point. These points are placed opposite the words in the point column and are added to show the total points in the box [8. The highest score wins.

A game of the foregoing nature is a combination of skill and chance and not only furnishes amusement but is more or less instructive.

I claim:

1. A game comprising the combination of a card havin a plurality of vertical columns with headings therein for designating the meaning of the words to be written in said columns and hori-' zontal lines crossing said columns for writing words thereon in said columns, and an alphabet pool comprising men with letters of the alphabet thereon for determining the first letter of each of said Words on said lines in said columns.

2. A game comprising the combination of a card having a plurality of vertical columns and horizontal lines crossing said columns for writing words thereon in said columns, said vertical columns having associated indicia for designating the class of words to be written therein, an alphabet pool comprisingmen with letters of the alphabet thereon for determining the first letter of each of said words on said lines in said columns, and a time pool having men with numerals thereon for determining the amount of time for each game.


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International ClassificationA63F1/00, A63F1/02
Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02
European ClassificationA63F1/02