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Publication numberUS2381229 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1945
Filing dateDec 20, 1944
Priority dateDec 20, 1944
Publication numberUS 2381229 A, US 2381229A, US-A-2381229, US2381229 A, US2381229A
InventorsShalhoub William J
Original AssigneeShalhoub William J
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Roll paper dispenser
US 2381229 A
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Aug. 7, 1945. w. J. SHAL .HOU B 2,381,229

ROLL PAPER DISPENSER Filed Dec. 20', 1944 2 sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR. Ii Tef SIIADHOCCB 41 1"! 'meA EY Aug. 7, 1945. w. J. SHALHOUB 2,331,229

ROLL PAPER DISPENSER I Filed Dec. 20, 1944 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN V EN TOR. W (I mam/ arm BY M .A TTORNEY Patented Aug. 7,1945

I aoLr. rsrnn' nrsrnnsna- William J. Shalhoub, North Bergen, N. I.

1 Application December 20. 19.44, Serial No. 588,982 g This invention relates to paper dispensers,

more particularly to roll paper dispensers, and

aims toprovide certain new and useful improve ments therein whereby the housing of the dispenser may .be attached to a wall or other suption It is provided with spaced holes vlI-so that port and the paper issuing-from the -roll through an opening in the housing may be readily torn oif at the desired length in a simple and efficient manner.

Although the device has been designed priiomarily for a-jroll of wax paper such as is found in every home kitchen, it may of course be used for other kinds of paper and for other purposes. In' addition to other desirable features, the'device possesses the advantage of simple removal 15 of-the used up roll and insertion of a fresh roll ofpaper.

v v The above and other objects will become apparent in'th'e following description, wherein characters of reference refer to like-numbered parts 2 in the accompanying drawings. It is to; be noted that the drawings are intended for the purposeof illustration only, and that it' is neither desired' nor intended to limit the invention in any manner tothe particular details of construction" 25 Referring briefly tothe drawinga Fig. 1 is a perspective view, 'of the dispenser ready for use shown excepting insofar as they may be deemed essential to the invention. e

any desired or suitable material, but it is believed. that the most desirable would be a suitable plasin the kitchen. v

' v Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken on the line 22 of Fig. 1,' showing the hinged front or cover in partly lowered condition. I

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view taken .on


. Referring in. detail to the drawings, the. numeral 10 indicates the rear section and II the front section of a box-like housing, the latter being hinged to the former at l2, that is, along the bottom edges of both sections. The rear sec- I it may be secured againsta wall, not shown,

whence the front section Il may be'swung down therefrom 'on the hinges II. as shown in Fig. 2. As shown, the front section 'l l is deeper than the rear section It, and comprises the end walls 14,

as shown-in Fig. 2, is such that a sufllciently sharp edge is provided along which the paper may be torn, but the edge nevertheless is smooth so that there will be no danger of cutting the fingers of the person using the device. Intermediate the length of the front wall ll, the slot i1 is enlarged j at I 9 to provide access to the roll-of paper to feed it down toward the slot with the fingers in case the same should be required.

' The housing ll-H may of course be made of tic material, of which a large assortment is now available on the market.

and the bottom wall. 23. Secured by rivets 24 or the line 31-! of Flg. 1, with the roll of paper 5 Fig. 4 is a partial reproduction of Fig. 3, with the roll of paper mounted in the device.

Fig. 5 is' a cross-sectionalview taken on the line Hoi'Fig'A, V H Fig. 6 .is .alongitudinal sectional view also taken on the line 3-4 of Fig. L'the front or cover being omitted andthe roll of paper being indicated in position in broken lines, with the roll secured at 28 to-the outer side of each support,

- and at its free end has a substantially rectangular supports. or hubs mounted in position.

- for their outer ends, which are rounded. -A rec-- of the two end support-members for the roll Fig. 8 is a central vertical sectional view of the support shown in Fig. 7.

;'Fig. 9 is aperspective view or the other of the said two end supportni'embers, showing the axial hub'locking member in' extracted position.

by any other suitable means, against the inner sides of the end walls 22, are a pair of parallel support plates 25 which extend forward beyond the confines of the walls of the rear section, substantially as shown. These'supports are substantially rectangular in conformation excepting angularopening 26 is provided through the member 25 about the center of curvature of the rounded end 21. A resilient finger 28 has its base yond the boss, serves as a thumb flap to draw the boss. out of the opening 26 against the force Fig. 10 'is a side elevational view of one of the two substantially identical roll supporting hubs. within the housing in Figs. 2, 3, and-4, with the of the spring 28, as shown in Fig. 9.

The s'upportplates 25 are shown in position tion.

bosses 30 excepting that they are sumciently larger to permit registering of the ends of the bosses therein, is provided through each disc 3| and its boss 33. A radial cut-out 35 is provided through a portion of each disc beyond the peripheral edge of its boss, as seen in Fig. 10, and the surface of the back of the boss between the base of said cut-out and the opening 34 is beveled as shown in Figs. 6 and 10, at 36, and of course the disc is cut away behind the said bevel. The discs 32 are placed on the ends of the roll or cylinder of cardboard 31 on which the waxed paper 38 is rolled, with the hubs 33 registering in the openings of the cylinder.. The paper is theninserted into the dispenser by sliding the discs 3| into the positions shown in Fig. 6, and in sliding them home with the cut-outs 3i first passing over the bosses 30, the beveled surfaces 36 push back the bosses 30; and when the discs 3| reach home, the springs .23 will force the bosses 30 through the openings 34 in each disc and its hub. Thus, the roll of per will be secured in rotating condition, t t is, when the free end or edge of the paper is pulled the roll 1 of paper can rotate on the hubs 33. To remove whence they with their hubs are readily removed.-

. 'Any suitable means may be provided for re- An axial rectangular opening then torn off against the edge l8. when apiece of the paper is again desired, it is advanced a suflicie'nt distance outward by inserting a finger through the enlargement l3 and the paper is fed forward until it can be grasped for tearing off after, of course, being unwound the desired disv tance.

The invention above described provides sub-v stantial convenience to the user in that it is .not necessary to fumble with abox in order to obtain the desired sheet of paper, as is custo--,

marily necessary with containers of rolls of waxed paper.- The dispenser is readily refilled as set forth, and it remains always out of the wayyet neat .and attractive in-appearance and ready for immediateuse.

Obviously, modifications in ture mayv be made without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention. I claim:

1. A roll paper dispenser comprising a base adapted to be secured against a wall or the like,

positioned at the center of curvature of said semi circular ends, spring fingers secured at one. end to the outer surfaces of said plates and having. bosses on their free ends adapted to register'in' 'said openings, said springs normally urging said bosses through said openings, discs having hubs leasably locking the front section II against the a rear section |0 when the roll of paper is mounted ready for use. One such means is illustrated,- and comprises a tongue or finger 39 secured at its base at 4|! on the top wall 2| of the rear see- On its free end the tongue 39 is provided with a depending button 4|. The top wall 43 of the front section is provided with a detent or opening therethrough, shown at 43, with a groove 44 provided with a floor sloping upward toward the opening 43 from the edge of the said top wall. It is apparent that when the front section is swung into closing position, the buttonwill ride in the groove 44 and then fall into the opening 43 to releasably lock the front section in closed position. The extremity 43 of the tongue 33 serves as a means to lift the button out of the opening 43 to permit swinging open of the front section II.

In Fig. 1 the edge of the waxed paper 33 is rectangular in OI'OSS-SBOti-Qi'l.

thereon being slidajbly mounted against the inner sides of said plates, said hubs being adapted ,to have the ends of a cylinder of a roll of paper rotatably mounted thereon, said discs and hubs having axial openings therethrough in alignment with said plate openings, said bosses projectingthrough said last-named openings.

v2. The device set forth in claim 1, said bosses I being substantially-rectangular in cross-section, said last-named openings being substantially 3. The device set forth in claim 1, said discs having radial cut-outs provided 'with beveled fioors.

4. The device set forth in claim 1, said base having walls surrounding the top, bottom; and sides thereof to form one section of a box or the like, a complementary box section hinged at thebottom to the bottom wall of said base, means for releasably locking said second section against said first section inbox-forming-position, one wall ,of said second section having a longitudinal slot therethrough adapted to have the paper of said roll pass therethrough, one edge v p of said slot providing a tearing edge.


form and struc-

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