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Publication numberUS2381955 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1945
Filing dateDec 4, 1943
Priority dateDec 4, 1943
Publication numberUS 2381955 A, US 2381955A, US-A-2381955, US2381955 A, US2381955A
InventorsHoffman Louis, Dalmen August
Original AssigneeP L Andrews Corp
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Envelope machine
US 2381955 A
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Aug- 14, 1945# L. HOFFMAN ETAL ENvELoPE MACHINE Filed Deo. 4, 1945 Sheets-Sheet l ATTORNEY.'

` Aug. Y14, 1945. d

ENVELOPE MAHINE Filed Dec`.- 4. 1945 si si Q *l 5i 511|! IHIII l* Il I 5 Il; Gg -W l we ll Il vo l Qp? I rg'i" ill m QI 'nl-ig! xl- ,i im?. 1:

Hli- @11 lNVENTORS:


2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Patented Aug. 14, A1945 i vLouise'Hoffliian,1

flfooklyn, and August Bahnen,

Jamaica, N..Y.,.assigno rs,to I. L. Andrews Cor- This invention reiatestdiimprovemenis;in ma'- chines for manufacturing envelopesyand the in-w vention has reference, moreparticularly",` to-im f provements in machinesfor manufacturing win- In themanufacture o fl window type envelop-es,l it has heretofore been'fthe practice to punch the windows in the envelope blanks,` yasf'a separate operation by vmean's'fof separate lpunch press mechanism, preparatory-'to delivery to 'and' passi' ing the blanks'successively through 'a machine' by which the samefare-'gummed and yfolded into completed'v envelopes.r This Lprocedure not Vvonly involves necessity for'use andf maintenancef'of separate punch pressesjbut also involves much additional labor, loss of `time, and handling of the envelope blanlirsfbeforel the samecanlbei turing machinev for movement; therethrough j .fur-y thermore, due: to the presence "of the `window in the pre-punched blanks', the bodies of the flatter are weakened andfmorefeasily subject tofdstor-v tion, when handledbythefeeding mechanismgby which theyareaut'omatically and-sue'cessivel'irv fed into theY envelope manufacturing iiiachineand,v

after 'gumming of the Iclosureflaps 'of the blanks, to the dryingconveyerof the machine'and con-l sequently i the pre-punched blanks 'are frequently* torn by said feeding "andf transfer!mechanimi, and have tobe removed from the machinaj'thus increasing- 'waste 'and' slowing down" and reducing" production. y "I 'v this invention "to" provide jiiovelvvir'ljziowl cutting'` mechanism .for incorporation an jenvel'opef:

manufacturingmachne; and sofcombined there# withv that vafter the closureaps of 'the' envelope blanks are first gummedand dried,"andbefore movement oi?v the` blanks through: the folding, mechanism offthel mac'liir'ie',A said *blanks are-v caused to successively pass lthrough the jnovel window cutting lmeehanisin, s'oth'atj ea'.cl'1k lank is provided with'the desired window` cutoutwhile it is in flat unfolded condition,vr a'ndpreparatory'v to manipulation thereof bythe ffoldi'n'gf mecha-f nism of the machine; thus assuring'highfspeedy production of window type envelopes with'minp' mum risk of waste'or interruption 'of lthe'Y 'chine' operations."` y 1"" i I The invention has foianother object =to` provide a novel construction of rotary envelope. wine dow cutting mechani'smwhich successively operi' ates on individual "envelope blanksr at hifglris`p` e`ed.'r A' further"'object y"of this finveritiorieisE to v"pro-1 l vide a, rotary' envelbpiwindowfcutting i'r'iech'a-v poration; B ruqkiyan.

Y., a corporation of New 'plicaiion Deceiiiier 4, 194s, serial No.l 512,916

jifs'iaiiiis 9164+285 msm-.which is adapted toibe arranged in an envelope manufacturing machine between the blank separator andl feed'means leading from theA discharge end of vitsdrying conveyer and theblank feeding means leading to its folding mechanism;

n Other objectsof. this invention, not vat this time mechanismythe cutting on an enlarged scale;` f

more particularly enumerated; will be understood fromthe following detailed description 0f the same..l

.f An illustrative embodiment `of this invention is shown 'in the accompanying drawings, in

whichi' Fig...1 is a longitudinal. vertical sectional view of fthe rotary envelope window cutting mecha` nism yaccording to this'invention as arranged in an envelope gumming and folding machine between the blank separator and feed means lead' ing from thedischarge end of its drying conveyer andthe blank feeding means leading to its folding mechanism; and Fig. 2 is a transverse veritical sectional View through said window cutting and bed rolls being shown invfelevation. f

Fig.' 3 isv a transverse sectional View through the cutting and bed rolls, the same being.

Eig.v 4`l is a fragmentary elevational face view of :thef'cutting die carriedv bythe cutting roll.

Fig. 5l is afragmentary longitudinal vertical section throughithecutting and bed rolls, the

vwindowl cutting operation thereof vhaving been` y performed.

6 is Vlan inside rotary cutting mechanism preparatory to the folding 'and completion of the envelope therefromf i `'Similar characters vrofA reference are employed in the above, described views, to indicate corresponding parts'f/ In ythe drawings, indicates the 'opposite side frames of'an envelope gumming and folding machine. Journaled in bearings I I, with which the machiney side frames I0 are provided, is a transversecutting' roll shaft l2. This cutting roll shaft I2 is mounted adjacentto the discharge end of the blank separatingandfeed lmechanism which; leads from vthe discharge end of a drying lco'nveyer by which the blanks arecarriedfrom the closure iiap gummingl mechanism of the machine for dryingof the gum applications and subsequentvdelivery'to the foldingmechanism of the machine, andsaid. cutting roll shaft I2 is also disposed in advance ofthe means by whichl the blanks arefed toward and drawn i face view 'of van envelope blanlir'in which a window has been cut by the the referenceV character l0 l ing to this invention, but parts of these incollare'` tends through the bed roll body to bind against ,10. thereto of the window cutting mechanism accord``Hl said shaft. Said bed roll 28 and its shaft 29 is located beneath and parallel to the cutting roll 20 .and its shaft I2. The bed roll shaft 29 is provided with extensions 3I, preferably of reduced diameter; the .latter beingl journaled in bushings or bearings 32 which are aixed to bracket. means 33 forming part of .theframework of the envelope vmaking machine. The cutting roll shaft I2 drives the bed roll shaft 29 by means ,"Of intermeshing gearing comprising the gears 34 nisms are somewhat schematicallyshown in Fig. i

1 0f the accompanying drawings-1l In Fig, 1,.the reference character I3 vindicates a blank separating and feed" conveyer'means," co'-` operative with the discharge end of which is a rotary feed wheel means Idjzeac'h 4revolutionof.`1 which advances a blank to and for engagement by and movement through the window cutting mechanism. Said f, feed, wheel means .I4 isV mounted on a transverseV shaft :I5 'whichfisfjournaledin andbetweenibearings: IB with which'the. machine-suie` frames :I .Dfare provided. ,'This shaft.

I5 `is driven by suitablefipoyverl transmission 'mea (not shown) iin-1a'well-knownmanner.:l

:As the blanks? tissue .from the window `nuttin mechanism,` the .same `are f engagedby any well known means adapted to advance them toward thev fielding Amechanism for `passage. therethrough. By way of lillustration, shown.. in I'Fig.,;lkthis means may include a pair of cooperatingpropeller. rolls ;I1-'I8, lwhichi'receive 4iand zpassythe blanks to .a :folding-mechanism;.conveyer means (not shown) by iwhichfthey. .are successively carried `through the folding, devicesby -r-which :they are formed into completed envelopes.v Y The window cutting mechanism .according this invention comprises a cutting '.:roll- 120, which is iixedfnon thecutting roll shaftV t2.` :portion of .the circumference of saidcutting :roll 2n .-is .cut away 'rto provide ,agflat .seat `2,4, `and lmollnted .on said seat is a radially projecting cuttingfde'mleans suitably f shaped to.y cut 4from an .envelope blank B a window :opening W .of desired dimensions @and peripheral shape., In a preferred formfthereof said cutting -ldie fmeans comprises. a ,die block 22 provided 01.1 :its underside with,-spaediprojecting dowel pins 23 which engage. :in :sockets entering the cutting vroll tbody beneath l.its seat 21; whereby :to hold -saidfdie f block? 2 :against :shifting dise4 placement from its proper operatively ,assembled position; on rsaidlcutting :$011. fIhe thus :positioned die 110100K. 22 is Securelyfafxed to the cuttingkroll. body by a countersunl:l fastening screw/12d which passes therethrough to screw .into fthe dritter.. Aiixed to and surrounding the periphery o f .the die block w22 is abutting die-.the same beingse- Cured :to the ldie blinkt .by `fasterurle rScrews 2,5 which pass therethrough to screw into the ylatter. Preferably,l.=said cutting-.nie 'is` madein halves providing `U--;shaped knifeor blade sections' 2,6having sharpened'cutting .edges 21 which pro.-

jectbeyond the Aexterior face of thetdie block-22.r

` shapejconforming to the peripheral shapeof win-` dow opening 'W ,desired to bef out; out of an; .en-; velope blankiB. i

Cooperative` witn-tnacuttingjmil zu and itseutting .die means is albed yroll f2.8 carried by'a :shaft 29e-land. affixed thereto-:in :suitably -adJ'llStBdfPOSff tion by a -countersunki fsetesgrew mvhich 'eX-l.;

'-whichfis fixed :a'l'hardened steel bed block 37 andwSlJywhereby to cooperatively rotate the cutting and bed rolls.

f *Said bed roll 2B is -provided across its circum- Aferential face `with a countersunk seat 36 in adapted to cooperate with the cutting die means of `:said scutting froll 2l).` Said bed block is securely affixed to the bed roll body by a counteri sunk fastening screw 38 which passes therethrough-tc screw into' the latter;

ysuitably securedto the ,cuttingr roll shaft I2 respectively adjacent-.oppositeends of :the `cutting roll '20, .are .blank propeller wheels 39, portions of the peripheries of which arefcutaway to leave propeller sectors4 Ml. These propeller `sectors lil cooperate with :the 4peripl'leral surface :of vthe bed roll.28, whereby -tofgrigp :and advance an envelope blank between the .latterand the cutting :roll .20 subject to the -window Vscutting vvoperation lof the cutting .die .means land vthereafter, to discharge the window supplied blank for yenga-gement by propeller rolls vIIIIVffor movement thereby to the yblank vfolding `mechanism of Athe `machine.

The bed -roll 28is provided Awith 'means vfor engaging -land carrying :away from `a `blank AB the cutout portion .P which is cut .away therefrom bythecuttingdie means to fform vthe desired window openinlgW. `'I-his `means, comprises a ,pair of picker y-,.pins1-4| `whichprojeot radially .fromthe bed rblock 3l. gSaid picker ,pins 4A/I are mounted infscreW-.threaded .holder elements 42 which are adapted to .be screwedtinto :internally .threaded sockets provided 4in tthelbed .blocktfor their -reception. The. die `iblock .22 .of .the l.cutting roll 2,0 is provided with a .pair ...of yi'eldable .cushion elements 43 tovoppose.h said .picker pins A I, .whereby to .support the .cutout-portionl?4 sothatit will be`..pierced by andimpaled .upon the ipicker pins afterfbein'g severedvfrom said blank body. -Preferably Lsaid .cushion `elements 4.3 comprise ,plugs of soft rubber .or .equivalent",yieldable ,materiaL which are yafxed in:scckets .provided `in .the -die block .22 for :their reception; .said ,plugs being arranged ltoiproiect from ithesurface fof said idie block .'22, .so what ltheir :outer `endsylie substantiallyin the plane ofthe-cutting f .edgesyZl lof Athe knife or .blade .sections `.2t -of the cutting -die means. y .1

Meansgis .provided for Lrenfioving .impaled cutout portions .P .from .the ,picker ,pins JII, vthe same comprising v.a .pivoted ,-doctorbladeA-d, which is urged .by .spring `mean-s v1.15y towardthe bed yroll edge 45 bearsagainst the underside,.-o'fthe latter.V rSaid ,free -edge A601 the doc-tor blade 4l provided ywith [indented slots or notches -4'! to provide clearance for the pioker pins 4I, when tthea-latter iare vcarriedtpast 'the doctor blade. Said .doctorgblade ,may Abe vv.operativel-yf Supported in .anyconvenientl manner, e. g., asbyua .carrier stud or -arm -.4seoured .to .the bracket means 33, the Afree end gportQIlbf said Studer arm a48-bi1is fgrmed'to receive the pivf block5IIv i's'visupported.- Preferablyv the "doctor blade 44:'is'adjustably-mountedon said base block y 50 *by ymeans :ofv fastening screwsiS/I which engage through yslots-52 withwhich the .do'ctor blade bodyis .providedw .Bythis. arr.angement,the doortor blademayV be shiftedrelat'ive to its ibase block, whereby 1 vto l align the slots or notches' 41 of'fits edge in the path of travel of thepicker pinsfcarriedbythefbed'roll.: 1ra.; Means is provided for bracingI the cutting roll .and itslshaft I2againstf reaction or yielding playzrelative'rto `the :bed roll, and, similarly, means is also providedrfor bracingthebed-roll 28 and itsshaft or support. againstreaction or yielding playirelativetoisaid cutting roll,I whereby. the cuttingaand bed rollsy are rmlyheld in their cooper- Aatilve workingrelation so asftoiassure proper meeting of .thecut-tingdie means and bed block,v4 and consequently a cleanicutting penetration of the cuttingn edges,l 21 of theA blade.l or knife sections 26;through agblank B'fengaged by and passedbetween saidzcuttingaandbed rolls. `'Io ,this end a transverseatensionor brace -bar 53 vis supported vby and, between'attachment brackets 54 which are aixeditothebearings II which support the cutting roll shaft I2, therebydisposig said tension,onbracebarftoextend, fromsde to side of the' ma'chinel framewor.kf,1yv above and parallel `to said cuttingroll shaft I2. f iCarried by adjustable jack' y,screws 15,5;fwhichf aref threadedA 4downwardly throughsaidf tension embrace bar 53 4are 4thrust bearing blocks-556 .;which; thrust down upon l the cuttingroll shaft I 2 respectively adjacent to `each end ofztheicutting.roll/'assembly Said jack screwsl 55arev providedLwithdock-nuts 51 for securing the same in adjusted relation to the tension or brace bar 53. Similarly, a transverse tension or brace bar 58 is supported by and between attachment brackets 59 which are affixed to the machine side frames I0. This tension or brace bar 58 is disposed to extend, from side to side of the machine framework, below and parallel to the bed roll shaft and its supports. Threaded upwardly through said tension or brace bar 58 are jackscrews 60, the free ends of which thrust upwardly against the framework bracket means 33 by which the bed roll shaft 29 is supported. Said jackscrews 60 -are also provided with lock-nuts 6I for securing the same in adjusted relation to the tension of brace bar 58.

The feed wheel means I4 and the propeller Wheels 39 of the cutting'roll assembly are cooperatively driven in the Same direction (anticlockwise as shown in Fig. 1) and to this end the rcutting roll shaft I2 may be driven from the shaft I5 of the feed wheel means by gearing, comprising a drive gear 62 on said shaft I5 which drives, through an interposed idler gear 63, the driven gear 64 on said cutting roll shaft I2.

Portions of the peripheries of the feed wheel means I4 are cut away to leave propeller sectors 65. Said feed Wheel means I4 is so disposed relative to the cutting roll propeller wheels that, in operation, a blank B is rst engaged by the propeller sectors 65 of the feed wheel means I4 and advanced until the leading portion thereof is engaged bythe propeller sectors of the propeller wheels 39 of the cutting roll assembly. Thereafter, while the blank moves through the cutting and bed-rolls, rotation of the feed wheel means I4 carries its propeller sectors 65 around into position to grasp and advance a succeeding blank,

so that after the preceding blank is dischargedv from the cutting and bedrolls, the propeller sectors .4 0f move a'round-` ready to receive'thesucceedi ing:blanki'froin'fsaid` feed Wheellmeansi Since these .parts :are .in .continuous lrotation,1the blanks are'i successively Khandled thereby byaccurately ,timed cooperative movements so'as' to assure conf and thence totheyfolding mechanism .ofthe ma- Chinwf: :We .arei aware `that variousv changesy couldfbe made f in the r, above 1 described constructions; land that- Widely different embodiments of ,thisginventionj could be-,gmade withoutdeparting. fromgthe scope thereof as defined in 4the:fo l lowingclaims. Itis therefore intended that-all matter. contained in thefy foregoing description or shown -r iny ytheaccompanying drawingsishall vbe' interpretedas illustrative kand not ina limiting sense.;

1n; -.We;claim:' ,f 'v -1. Window. cutting. mechanism forfgenyelope manufacturing Y machines @comprising a rotatable cuttingroll, arotatable bed roll opposed to;said cutting roll;` means to cooperatively. drive vsaid rolls, cutting die means radiallyv projecting from theperiphery of :said cutting roll L adaptedto be moved; byrotation of the'latter into and lout .of contact with saidbed roll, saidcutting-roll having means cooperative with the gbed roll periphery to A engageand successively propelblanks,,through said 4rolls subject tothe 'window` cutting' operation thereof, said vbec/l. roll having radially Jproj ecting Picker pinfmeans, adaptedtby rotation ofthe ,bed T911@ .,Opposethey interior OfwS,aidcutting .die Hwang;VL whereby :toy impale. Wiwlow` cut .out por: tions'and carry themaway from thefblanks, said cutting vdie meanszhavngthfust @which means .cf yieldable material to oppose said picker pin means, and a doctor blade means cooperative with the bed roll periphery adapted to strip the Window cut out portions from said picker pin means for discharge from the machine.

2. In window cutting mechanism for envelope manufacturing machines, a rotatable cutting roll, a rotatable bed roll opposed to said cutting roll, means to cooperatively drive said rolls, cutting die means radially Iprojecting from lthe periphery of said cutting roll, said die means comprising a die block yaffixed to said cutting roll, cutting blade sections of U-shape embracing the peripheryof said die block from opposite points an-d allxed thereto with their opposed open ends in abutment and with sharpened outer marginal edges there# lof projecting beyond the outer face of saiddie block, said bed roll having radially projecting picker pin means adapted by rotation of said bed roll to oppose said die block, whereby to impale window cut out portions and carry th'em away from the blanks, said die block having thrust cushion means of yieldable material to oppose said picker pin means, and a doctor blade means cooperative with the bed roll periphery adapted to strip the window cut out portions from said picker pin means for discharge therefrom.

3. Rotatable window cutting mechanism for envelope manufacturing machines comprising a cutting roll having a radially projecting window cutting die, a driven cutting roll shaft journaled transversely in the machine framework, a bed roll cooperative with' the window cutting die of said cutting roll, a bed roll shaft also journaled transversely in the machine framework, gearing for driving said bed roll shaft from said cuttingr roll shaft, said cutting and bed rolls having means to successively propel blanks ltherebetween subject to the window cutting operation, a tension bar Vaffixed to :and transversely (of vthe .machine framework in lparallel spaced melatiomtoisaid cut-` `ting m11 shafit, thrust hearing tmeans rengaging sai-i:cutting :roll shaft lon opposite sides nf said cutting :roll 'whereby to thrust the lattenztowarld said bed roll, -adjustable jack-screws' engaged through said tension bar kto tt-'uus'tingly sulpo'rt said :thrust .bearing l`means, :a :secon-d tension ibar aixed to and transversely of the machine fI-"arn'ee work in parallel spaced relaton'tosadibedroll shaft, .and adjustable ,-jack-'screws I .engaged throughlsaid second .tension .bar `to thrustingly support said Lbe'd Aroll lshaft whereby :to .thrust'ithe bed rulli-toward thefcuttingro'll. I I4.v Rotatable window .'cutti-ngmechanisin for envelope manufacturing -machines comprising a 'cutting roll having a rradially .projecting Lwindow cutting die. a drivenfcutting -roll Ashaft tourn'ali transversely in th'e machine frameworkya .hed `roll cooperative with the window lcuttingdieo'f said cutting roll, -a fbed 'roll-shaft also journal'e'd trans-v versely in lthe rrurc'hine framework', .gearing yfor driving said bed rdll .shaft fro'ms'said cutting'ti-"l'ill shaft, said cutting and bedrlls havingmeans to lsuccessively propel blanks :the'rbetween'lsubject to the window cutting operationymeansfsupported from the fmachineframework for thrustinglylurging said cutting andbedrollsone toward to engage th'e window vcut out portions-and'carry them away frcmthe blanks, and meanscoopera# tive with the bed roll adapted` -toremve the carried away cut out portions from'fthe A`pic'l'rer pin means for discharge front-the machine, Y

"5. Rotatable window 'cutting mechanism or envelope manufacturing machines "comprisingfa against cutting Troll v'hav-ing .ra radially projecting window 'cutting die, afdrvenscutting .roll gshaft journal-ed transversely in the machine framework, :aibed roll cooperative with-the vwindow cutting die of said -cuttingroll,;a :bed rollfshaftalso journaledtransversely 'in #the `machine framework, gearing for .driving-fsa'id-'bed.rollfshaft `.from said cutting roll shaft, said cutting :and bed vrolls :having vrnearis -to .successively ,prdpel blanks "therebetween subject; to the window cutting operation, a tension `bar aiixed to and `:transversely lof 'the machine 'framework ein :parallel :spaced relation to said cutting roll shaft, nthrust :bearingimeans :engaging vsaid `cutting roll shaft ron bpposite sides of said cutting roll lwhereby.' to thrust zthe latter :toward -said bed roll,` .adjustable .jack-screws engaged through said tension ibar to .fthrustingly :support said 'thrust.bearingmeansy a :second .tensionlbar affixed to and ltransversely of'fthe inachineframe- Work `in parallel spaced relation to said lbed roll shaft, and adjustable ljack-screws engaged through `said second itension .bar to thrustingly support said bed roll shaft whereby fto'fthrust the bed roll toward Ithecutting rollisaidibed'rolrhaving radially projecting picker pin means adapted by rotation ofthe bed roll to-opposeitheinterior of sai-d cutting die means, .whereby to impale window cut out portions .andi-carry them away from the blanks, said cutting die Ameans having thrust cushion means of Ayieldable material 'tooppose said picker pin means, an'd :adoctor'fblade .meanscooperative iwithzthe :bed roll periphery adapted to strip lthe windowcut outportion'sfr'o'm .said picker pin means `for-disczharge from the machine;


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