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Publication numberUS2382007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1945
Filing dateJul 7, 1943
Priority dateJul 14, 1942
Publication numberUS 2382007 A, US 2382007A, US-A-2382007, US2382007 A, US2382007A
InventorsBernhard Frick Nils
Original AssigneeBernhard Frick Nils
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Demonstration device, particularly for insurance purposes
US 2382007 A
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N. B. FRICK Aug; 14, 1945.

DEMONSTRATION DEVICE, PARTICULARLY FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES Filed July 7, 1943 Patented Aug. 14, 1945 DEMONSTRATION DEVICE, PARTICULARLY FORINSURANCE PURPOSES Nils Bernhard Frick, Appelviken, Sweden Application July 7, 1943, Serial No. 493,770

In. Sweden July 14, 194,2

vs Claims.- (01. 35-24 f The present invention refers to a'demonstration device which is particularly'adapted for the insurance line, and is intended to constitute an implement'bymeans of'which, for instance, the need of insurances and the way of suitably distributing the samewith respect to the time during the life ofthe'head offa' family and, perhaps, after his decease' may beclearlydemonstrated. The inventionis not limited solely to these conditions, but-is applicable also to other conditions.

The demonstration device according to the invention is primarily distingu'ishedby the fact that it comprises a runner'in the form of a card and an envelope-like casing of transparent material adapted for cooperation with therunner, which is displaceably arranged in the casing, which latter is also provided withone or more transverse slits through which the runner may be thrust, the runner as well as the casing being provided with text matter, curves, diagrams, tables or the like, preferably indifferent colors.

On account-of the-transparency of the casing it will be found possible atthe same time to read off the designations of the casing as well as those of the runner in the form of text matter, curves, diagrams, tables and the like. These designations may thus cooperate toward forming a demonstration object, and by causing the card, when thrust into' the casing, to pass on the upper side of the casing between'apair' f slits, the card may be caused to conceal the designations on the casing between these slits,or to the right or left of a certain slit by the adjustment of the card through this slitwhereby the elimination of certain factors during a definite period of time may be illustrated. In identically the same way, the elimination or addition of certain factors may be illustrated by tabs or strips secured to or integral with the casing or the runner, said tabs or strips being adapted, when bent by 180 over an edge, to conceal or reveal such factors. The casing may also be provided with a whole leaf carrying designations thereon, said leaf being adapted for cooperation either with the casing or with the runner, or with both of them, to be folded so as to cover said members. This leaf is also preferably transparent. Finally, boundaries of certain areas of this leaf may be cut so that said areas may be .raised and folded over so as to illustrate how ence to'the accompanying drawing relates to a demonstration device for personal insurances:

Inthe drawing, Fig. '1 is a front view'ofa casing with the leaf in open position? Fig; 2 is a front'view of the runner.- Fig. 3-isaleft-hand preferably made from. a single sheet of materialfolded twice, the overlapping edges, of which are securedto each other by means of adhesive, for example. The envelope-like casing formed in this manner is open at both ends for theintr'oductionof the card. The lower layer 3 is some what longer than the upper layer 2, which will appear from the right-handportion of Fig. 1. The leaf l'secured to the casing 'ispreferably made integral with the casing. Provided in the upper layerof the casing are two or more trans'' verse slits G and 1 respectively, throughwhich the card or runner 8 may be pushedin. This 'isgen era-11y effected-so that the card is first thrustin from the right-hand side in Fig. 1 and up through the slit 1 and down through the slit 6, the-card or runner, which-is'preferably' made oi opaque cardboard or the like-being thus caused to-conceal'that' portion of tire-upper surface of the casing which is located between the slits 6 and 1. As required, slits may be provided in any portion of the casing, and consequently the card may be moved in and out through these slits in many different ways. The card or runner is 'preferably made so that in its fully pushed-in position within the casing it will be project outside the casing so as to form a finger grip to facilitate the displacement of the runner. The card 8 is provided with a tab or strip 9, which is secured by means of a longitudinally extending edge to the card and provided with a folding line, so that the tab may be folded from one position, for instance in contact with the surface of the card, into another position in the plane of the card by being folded upwardly through Hereby the strip may be caused to conceal or to reveal certain text matter, figures or the like on the card. Similar strips or tabs may also be provided on the casing.

The upper as well as the lower layer of the casing, the leaf and the card are provided with f text matter, curves, diagrams, tables and the like, preferably in different colors and with colored surfaces, which designations are intended to cooperate with oneanother by permitting of beand the need of various forms of insurances from the time prior to his setting up housekeeping and then for the whole of his life.

To this end, the card is provided with a diagram showing the expenditures of the husband. Here, the field I0 designates the expenses'of the husband, the field l I the expenses of the Wife, the field l2 expenses for the children, and the field I3 expenses for setting up housekeeping,

The incomes of the husband are illustrated in a corresponding manner by a diagram on the upper surface of the casing, and are represented by the whole field l4.

By pushing the runner 8 into the casing it will be found how the income field overlaps the expenditure fields, the difference thus clearly representing the saving power of the husband (area l5.).

If a case is-brought into consideration where the head of the family becomes ill for a certain time represented by the distance between theslits 6 and I, the runner is pulled out so much as to permit of being pushed up through the slit 1 and down through the slit 6, in order then to be pushed into its extreme position within the casing, In this way it is clearly illustrated how the incomes of the head of the family fail entirely during the time of illness, whereas all of the expenditures remain.

' If the head of the family passes away prema- By th fact that the field of incomes on they husband and wife are not provided for after said time.

Finally, the leaf 4 may be provided with a diagram with Various fields, each covering a certain protective need looked after by an insurance. By the slitting of these fields on the outlines and by making them foldable on an edge, it is possible, after the leaf has been placed over the runner, by folding these @fields down or'away to demonstrate what an insurant has covered through the insurance as regards 'his protective needs, and what has not been covered.

' disclosure being, therefore, only regarded as an example.

What I claim is:

1-. Demonstration device comprising a flat cascorrelated indicia.

2. Demonstration device as defined in claim 1 in which the front wall of the casing is provided with at least two transverse slots adapted to receive said runner.

3. Demonstration device as defined in claim 1 in which the runner is provided with a tab hinged thereto and adapted to swing about an axis extending lengthwise of the runner. i

4. Demonstration device as defined in claim 1 in which the runner is provided with a tab, said tab comprising a hinged integral portion adapted V to be folded over to cover a portion of the face upper surface of the casing ceases at the pension age, it is demonstrated that the expenditures of of the runner.

5. Demonstration device as defined in claim 1 in which the back wall of the casing is longer than the front wall and extends beyond the said front wall at the end thereof opposite the end of the casing to which the leaf is hinged.

6. Demonstration device as defined in claim 1' in which the runner is longer than the longer wall of said casing.


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