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Publication numberUS2382350 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1945
Filing dateFeb 4, 1943
Priority dateFeb 4, 1943
Publication numberUS 2382350 A, US 2382350A, US-A-2382350, US2382350 A, US2382350A
InventorsNicholas Testi
Original AssigneeGillette Safety Razor Co
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Cigarette dispenser
US 2382350 A
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Av@ M w45? N. TESTI 2,382,350

CIGARETTE DI SPENSER "Filed Feb'. 4, 1945 A zg y I Patented Aug; 14, 194s aes/2,350 .l f CIGARETTE DISPENSER Nicholasfrresti, Baston, Mass., assignoitdoiuette y, Boston, `Ma`ss., a cor- @Safety Razor Compan poration. of Delaware Application February 4, isiaiseifiai No. ninas soumis. (01.312577) This invention relates to cigarette dispensers or humidors of the type adapted to contain a sub*-V stantial supply of `cigarettes properly safeguardedV against mechanical damage,` subjected to favor# able humidity conditions and with convenient prohvision for discharginga single cigaretteat 'a timeV as required by theuser.

t An important object oi my invention is to provide adispenser: of `con'lpact and stable construction andffof `such designas to presentan attrae `tive appearance as 'an appointment of aA Well l decorated and furnished room or lounge. With these: ends iny view an `important feature of my invention consists in 'a dispenser with elon-V gated magazine movably mounted therein `and having itswalls shapedtoprovide an outlet slot and an underlying'trough, together with means for rolling cigarettes in the magazine toward the slot and for ejecting from the trough-a cigarette advanced to thatl location in the which 'has been containen Preferably and as herein shown the magazine' is cylindrical: in shape and iswprovidedcwith a longitudinal outlet lslot and with a transverse slotV or slots-in which may be located a pusherplate having spurs 'or lserrations arrangedto engage cigarettes in the magazine whenfthe latter and the pusher plate -a-re moved relatively to each other. Thus the mass of cigarettes in the mag-- azine may be gently agitated andall danger pre-r vented of there ,bridging theV outlet yslot and so` interfering with the free delivery of individual cigarettes. transverse slot or slots are carried into the Wall of the trough andthe pusher pla-te, or an extension thereof,` may be utilized also to eject a cigarette which has been advanced into' the trough from thev body of the magazine. f1 As another feature of my invention a chute is provided of `such construction as to receive cig arettes one by one from thetrough` without the: shock of dropping and cau-se them to roll for-7 wardly into the convenient position for the user.`

Another feature of my invention consists in constructing and arranging the elements of my cigarette dispenser to simulate' in `appeararioe a Thus the cover section `may *be* segmental in shape `like the cap oi-` a safety razllr.,V l while the exposed portion of the framebelowthe,

safety razor.

cover may be formed with teeth like guard teeth:

Infthe illustrated dispenser the suggestion .is- Ac'arried further by shaping the frontend rear: cas-v` In the dispenser herein shown the' be best understood and appreciated; from the' following description of a `preferred `embodirneirti thereof and selected for purposes of illustration and shown in. the accompanying drawing;r vvuhich:`

i ig. ,1 `is a viewirl perspective of `a dispenser as `seen from the `front and `its cover lifted;

Fig. .2 is a view in 'cross-section; and Fig. 3 is a view in perspective of the dispenser as seen .from the rear, aportion `of the "frame and 'casing being shown as broken away;

The illustrated dispenserlcomprises affra'nue-` including a flat base lll of metal or other nia#` terial' having upright 'members IIsecured "to its"f opposite ends `and cut-outinternally Vin Icircnla'rl\ p design to expose the movable magazine? of fthe; dispenser as `will presentlfyiappear. `"The frame also includes a rectangular top lf2 `upvvardiy con;

' vexfincontour and secured in horizontaillposition ing elements asperforated safety razor blades of I the well-known Gillette design.l

These and other featuresof the invention will between the endg of the" `uprignts it; The 'top has a large rectangular opening therein whiehfis'.

normally' closedby a segmental cover' 9`l hinged'at one edge to the top I2 of the framerandjwhen inclosed position 'as shown in Figs; Zand 3, sini-'I ulating the cap ofcan enlarged safety razor.4 To heighten thisillusionthe front andfrear mem bers' oi the.l 'top` i2 of the frame `are serrated to presentienlafrged' guard teetl1l3 whichproject on both sidesbeyond the edges `oi? the cover.

lfront casingA member I4 and a rear?casingmem horizontal axis about pivot pinsvZB projecting im wardly from the cross membersof :the top I1'2so'f tlieframejbut the" magazinefinay be of `anylrle sired elongatedzshape; the bottolmof its eylin drical vbody :I6- is provided aV longitudinal outlet slot y'II and the 'rear Wall' offtllie tended downwardly and forwardly below the slot Il to' form a forwardlympeningsnallowtroughil adapted to retain a single `cigarette when the bodyf t of tl'leI magazine occupies its normal or initiallpo# sinon `as shown in Fig.2; The rearwall ofthe magazine IB and fillet-rough` I8? are-.also provider!` with parallel transverse slots I9 and intoftnesel slotsproje'ct upright stationary pusher 'pia-tes 21V mounted on the base of the 'framern xThe upper' t edge of each pusher plate is serrated and standsl normally slightly Within or above the-lower wall magazine is ein spring 2l which is secured at its upper end to the casing member I5 in position to bear lightly against the rear wall of the magazine I6. AA

finger piece 22 projects forwardly from the Lmaga.- zine through the aperture of the casing member I4 and, when depressed, serves as means for swinging the magazine I6 rearwardly against the vloi? the magazine I6 so that when its body is spring 2| in such a manner that the trough is pulled rearwardly from beneath the cigarette therein while the cigarette is at this time held against rearward movement by the forward edges of the pusher plates 20. Immediately this cigarette is disengaged from the bottom of the trough it rolls down the flanges 21 and then down the chute 2B until it is arrested inrdelivery position by the upturned flange of the chute. Meanwhile, of course, a second cigarette is held by the plates above the trough I8 and when the nger piece is released the magazine I6 rocks back to its initial position and the second cigarette drops downinto theV trough.

pressure of the spring 2I. The` initial position of the magazine is determined by contact of ,the

finger piece 22 with the upper edge of the perforation in the front casing member I4 where it is held by action of the spring 2I. The aperture is of sulcient size to permit the full motion required in the finger piece for swinging the magazine. The -upper wall of the magazine I6 is cut away to receive a detachable inner cover 23. This is also segmentalin shape and provided with an elongated'chamber in which is located a wick 24 or other absorbent material. In use the wick 24 is kept saturated and the cigarettes in the container humidified thereby. An elongated cartridge 25 of absorbent material is supported from the front casing member I4 and located at the opening of the trough I8 in position to humidify the cigarettes as they arrive at this part ofthe dispenser.

. The forward edge of the base vided which ,leads from a pointy beneath the trough I8 forwardly and outwardly beneath the casing member I4 where it is provided with an upturned flange to hold each cigarette as delivered in convenient position for the user to take. The side edges of the chute 26 at its upperl end are turned up in the form of flanges 21 whose upper edges are inclined and are located in position to form tracks receiving a cigarette delivered from the trough I8 so that, without the shock of dropping, the cigarette may roll down the chute to the position shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

If desired, the base I0 may be undercut on the lower side and provided with guides for a 'shallow tray 30 convenient for storage of a razor-blade package 3| or similar articles of toiletor accessories. therefor. i

In use it may be assumed that the magazine I6 of the container is kept lled with cigarettes and these may be conveniently supplied thereto when the cover 23 is removed. The cigarettes loosely delivered will occupy the position in the magazine substantially shown in Fig. 2, that is'to say, one cigarette will be supported on lthe floor of the trough I8 while the next cigarette is sup' ported thereby in position to block the outlet slot I1 and hold all the other cigarettes piled up within the body of the magazine. The cigarette in the trough I 8 initially stands slightly in front of the inner edges of the upright pusher Y plates 20. When it is desired to deliver a cigarette from the container the operator merely presses down the nge'r piece 22 and thereby swings the magazine against the pressure of the I I0 is bevelled and an outwardly sloping delivery chute 26 is pro- Having thus disclosed my invention and described in detail an illustrative embodiment thereof, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A cigarette dispenser having a frame, a magazine pivotally mounted therein and having a concave bottom wall for supporting a plurality of cigarettes and provided with a cigarette outlet and transverse slot, and a serrated agitating device arranged to pass into said transverse slot and to agitate cigarettes within the magazine when the magazine is moved in its frame.

2. A cigarette dispenser comprising a stationary frame, an elongated magazine mounted in the frame for transverse movement and having a longitudinal outlet slot and a transverse slot therein, a trough carried by the magazine below said outlet slot, andI a stationary pusher plate mounted on the frame and having a serrated upper edge operable to pass into the transverse slot thereby agitating cigarettes within the magazine when the magazine is moved transversely in the frame, said pusher plate serving simultaneously to eject'a previously deposited cigarette from said trough.

3. A cigarette dispenser comprising a frame, an elongated magazine mounted in the frame for transverse movement and having an outlet slot, a, trough carried by the magazine at a location below the outlet slot of the magazineand in position to retain a cigarette discharged through said slot, and a pusher having'a serrated upper edge mounted on the frame in position to traverse a portion of the magazine and also to traverse the trough when the latter is moved with the magazine transversely in the frame and thus simultaneously to agitate cigarettes in the magazine and to eject a previously deposited cigarette from the trough.

l4. A cigarette dispenser comprising a frame, a cylindrical magazine movably mounted therein and having its wall shaped to provide a downwardly opening outlet slot andan underlying trough, together with a single means for both rolling cigarettes in the magazine toward the slot for descent into the trough, and for ejecting from the trough a cigarette previously deposited therein from said magazine.

5. A cigarette dispenser having a stationary frame with a swinging magazine mounted therein, the walls of the magazine forming a bottom longitudinal outlet slot and one wall being extended to provide a shallow trough beneath said slot, a chute beneaththe trough, and a stationary pushing device having an upper serrated edge for ejecting a cigarette fromA the trough, said pushing device concurrently serving to agitate a charge of cigarettesin themagazine.


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