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Publication numberUS2383081 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 21, 1945
Filing dateSep 14, 1942
Priority dateSep 14, 1942
Publication numberUS 2383081 A, US 2383081A, US-A-2383081, US2383081 A, US2383081A
InventorsRuth Ribbe
Original AssigneeRuth Ribbe
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Oracle card game
US 2383081 A
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Aug. 21, 1945.

RIBBE ORACLE CARD GAME Filed Sept. 14, 1942 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 mum! Aug. 21, 1945. R. RIBBE 2,333,081

ORACLE CARD GAME Filed Sep 14, 1942 s Sheets-Sheet 2 fluenibr y flito my.

Aug. 21,1945. R. RIBBE ORACLE CARD Filed Sept 14, 1942 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 Jimmie;- M

WZEZEJQLQI Patented Au 21, 1945 PAT m" OFFICE ORACLE oARnGAME I 'Ruth Ribbe, same, wash] ApplicationSeptember 14, 1942, Serial No. 458,261 ,6 Claims. (Cl. 2739157) This invention relates to a card game, and especially to a card game the cards of which are provided with fragmentarypicture indicia of a somewhat symbolic naturev appropriate to fortune-telling, the relative chance arrangement of the cardswhen' spread out for playing enabling the playeror players ,to match together fragments ofmating picture indicia of several cards of the plurality in play to thereby pick out completed picture indicia the predeterminedqsymbolism of, which may be ascertained from appropriately identified legends (in the nature, preferably, of fortune-telling prognosti-cations or forecasts) which may appear-in fragmentary form upon the backs of the mating card portions. or may be contained inan accompanying set of rules or instructions for playingthe game, as will be apparent from the following detailed description. The object of theinvention is to provide a novel form of amusement, which maybe played as soli-" taire, or for group diversion. In the accompanyingdrawings, Figs. la, 1b and 1c, constitutingthe disclosure of the three sheets, represent the faces of thefull complement of cards included in the deck or pack in a preferred form for playing thegame, the arrangement of the cards being such as to show completed picture indicia of mating portions of the cards, and not as they would normally fall after: shuilling and dealing in accordance -;with the instructions or rules forgplaying the game.

In the preferred, or representative, form as are arranged in edge-juxtapositionthe completed picture indicia thus formed will bepresented.

Th'e ragmentary or half-pictureindicia d are so applied to the divisions act the thirty-six cards that seventy-two full or complete pictures may be formed by selective arrangement of the cards,

fifty-one of such complete pictures being shown,

in the drawings. However, as hereinbefore pointed out, such an arrangement a that shown will rarely, if ever, occur in,.dea-1ing,=,the cards, after shuffling, according to ,the rulesl. or directions for playing the game.

'Inaddition to the fragmentary picture indicia d appearing in the divisions a of the card faces, .each division in which a mating portion of a picture appears bears a number fromto I2, as .shown, applicable to that particular picture.

Although not limited thereto, the seventy-two particularpictures shown are numbered and entitled; as follows:

' Heart 38. Comet '2. Swords 39. Egyptian mummy 3. Messenger 4|| ."Buddah '4. Witch 4|. Ring -5f sphinx 42. Dragon 6'. Doves 43. Fire 1.Rainbow 44. Pyramid 8;City A t T 45. Treasure chest 9. Money bag 46. Fourleaf clover Ill. House Hathor Hands 48. Scales ILPriestessof Delphi 49. Bacchus (god of l3. Chariot Wine and revelry) l4. Palm trees. 50. Beehive l5. Seer with, crystal 5|. Horn of plenty l6. Star 52. Siva, Hindu I'I. Pagoda goddess l8. Snake v 53. Lighthouse l9, Aladdins lamp 54.,Mermaid 20. Wheat JWedding cake 2|. Chinese temple 56; Royal romance 22. Wishbone 51. Sunset, 23. Scarabaeus 58.'Serenade 24. Wishing well 59. Crown 25. Bell f 60. Chinese lanterns 26. Bow and'arrow 6|. Temple of Apollo 21. Horses'head g 62. Castle 28. Ship 63. Horseshoes 29. Lotus blossom 64. Flying carpet 30. Sun 65. White elephant 3|. Keys 66. Egyptianharp 32. Oaks of Dodon'a B1. Owl 33. Gondola 68. Hindu-dancing girl 34. Windmill 69. Clock tower 35. Moon 10. Turtle 36. Knight in armor 1|. Hermit 31. Rain 12. Anchor The rules or directions for playing the game are as follows; U 9 1 The playeror dealer is supposed to concentrate upon the subject on..which information or prediction is desired, thus lending to the mystical or occult atmosphere which is to be assumed in playing, at the same time mixing or shuffiing the cards. Then the,deck is cut with. the left hand toward the player or dealer, keeping the desire but a card may'nohbe removed gfroinqth 'Square or space in which it has fallen on the deal. Hence, in order to complete any picture, one,of

the four cards adjacent to the four edges of any selected card must 'bear a picture indioia co-mplemental to one of the four indicia-appearing upon the chosen card. I

If the number with its associated picture is right side up to the consultant, this isponsidered as being in No. 1 position. If the number and the of the picture point to the right, .this is considered as being in N0. 2 position. If the number and the top of the picture point to the left, this is considered as being in No. 3=position.

If the number and top of 'the picture are upside down to the consultant, this is No. 4'position.

Preferably on the backs of the cards, in positions corresponding to the triangular divisions for each full picture, when formed, will beprinted the number ,and title of the picture, ,and the following or similar appropriate separate predictions to correspond with the pictures, depending upon the positions .assumed, as described in the above directions. predictions may appear in a book vof rules or instructions for playing the game, as herei-nbefore pointed .out. I

I. Heart Position: v

l Before a ,weekhas passed, you will receive an invitat which it wil sire ou pleasure to accept. 2. You will succeed, marry and be happy. 3. If you .are unmarried, you willsoon ;meet

the romantic aifinity of your dreams. 4. Do not ,treat too lightly the devotion of one who loves you dearly-you ,may regret too late the loss of a loyal heart.

.2- .S Position:

1 Dead love ,cannot be revived.

2. A merry feast, entertainment and the However, if desired, ihese W meeting ,of anew friend Who-will bring you much advantage. this good fortune.

3. A winged message and letters approachins.

Be mindful ,of

4. You will soon engage in.,a, dar ing and bold enterprise. 'Your courage will be rewardedwith success and honor.

4. Witch Position:

1. Happiest good fortune in love awaits you.

2. Any gamble, investment'or risk that you take on the morrow will be successful.

3. Bad management of a situation will bring you regret.

4. Within six weeksthe greatest good fortune will smile on you.

6. Doves of happy Position:

'1. After you have givenup, your wish will he fulfilled in a most unexpected way.

2. Esteem and credit from persons whom you have striven long to please.

'3. From one "from whom you have long waited to hear, youwillsoon receive a happy message of love.

4. 'You will meet a stranger of warm and romantic temperament, who will implore you to leave home and friends fand share' his destiny in another country.

1. Rainbow Pos tion:

1. If you are waiting .for money, or an inheritance, you will bedisappointed.

,2. Golden treasure, .whichyou have neither .yvorlzed for nor .expect, will soon fall lik m n ha into ou p.

Your name will s oonappear ,in the newspapers. You will .get your wish.

4. Abrief romance.

8. City aPositionz 1. Present trouble and anxiety will soon pass,

and skies will-be clear.

2. -Storms and showers.

3. You will soonmake a change t a new locality.

4. A- son -or daughter will be born unto you and will bring distinction and honor to the family.

, 9. Money rcs ii I v .1- s e dy ad a emen to hono and we I ,2. l t olqee.nture soon with a-happy ending.

You are -on theeve of diu a pointment and I 658 42102 .4. Abiuring all caution, you :will keep a 'love .tryst ,of s. dangerous nature. You will se your W S J9- Hein QS PZQIF A ha p and advantag ous chan e in you f r une- ,2, n distant journey to a large and populous city. Good fortuneat ends the journey.

Position: 1 l l i g 3. Your partner in life will inherit a considerable and comfortable fortune.

4. Youhave acrafty and cunningenemy who will seek to do you harm both secretly and openly. l i l H. Hands Position;

1. Some approaching happy event which will call for rejoicing and feasting.

2. You will meet an old love, your hands will clasp, your lips will touch. You will part to meet, again at another distant flday. 3. Before a year haspassed, you will be engaged in a considerable lawsuit. I 4. A competitor in trade, or a rival in love, 1 has conquered, and you will soon know ofit. f

. I 2. Priestess of Delphi Position:

1. In a strange land ahappy love and marpersonage from whonryourwill receive many favors. 3. Aswift and happy fortune will bring you financial gain and place you abovewant or need in the future. r 4. Fear not that fortune will desert you.

l3. Chariot Position: Q

1. Little activity, nothing important in'prospectforaweek.

2. You will shortly receivea benefit-from a person in a superior position. v 3. Annoyanceand discontentfi p 4. A peculiar turn in the wheel of fortune will bring you a surprise andgoodluck.

l4. Palm trees-" Position:

1. Within the year you will be;married your- :self, or calledupon-to attend an important wedding.

2. Your most ardent wish will soon be ful' filled. 3. Post intelligence of disagreeable news. I J

4. You will soonpart. ligh theartedly. from a dear friend. 1 Many moons'willwax and wane before youmeet again. i

l5.-Seer with crystal Position:

1. You will meet a dark and fascinating adventurer who willsteal your heart. 2. You will receive a gift of delicate and ex quisite beauty. l 3. Your star of destiny is brilliant and favorable. Take advantage of the good fortune at hand within the next three weeks. 4. Do not be too outspoken. A hurt may cause you the loss of a friend and favors difficult to recover.

l6. Star Position:

1. This portends a long and happy life, that you will never want, but always have a competence. It denotes constant and abiding peace in domestic affairs.

turn. in the wheel of 1 Position: 1

2.Public honor and decoration for bravery; onawdrd or recognition for literary or "scientific efiort. j 5 3. A golden" influence surrounds the coming of yourwish. 4. A journey westward Within three months.

2. Happy and favorable prospects surround l8. Snake Position: i

- amorously with your afiectionst You will enjoy the occasion, buttake care you do not end with a broken heart.

wa -Another will endeavour to supplant you in tenderly love.

3. Place a higher value on yourself and your ri yourlefiorts. Capitalize your powers 1 '1 handthe results are certain.

4. The wish nearest your heart will come through a surprising and unexpected channel.

20.1 We... J

1. Accomplishment of a purpose, efforts rewarded and the. object devoutlywished 3 31 for, obtainedp Contentment and satis factionwith the world at large.

2. A happy social gathering at which youwill be a guest.

. 3. A member of the opposite sex, nordic and .f 1 :blOIldB, will make riage.

a. -.4 Agenerousactionrenderedby you will be 1 F. rewarded withingratitude.

you a proposal of mar- 2|. Chinese temple Position:

;1 ,Your wish..w il1 come true far exceeding your expectations. r 2. This is a good omen for persons in adversity. To the sick it betokens recovery and good health. 3. You will meet with an amorous and per lsiste'nt suitor. it l l l 4. Improvement in worldly prospects.

, ction which is being shown you is not "sincere. Be not too confiding nor too tr s i V I emery of you is grayen deep insomeones heart.


A door will close to you. Another will 1. A debonair and easy-going flirt willtriflev the affections of theperson' whom you hap- 24. Wishing well Position:

1. This foretells the fulfillment of .hope, the arrival of some joyous occasion that you have been long expecting.

2. You will soon overcome some obstacle to your happiness.

3. Ennui. Boredom. But you get your wish. N

4. Expect the advent of some particular event,; by which you will'b'e greatly benfitted:

25'. Bell Position:

1. If you are troubled, be of light heart, no

harm will'come to you.

2. To one in love, a happy marriage.

3. Conviviality and boon companions."'You will get your wish. 4. Weariness of spirits, delays, and trouble.

I 26. Bow and'arrow Position:

1. You will perilously trifle with a third party, causing jealousy and anguish in the heart of onewho loves you. x 2. Enter not into a state of which you'havenot well considered the end. 3. Woes will soon be turned intojoy. 4. The legacy bequeathed'to you will be of little profit'if you spend it foolishly.

21. Horses head I Position: 1 I I 1. Your affairs will go on just aslusual. No

immediate change. 1;. -2. A journey toa; foreign clim ::success in business; and comfort in the-affairs of the heart. 3. To the ambitious this portends your. goal will be reached. 4. You will soon have news of a friend or relative in trouble' or peril. You will get yourwish.

28. Ship Position: v

- 1. A short journel accompanied. by frivolous flirtatious. v 2. You will hear of a sickness or of a death.

3. The time is not far'distant when you will be free from financialworryand become more contentedxand happy'than at any time in the-past. v j 4. You will be successful in lovei'fybu do not try overhardto please; B'e'pols'ed and confident.

29. Lotus blossoms Position: I

1. You will besurprised to receivea telephone call or visit from one long absent.

2. A dream of love come truewhich will restore the soul and perfume the memory.

3. The next few days avoid impulsive decisions.

4. A new abode or a short sojourn-to new quarters.

30. Sun Position:

1. Prepare for the unexpected arrival of friends or visitors. You will get your wish andbe happy. 2. New scenes, new faces, and new adventure. 3. You will meet with a success that will encourage you to greater accomplishment. 4. You will suffer an embarrassment or setback through your own folly.

3|. Keys Position:

1 You will either be on the water, or'have association with someone belonging to the sea.

2. An unexpected happy'rendez vous.

3. If you are single andunengaged, erelong you will have a' love affair from which it will be difficult to extricate yourself.

4. A faithful friend will warn you of danger.

33. Gondola Position: I

1. A- merry romance, 'levity and gaiety. 2'. Do not be hasty or rash. The result of your undertaking depends up'o'n caution and well laid plans.

3. A gay and daring flirtation may endv inmarriage. v 4. Your happiness is beside you-.-take care that you grasp it.

v 34. Windmill Position: I

1. Eventually solid and comfortable means. 2. You will shortly meet with an old love or an old friend. 3. You will get your wish. 4. You will soon make a journey by aeroplane.

. 35. Moon Position: w

l. If'you are single and unengaged, you will soon have a. very agreeable: love aiiair. 2: An unexpected stroke of luck will render your condition avery agreeable one.



3. This portends the signing of contracts or legaldocuments. w: r 4. Persevere in your ambitions and'be not daunted by seeming reverses. Fickleness. anduinconstancy are the only things that. can defeat your purpose.

will prove); a lasting 4. Someone-loves you who will declare himself Youwillget your wish.

4. If you have been unhappy or disappointed in your workor surroundings, there will soon -be 'asatisiaotory change and you will have no reason for disoontent.

iitli nc'omet i Position:

. 1. Ifyou are.;planning an undertaking; do

. riot .b'e pdeterred.;wThe..golden star of fortune. shines bright and you will sueceedbeyond your fairest hopes;

2. Some very unpleasant misunderstanding or contention with-someone you love which, unless you use discretion, may

, end, in separation.

,3. Like ameteorialling through space, the

whole order of your life will be changed.

You will eventually achieve unexpected tame and glory. M l l 4. A love intrigue.

39.Eg yptidn Position: Z M 1. Planetary signs'-arefavorableyou will get your wish.

2. You ariadored; but lose not your vantage 3;I'hrough fear of lossyou 'will"soon reject lan ofier orfopportunitythat would f bring you riohe's' andh'app'ines's.

4. What"wi11"s'em the great st oi tragedies .ground in decision and procrastinayour lover neverr more jtofibe.alienated from you. r 4. Worry and setbacks to the; man -ofv busin i and to th'ose in love, sighs.

4|. Ring Position:

.- i LProgressive prosperity in business. To the lover'this denotes his love is returned I with all :the'fervor he could desire.

' 2. Do not believe the sun will-never shine for you'again; therise ofyour fortune is close at. hand. wYou will-get your .wish. 3. Beware of gifts made totyou. They may cost you dearly. 1 4. Joy, reoreations'and' g ood fellowsh ip 42 Dragon Position; N j. I

1. Fluctuation reverses in fortune, possible heavylfinanoial lossesl i 2. A profitable, sea. voyage, or journey for pleasure. f 3. You will meet a worldly adventurer, or one whofhasftravelledin m'a'ny lands. 4. A cer'tainman' now loves you and-will declare himselfif you will give him some encouragement. H

- 43. Fife Position:

r l. Esteem and ereditfrompersons whomyou have strivenhard to p1ease.-

. 2. Aialse alarmor-fri'ght. -3. A continued happiness. You willgetyour 43 Through the admiration or influence of a i *friend, you will receivaa considerable increase in your fortune.

44.Pyramid. Position: m

1. You will besofciroumstancedin life as to be "able'toen' yoursel ifand' travel to distantdplaees Iiunniarried, this por- H tendsfgreat conjugal ih'appmess. 2. You will soonfind sometmrigfto dur ad- Y vantagein the,street'orfroadi 3. You-have] difficulties tdoVijconi. Re-

double your ei fortsior alterfyour plans. 4. You will soon have ah'appy and advantageousmchange in ,your fortunes. Brighter things await you. 3.1

.j4 5l.',i'.rejctslife,oliest Positionr '1. A s'ly and crafty person. istrying to get something ire-m; you tor nothing. Do nothesitatetobe firm.

asant news, profitable errands, and activity the heart, is pleased with. .3. Your treasure will be, a partner of aifectionate heart and understanding, who willsorrow whenyou are sad, andbe h e e h nr l 4. You are in danger of a lawsuit, or will have trouble-with a public ofiicen You 7 will get your wish. v

4B. Eourleaj. fclover Positionr i 1. At. thejhome of .arelativeiyou-will meet a person of l the opposite ;sex with.wwhom you will fall inloveandprobably marry. 2. Deliverance from pecuniary difliculties. 3, You .awill; received. .Through. prodigality andrmaste your .prosperitywillbe of short duration. 1 i 4. 1 Dry your tears! Happy-1 anmgfayorable H prospects-surround you. .1 r I .fiathor Position;

1. Beware of quarrels-;perchance bloodshed. 2. Someone whom you. will meet .soon and unexpectedly will bring .you .endurin happiness. 3. All clouds have silver linings. You will soon have cause for joy. 4. Only by subtlety and wisdom can the one'you love.

4B. Scales you keep Position:

1. Unexpected honor and advancement will soon be yours. You will get your wish. 2. A loss, probably a robbery, therefore take care of your money or jewels.

3. You have a bright [prospect before you,

and shall attain it. The tide of fortune favors your endeavors' I 4. An invitation to a. feast or wedding, where you will have a pleasing flirtation.

49. .Bacchus god of wine and revelry) Position:

1. Cocktails, dancing, gaiety 2. You will soon have cause to give an entertainment on account of favorable changes in your circumstances.

3. Illness caused by intemperance in eating and drinking.

4. You will meet an .admirer whose-intentions respecting you are 'quite dishonorable.

Be careful! 50. Beehive and good fellow- Position:

1. You will experience a run of gOod luck in gambling or speculation. 2. Reconciliation after an unhappy disagreement. You will get your wish. 3. The sun will 'shine, flowers will bloom, the birds will sing, your heart will be happy. 4. You will be vexed and disappointed by criticism from a quarter where you have striven hard to' please.

5]. Horn 0-) plenty Position:

1. You will begin an undertaking which will take courage and perseverence to finish. Success will crown your endeavors, if you do not falter.

2. Do not think of parting from the one you love. Separation may cause you many unhappy years. The heart of your beloved is true to you.

3. There'will soon be peace and freedom from worry. This should be a period of creative work and accomplishment.

4. Sudden surprises, and important changes.

53. Lighthouse Position:

1. Prosperous circumstances, and happy love. 2. A passing sadness. iseriousdelays. 3. You will have cause for joy in the direction where your iaifections are placed. 4. You have waited and will get what you want. 54. Mermaid Position:

31. An unexpectedly recovered debt. 2. A passing success, lost almost as soon as realized. Y 3. You will err long resign or lose your present position. 4. The end of trouble. A coming tranquility and peace of mind. You will get your wish. i I

'55. Wedding cake I Position:

1. A journey for pleasure-or an elopement. 2. Long, pleasant and happy days ahead. 13. Future happiness depends upon yourselfbe discreet and prudent. 4. Your present love, and that of your sweetheart, will abide only a little longer. Both of you wish for a change.

57. Sunset Position:

1. A friend whom you helped once will bring a benefit-far outweighing that rendered by you.

'2. An unpleasant circumstance will injure slightly your pride. You will get your wish.

3. Letters and news from one long absent.

4. Accidental gain of money.

58. Serenade Position:

1. A romancethe melody and .memory of which will linger longin the heart.

2. There is danger of your fortune .being affected seriously through the jealousy of .a suitor, or rivalry in business.

3. Do not alter your plans. With a little effort and courage everything will be successful.

4. Rapid rise to independence.

59. Crown Position:

i 1. Youwill be elevated above your present situation to one-of dignity and monetary advantage. I

2. Your hospitality will bring you :a worthy friend. You will getyour wish.

3. Accidentand damer are threatened. Walk carefullyfand drive :slowly the next few days.

4. Do .not be drawn from the path of honor bygifts. of money orother inducements.

i. 60. Chinese lanterns; y A Position: Position: 1 .,You will possessa modest home. Your 1. Your endeavors to better yourself will be abiding blessings will ,be a wise partner,

, successful, and you will acquire wealth. domestic ;.peace and contentment. Future enjoyment, probable travel in a 5 e i 3. Tears through humiliation and temper. distant country. i L 4.. At some time in yourlife you will fall in 3. Undisturbed happiness, as bright as you love with, o'rmarry a man whose ,pro-

7 wish. i i fession will be to wear a uniform. 4. If you are planning a course of vindication v l or petty revenge, you are warned to 10 Egyptian harp abandon it immediately. You will we Posmon-i i the effortand it will bringonly regret. 1. You will soon move to anew residence, or y U j 1 1 U city, where you willmeet'a new friend 6|. Templeof Apollo who will doflmuchto advance your for- Position: j tune. You will get your wish..

1. What has been a plague to'your happiness, 2. You will have news of asickness or death.

will disappear like dew before .the sun. 3. Be not dispirited-by difliculties and afilic- 2. As the resplendent glory of the'su'n eclipses tions; they will vanish as the heavy mist the light of the stars, so will the partner is dissipatedby the genial rays of the of your bed be deemed the fairest of reviving sun. women, 4.Thestars will be adversefor a time, many 3. You will receive some oificial and importhingswill go contrary to your wishes. tant mail. You will get your wish. You will be troubled about money 4. If you have any right toan inheritance, matters.

there is danger of your losing it by Owl means of deeeitonfthe part of others. Position. I 33 2 2 25; ahead, andiprovlde I. On the silver wings of dawn-fresh fori tune will buoy your-spirits.

5 Castle n 2. Do not hesitate and waver, but remember Position: 1 til .30 fortune favors ..the brave. and enter- 1. Lay it not greatly to heart if the person 7 18- 1 l you now adore should prove changeable. Y 1 1 h v o n to attend a 2. Watch'for a happy change in your fortune d n enpa w when? there will be music, when the moon is full. l i merriment and gaietyi 3. You will receive help from a humble quar- 35 =Q 5 to s c enemies Wm. be

ter, which youwill realize and appreciate e e- If You v a lawsuit pend too a I Y i v ing you will surely gain 4. Let not caprice or folly mary'our present 53, Hindu dancing h Position: i n n Horseshoes 1 i 1. You will experience a keen. disappoint- Position. n I ment about a very trifling and unim- 1. .The signs warn. let not the next oppor 1 Portant matter. In a few days you will tunity escape advancing your fortunei Y forget moment and be quite happy- 2. Temporary upsets. Uncertainty inlove. 4p for whlch 9 Wait will You 3. You will soonhave an opportunity toin- W111 wlshcrease your 3. Youw ll in time attain to greater happi- 4. In a, foreign land you will have adventure ness than yqvfcan at present Venture to and much success. You will get your P Wish i q i 1 4. A noisy party, quarrels, and drinking.

64. Flying carpet i i amok-tower I Position: i i i i i i l. A paradise you little dream of will belyour Thlsibitlkens health happmess kmd destiny. You will venture far from the relatlons. d warmlfnends' And'to shores of your Own country, and gain, lover, wishes consummated, hearts tied much glory and reward in another land. fast hands umteddn appy w ock. 2. A- friend, with every good intention, will An envmuspiarson W111 a to embar giveyou advice, it would be better not to rass or belittle you in the presence of follow. Be cautious in making decisions otherkbe resourceful and on your or changes, and depend solely on your, guardfhaffhe d not succeed- Own conscience and judgment; P 3. Be cautious in yourtransactions andcon- 3. Take heed that avariceprove not the bane contracts of your happinesm n n either in bus ness or love. 7 Be not discouraged though you now ts. 4. This has great import. You have a bright engulfed in misfortuna Lady Luckwm prospect before you, and shall attain it. Soon be your sweetcompamon. 3 It IS the portent. of wealth and honor.

.. .You will reach the climax of your am- 65. White. elephant bitionn 1 i Position: 70 l0. Twrtle 1. This is the luckiestof symbols. It indi- Position:

cates the event of some lasting good for- 1. You will be tempted or persuaded into a tune. If this card has turned for you, bad bargain, or foolish spending of doubt not that you will soon be the hapmoney. Be watchful that someone does piest of persons. v not gain an advantage over you.

Position: i

2. Do not be afraid tobring your affair to a conclusion. Whatever you have at stake will yield a good result.

3. Journey. Difiiculties, and possible danger,

You will get your "wish.

4. Hope still! Never despairle H. Hermit Position:

1. The heart of your beloved yearneth toward you. I a 2. Good fortune, butattended' bym-any disagreeable circumstances. 3. You will marry one who has before tasted the sweets of matrimony. 4. You will be parte'dfrom one you love.

12. Anchor Position: p

1. Your endeavors to better yourself will be successful, and you will acquire comfortable means. 2. Be forewarned that some friend, or perhaps your lover, will turn perfidious, act a strange deceitful part, and by duplicity and misrepresentation, cause you grief and disappointment. v 3. You will gain the reward of your labors, and your fidelity will be requited with abundant esteem. 4. You are worrying unnecessarily about failure. There arethe brightest prospects for success. You will get your wish.

Thus, in playing .the game, the player may, after edge-transposition of those adjacent cards which bear mating picture indicia, read upon the backs of the mating cards the predictions appropriate to the pictures for the particular positions, Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, in which the pictures may lie. And it willbe understood that the pictures and predictions hereinbefore set forth may be altered to suit the particular purpose of the game, or to vary the nature of the predictions.

I claim:

1. In a card game, a plurality of multisided cards, each of said cards having its face provided with a similar plurality of indicia-bearing divisions, each of said divisions having as one boundary an adjacent edge of the card, the indicia being of a nature to provide fragmentary mating portions upon one division of each of two cards only, whereby only such two cards may be arranged in edge juxtaposition to completely display such indicia.

2. In a card game, a plurality of quadrilateral cards, each of said cards having its face provided with four division's bounded-respectively by the edges of the card-and by diagonal lines extending from corner to corner of the card in intersecting relation, each of 'saiddivisions bearing picture indiciapf a fragmentary nature extending to its card edge boundary, and the plurality of cards being capable of'arrangement to display complete pictures equal in number to twice the number of cards, only two cards :of the plurality bearing mating fragments of each separate indicia, whereby a complete display of such separate indicia may be afforded only by appropriate edge juxtaposition of such two cards.

8. In a card game, a plurality of quadrilateral cards, each of said cards having its face provided with four divisions bounded respectively by the edges of the card and by diagonal lines extending from corner to corner of the card in intersecting relation, each of said divisions bearing indicia of a fragmentary nature extending to its card edge boundary,'only twoc'ards of the plurality bearing mating fragments of each separate indicia, whereby a complete display of such separate indicia may be aiforded only by appropriate edge juxtaposition of such two cards, each of said cards of the plurality of same being capable of arrangement with four other cards in appropriate indicia-mating juxtaposition t its four edges to thereby display four completed indicia.

4. In a card game, a plurality of square cards, each of said cards having its face provided with four divisions bounded respectively by the edges of the card and by diagonal lines extending from corner to corner of the card in intersecting relation, each of said divisions bearing indicia of a fragmentary nature extending to its card edge boundary, only two cards of the plurality bearing mating fragments of each separate indicia,.

whereby a complete display of such separate indicia may be afforded only by appropriate edge juxtaposition of such two cards.

.5. Ina card game, a plurality of thirty-six similar square cards, said cards in play being arranged in a-square of six cards to the side, each of said cards having its face provided with four divisions bounded respectively by the edges of the card and by diagonal lines extending from corner to corner of the card in intersecting relation, each of said divisions bearing picture indicia of a fragmentary nature extending to its card edge boundary, only two cards of the plurality of same bearing mating fragments of each separate indicia, said cards thereby being capable of arrangement in said playing square to display selectively only seventy-two distinct pictures, the arrangement of the indicia making possible display of complete pictures only by appropriate edge juxtaposition of cards bearing mating picture indicia. I V

6. In a card game, a, plurality of similar square cards equal in number t the square of a chosen number, each of said cards having its face provided with four divisions bounded respectively by the edges of the card and by diagonal lines extending from corner to corner of the card in intersecting relation, each of said divisions bearing picture indiciaof a fragmentary nature the mating portion of which is borne by a division of a mating card, only two cards of the plurality of same thus bearing the mating fragments of each separate picture indicia, the arrangement of the indicia making possible display of complete pictures only by appropriate edge juxtaposition of cards bearing mating fragments of said picture indicia, said cards thereby being capable of arrangement in a playing squareto display selectively a number of complete mating picture indicia equal only to twice the square of said chosen number.


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