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Publication numberUS2384156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1945
Filing dateJun 13, 1941
Priority dateJun 13, 1941
Publication numberUS 2384156 A, US 2384156A, US-A-2384156, US2384156 A, US2384156A
InventorsBurdette Jean Robert
Original AssigneeCarton Coolers Inc
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Portable magazine type package cooler
US 2384156 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 m w M W m 6 J. R. BURDETTE PORTABLE MAGAZINE TYPE PACKAGE COOLER Flled June 13, 1941 5, 4 v a 77'0PNEY Sept. 4, 1945.

Sept. 4, 1945. :J. R. BURDETTE 2,384,156 Q PORTABLE MAGAZINE TYPE PACKAGE COOLER Filed Jun 13, 1941 2 sheet-sheet 2 Patented Sept. 4, 1945 PORTABLE MAGAZINE- COOLER TYPE PAcKAGn- 'iIeanRobert Burdette, Lincoln, Nebn, assignor to Carton Coolers, Inc., Lincoln, Nebn, a corporation-of Nebraska Application June 13, 1941, Serial No. mm 1;

3 Claims. (01. 31236) This invention relates to package cooling and dispensing equipment and has for its primary object, the provision of relatively small refrigerat ing apparatus for bottled goods, a portion of which remains on location at. the point of purchase, while other parts thereof are interchangeable and movable to and from the source of bottle goods supply. Y

One of the important aims of this'invention is the provision of a package cooler and dispenser having a removable container within which. is disposed a bottle magazine and that is d signed to be carried by specially formed means cooperable with certain parts of thecontainer.

This invention has for a further aim the provision of a package cooler and. dispensing unit, the inner portion of which may be quickly replaced and which has specially'formed elements cooperable with an 1 operating handle, permanently aflixed to a displaceable cover of the unit.

One of the aims of the instant invention is the provision of bottle cooling and vending equipment, certain parts of which are removable as a unit, which unit comprises a container capable of holding a revolvable magazine and susceptible of collecting water produced by the melting of ice held within the magazine to. cool the bottles while they are mounted in position for individual removal through a, dispensing opening in a part of the case of the dispenser.

This invention contemplates providing bottle carrying means for a cooler and dispenser of the aforementioned character; which means maybe stacked and transported to and from the bottling works while the outer case of the cooler is left intact at the point where sales are made.

The problem which the broad concepts of this invention solve are present when an attempt is made to transport the entire cooler and dispenser for the same is usually artisticallyfinished and when marred or scratched becomes objectionable on location. The weight which the entire cooler presents is also prohibitive when an attempt is made to move the whole unit merely to refill the magazine thereof. The manner of handling the parts of a cooler and dispenser embodying this invention and further advantages arising from the unique assembly, will appear during the course of the following specification, referring to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a top plan view of a cooler and dispenser made in accordance with the present invention, parts being broken away for clearness.

Fig. 2 is a vertical central sectional view through the same.

i. .Fig. 3 is a top-plan view of :the containerand parts associated therewith entirely removed from thecase.

c .Fig. 4 is a side'elevational view of :the container illustrating the .manner in. which the sectional carrier is combinable therewith...

Fig, 5 is an enlargedsectional view through'the carrier taken on line V=--Vof Fig.'3. Fig. 6 is a plan view of the adaptor frameemployed when stacking several containers; and I Fig. '7 is a side view of the adaptor frame in position between twocontainers.

l Theportablemagazine type package cooler is relatively small and usedat locations where a small number of persons are to be serviced throughout the day. This type of package cooler and dispenser may be placed on location where the generalpublic is not expected to operate the same but where a group of individuals are desirous of having available'acold-bottleof beverage when the same is desired.

One of the shortcomings involved inservicing such relatively small equipment is the inconvenience-to both the bottler andconsumerl, due-to-th'e bodily removal-of the entire-cooler from location when the same is to 'be- -refilled and" r'eserviced. It iscontemplatedtherefore, thatwhen this invention is-followedfthe'insulated 'case Ill be left on location and only the hereinafter described inner portions thereof-replaced; v I 7 Case I has adisplaceable co'ver l2 through which is formed abottle dispensing opening that is confined beneath door -l'4,-v\ 7-l 1i'ch in turnis released for movement to the open positiononly after a coin has been inserted'through slot I6 to operate mechanism within housing lii and not hereshown. I

A conventional'lock' cures cover 12 the closed position and-gasket seals the joint betweencover-l2 and-case l0. L

'Anoperating handle 24 secured tothe outer end of shaft 26; which-1n turri is yjourn'alled in bearing 28 in cover 12; has a centering' plate 30 secured to the inner end thereof, which plate has inclined sides 32 terminating in horizontal outturned flange 34. A dog 36 pivotally mounted as at 38 to shaft 26 is disposed for engagement with one of a number of notches 40 formed in the spider of magazine 42. This spider is divided to present compartments 44 for bottles 46 and a central opening in the spider receives a center plate 30.

Magazine 42 is rotatably mounted through the medium of pintle 48 that enters socket 50 created in the lower wall or bottom of magazine 42. The

Sections 60 and 62' combine to present a U-shaped body, the ends of the legs of which are out-turned to present ears' 66 and 68 on sections 60 and 6-2..res'pectively; C

When retaining ring Ill is moved to a position where it does not circumscribe a portion of sections 60 and 62, the sections'may .be moved. about their pivotal connection 64 'to allow cars 66 and 68 to be withdrawn from beneath flange 56.

The adapter frame illustrated in Figst6 and 7 is employed to stack containers 52 when they are transported in a truck or stored.

Obviously, if container 52 is made high enough to :extend above the tops of bottles 46, such an adaptor frame is not necessary, but in the preferred embodiment :of :the invention, the relative heights of container 52 'and magazine 42 is as shown inFig. .2. i Elimination of weight and reduction in cost of manufacture are factors to be considered in constructing container 52.

Adaptor/frame 14 isrmade in the form of an open, polygonal :body conformingin, shape to the flanged top of container 52. Upper and lower flanges 76 of frame 74 engage the top and bottom of the stacked containers, as the case may be, and corner members 18 embrace aportion of the vertical sides of container 52 to preclude accidental lateral displacement. A strengthening brace plate 11 is spot-welded orotherwise secured to the bottom of upper flange :16 at each cornercfframe 14 to add rigidity. l 7

When dispensing and cooling structure is constructed as just described, the container 52, magazine -42, all bottles 46 contained therein, the ice 54 and such water as has collected in container 52, may all he quickly removed from case and taken to a truck for'transportation to the bottling works -there'any objectionable washing, rinsing, dumping and other such work may be accomqplished while a fresh ,filler of said enumerated parts is serving the owner-of case 16 atthe point where bottles 46 are dispensed.

V The specially formed centering plate 5010;0- operate with pintle 48 or any other similar/bearing means supplied to rotatably-mount magazine 42 so that merel closing cover I [2 will dispose all of the parts in the operative position. When magazine 42 is centered, container 42 is spaced from the inner face of magazine 10. In other words, the cross sectional area of container 52 is slightly less than the cross'sectionalarea of the inside of case to present space 80 which cooperates with the insulated side walls of case 10 in preventing heat exchange.

Magazine 42 is free to rotate when the operator manipulates handle 24 but means is provided for arresting the movement of bottles 46 so that one is in register with the opening in cover I2 beneath door l4. Detents 82 pressed in the lower side of cover [2 receive the end of pin 84 which is pressed against the said underside of. cover 12 by spring :86, This 'yieldalble means 'of stopping bottles 46 as aforesaid, is mounted entirelyppon cover I2 10 and without mechanism that could he injured during transportation to and from the point and therefore, magazine 42 is rendered rugged where it is to be introduced into case In. Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as newand desired to [be secured by "Letters Patent is:

1. In a package cooler and dispenser of the character described, an insulated case provided member. i

with a displaceable cover; a container removably fitted into said case; a :pintle centrally located on: the bottom of the ."containerna magazine for packages rotatably mounted onlthepintle in the container; an annular member,Shaving a series of notches and a ,oentrallopening forming apart of the 'maga'z'ine;-"a shaft ij'o'urnalledxin the cover; a operating handle on the 'shaftiexteriorly of the case; a centering plate. on "the shaft formed to enter the central opening of the magazine; and a gravity actuated dog pivotally mounted on the shaft ior entering :omgqofithe notches of th said i 2. :Inza package cooler .andgdispensersof the character described, an insulated caseprovided with a displaceablecover; ajcontainerremovably fitted into said "case; a ;pin',tle centrally located on the bottom-of thelcontainer; a magazine forpackages rotatably mounted "on the :pintle :in the con.- tainer; an annular,memberhaving a series of notches and a central opening forming a part of thema'gazinej; a shaftjournalledimthe cover; an operating handle -on :the shaft exteriorly of the case; a centering-plate on the shaft, formed to enterthe central opening of the magazine; and a (gravity actuated dog .pivotally mounted on the shaft forenteringbne .oftheinotches of the memher, said magazinebeing, provided with a: perforated wall A adaptedto..;permit flow of water therethroughand to retain cracked, ice therein 5 3. :a gpackage cooler and dispenser of the character described, an insulated case provided with a displacealble cover; a container ,sremovabl fitted into said case having a peripheral inturned flange iatiits upper :edge; a magazine forthe packages vhaving a spider -;on its upper end provided with a notch; means forrotatably mounting the magazine in said-container; a dog carried by said cover andengageable with the notchoi said magazine when the coveris closed; and means operably connected withsaid dog and projecting above said cover iorefiectin-g rotation of the magazine in said container.


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