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Publication numberUS2384697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1945
Filing dateOct 18, 1944
Priority dateOct 18, 1944
Publication numberUS 2384697 A, US 2384697A, US-A-2384697, US2384697 A, US2384697A
InventorsPeter Riccardi
Original AssigneePeter Riccardi
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Umbilical clip
US 2384697 A
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Sept.'l1, 1945. p cc p 2,384,697

UMBILICAL CLIP Filed oct. 18, 1944 INVEN TOR. P5759 6 cvzeo Patented Sept. 11, 1945 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE UMBILICAL CLIP Peter Riccardi, Los Angeles, Calif.

Application October 18, 1944, *Serial No. 559,144

2 Claims.

My invention relates to an umbilical clip, of the particular type disclosed in U. S. Patent No. 2,307,377 issued to me Jan. 5, 1943, and the principal object of my present invention is, to generally improve upon the structure of my patented clip and arrange at the end of one of the jaws thereof an ear or lip, which, when the jaws of the forceps are closed to clamp the clip upon the cord, is engaged by the corresponding jaw of the forceps, and bent downwardly over the end of the other jaw of the clip, so as to effectively maintain said clip in closed, cord clamping position.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts, which will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view of the clip.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the clip positioned upon the jaws of the forceps.

Fig. 3 is a side elevational view showing the clip upon an umbilical cord.

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawing which illustrates a preferred embodimerit of my invention, I and I I designate respectively, the upper nd lower jaws of the clip which are connected at one end by a half loop I2 and said jaws being formed from a strip of thin sheet metal or plastics having a certain degree of resiliency.

Fonmed integral with the edge of upper jaw I0 and overlying same, is an open loop I3, adapted to receive one of the forceps jaws and formed integral with and underlying the lower jaw II, are similar open loops I4 for the lower jaw of the forceps.

Formed on the side edges of upper jaw ID are small depending teeth l5 and similar teeth I6 project upward from the side edges of the lower jaw II.

The forward portion of the material forming the lower jaw is extended forwardly to form a short lip or ear I I, which, when the clip is formed and shaped projects upwardly and rearwardly at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, with the upper edge of said lip occupying a position slightly in advance of the forward end of upper jaw ID.

If desired the forward end of upper jaw I0 may be bent or curved downwardly to a slight degree as designated by w so as to facilitate passage of the forward end of jaw Ill below lip Il, when the clip is closed and clamped upon a cord.

To apply the clip, the jaws of the forceps F are inserted through the loops I 3 and I4 as shown in Fig, 2 and after the cord has been positioned in the clip, the jaws of the forceps are closed, thereby closing and clamping .the jaws of the clip on the cord.

As this closing and clamping action takes place, the forward end of the upper jaw ID of the clip passes the upper end of lip I! and immediately thereafter the upper jaw of the forceps engages the upper end of said lip and bends same downward so as to overlie the forward end of upper jaw, thereby securing the jaws in closed, cord clamping position (see Fig. 3).

Thus as the jaws of the clip are closed, the retaining lip I1 is simultaneously bent downward over the end of the lower jaw and thereby maintain the jaws in closed position.

To remove the clip from the cord it is only necessary to lift lip I1 and then spread jaws I0 and II apart.

Thus it will be seen that I have provided an umbilical cord clip which is simple in structure, inexpensive of manufacture, and very effective in performing the functions for which it is intended.

It will be understood that minor changes in the size, form and construction of the various parts of my improved umbilical clip may be made and substituted for those herein shown and described without departing from the spirit of the invention, the scope of which is set forth in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. An umbilical clip comprising a pair of jaws connected at one end, means on said jaws for receiving the jaws of a pair of forceps and a lip extending from the forward end of one of said jaws toward the forward portion of the other jaw which lip is slightly inclined toward the connected ends of said jaws.

2. An umbilical clip formed from a single strip of flexible material bent double to form a pair of jaws, means on said jaws for receiving the jaws of a pair of pliers, a lip projecting from the forward end of one jaw toward the other jaw and the forward end of said other jaw being curved slightly toward said clip.


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U.S. Classification606/120
International ClassificationA61B17/12, A61B17/122
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European ClassificationA61B17/122