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Publication numberUS2385898 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1945
Filing dateJun 24, 1943
Priority dateJun 24, 1943
Publication numberUS 2385898 A, US 2385898A, US-A-2385898, US2385898 A, US2385898A
InventorsWaters Harry F
Original AssigneeWaters Harry F
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Snap-down bottom, flat-folded paperboard container
US 2385898 A
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0a. 2, 1945. F. WATERS 2,3s:' ,s9zs

SNAP-DOWN BOTTOM, FLAT-FOLDED PAPER-BOARD CONTAINER Filed June 24, 1945 s Shets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR Harry I. Wafers ATTORNEY 2, 1945. WATERS, 2,38,8 9 8 SNAPDOWN BOTTOM, FLAT-FOLDED PAPER-BOARD CONTAINER v Fiied June 24, 1945 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR Harry K Wafers v ATTORNEY 9 H. F. WATERS 38 SNAP-DOWN BOTTOM, FLAT-FOLDED PAPER-BOARD CONTAINER Filed June 24, 1943 s Sheets-Sheet s INVENTOR #drk f. Wafers ATTORNEY Patenteei @et 3%5 I assesses snnaaows neuron", FLAT-EOEEE rarsaaoaan natty Ii Waters, New Yeah. a. ripplication June 24%,, 1M3, gestalt No. tifstdiii'i a @iaincs. con. seere) This invention relates to improvements in paper-board containers, and more particularly to flat-folded containers which can be snapped down or erected into open filling condition. More particularly my novel containers are directed to specially treated containers adapted icr packaging liquid products, such as milk, and which are fiat-foldable for shipment from manufacturer to milk distributor or other user.

Hitherto, paper-board containers for milk,

board container' which may be shipped in the,

form of a flat envelope, may be provided suitable ior packaging of liquids, semi-liquids, oils, or greases, the novel container being characterized by fold lines so defined therein that a self-supporting hollow container or predetermined configuration may be formed therefrom solely by the operation of folding the envelope on the lines defined therein, said envelope being erectable into use position by snapping the folded bottom downwardly into place.

These and other features-of novelty of my invention will be described in the accompanying specification, and illustrated in the drawings, certain preferred features being shown by way of example only, for, since the underlying principles may be incorporated in other paper-board structures. it is not intended to be limited to the forms here shown, except as such limitations are clearly imposed'by the appended claims.

In the drawings, like numerals refer to similar 'parts throughout the several views. of which Fig. 1 is a plan view of a making conical containers;

Fig. 2 is a view similar to Fig. 1 showing the gluing pattern for the conical blank;

Fig. 3 is aplan view showing'the initial step of paper-board blank for adhering the parts according tothe glue" plan of v Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the blank of Fig. 3 showing the method of folding same;

Fig. 5 is an elevation partly in broken section showing the completion ofthe folding upf step-- of Figs. 3 and i; ie- 6 is a. cross-section of the fiat-folded conical structure of Fig. 5 showing the fin seams at the edges of the flat-folded container:

Fig. 7 is a vertical section of the bottom of the container of Fig. 5, taken on lines 'F F;

Fig. 8 is a'view similar to Fig 5 showing the container in erected iorm; 1

Pie. 9 is a hottom'view of the erected container of Fig. a

Fist. i0 is a vertical. section taken on lines iii-i d of Fig. 8;

Fig. 11 is a vertical section of the top of the container of Fig. 8 showing a skirted cap in place.

Referring now to the drawings, and more particularly to Figs. 1 to 10, there is shown the method of fabricating'a conical container in fiatioldable form and with a snap-down bottom therefrom a suflicient distance to serve as gluing spaced from Lhe edge to form a false bottom. The blank "I, shown in Fig. 1, comprises front and back wall sections Ii, i2 and a center or bottom section Q3. The sections H, 52 are continuous with section l3 and separated therefrom by score lines 8,45. Segments or wall section I i is generally conical in configuration. having tapered side walls It, ii, a concave bottom It, and a convexed top IS. The panel H is provided with score lines 20 parallel to the edges l8, l1 and spaced tabs or panels. These tabs are designated A and B for purposes of convenience. The panel I2 is symmetrical with panel H, being in fact a mirror image thereof. The taping edges 2|, 22 form the sides of the blank and a curvilinear bottom 23 and top 2d are adapted to mate with sections II and I! of panel "ll. Score lines 25 are parallel to edges 2 I, 22 and. define gluing'sections or panels 0, D. xThe central panel section I! has a central transverse score line-'26, curvilinear edges 21, 28 forming with score lines I 5, l4 continuous arcuate segments. Side edges 29, 30 are angularly disposed with respect to transverse fold line 28,

and spaced score lines 3|, 32, 33,34 are formed in the blank parallel tothe said edges. It will be seen that four arcuate cut-outs, F, ,G. H, I are formed by the curvilinear edges 23, 2'! and i8,- 28. The panel I! is provided further with a pair of symmetrical arcuate score lines 35, 36 meeting panel set ofi by the fold lines 3|, 3!, 33, 34 and fold line iifi'correspond in the latter dimensions 1 talned the nature of my said inventiomand in what manner the same is-to be performed, I de- [to the gluing panels A, B, C, D, and are designated Bythe provision of cut-out segment F, G, H,

i, the blank is so conformed as to insure a flat bottom when the carton blank is ,folded and erected. I Turning now to Fig. 2, it will be noted that the. narrower panels 13 and C are severally glued on both sides, while panels A and D remain unglued. In the bottom panel I3 segments A ,'B C 13 are; glued above the line while segments J, K, L, M, are glued only on the inner face of the paneL. Adhesive used may be heat-scalable plastic or water-proof glues depending on the material'which is to be packaged. To prepare the gluepanel'and form same into flat-foldedconical containers, panel i3 is folded up on fold line i5 and folded on itself about fold line 25, as shown in Figs. 3 and 4. The segment of panel I3, in-

clare thatwhat I claim is: v i

1. A papermard blank for conical hollow containers, said blank comprising symmetrical wall sections spaced by an integral bottom section,

; said bottom section having atransverse medial fold line perpendicular to the central longitudinal axis of the panel sections, the panel sections having tapering sides with flaringarcuate base, the bottom panel having, arcuate edges adapted to mate and register with the bottom edges of the panel sections upon folding, the bottom panel having arcuate score lines defining parabolae with the central longitudinal axis, the sides of the bottom panel forming abtuse angles and adapted to v register with the edges of juxtaposed panels upon eluding gluing panels C J, K and D is pressed 1 flat againstpanel l2 so that fold lines -35 are in r i ter and abutting as are fold lines 25-34.

Panel H is thereupon folded upwardly on hinged line I 4 so as to bring flaps A, B into registry with flaps C, D respectively, and the edges l6, I! there'- of intoregistry with the" edges 2!, 22 or panel l2.

This operation forces gluing panels A M, .L, B into engagement with the aligned cooperating sections of panel I I. When this has been accomplished, panel!) and associated panel B are folded over onto the face of panel H to form a fin seam Y 40, the corresponding seam 4| formed by folding panels A andC over onto the backof panel I2.

It is to be noted that flaps A and D will be secured to the panels or faces! I, I2 by any suitable adhesive or the like. I

. The flat-folded container formed, as indicated above, may be erected by squeezing edges in wardly causing the center panel 13 to snap down- I wardly locking the, wall I I, 12 in place in fixed position. Due to the'spacing of arcuate fold lines -35, 3.6 from transverse fold lines M, IS the con tainer is provided with a false" bottom standin up from the rim or edge formed by fold lines M, ii and associated rimsections I8, 23. Thecontainer, as shown in Fig. 11 may have a skirted I cap'50 applied thereover, and held in place a disc 5!. The cap 50 may have a central aperture 5;, and'disc Si'may be provided with a lifting tab 53 to remove the disc 5| and expose the-pouning hole 52. I

It will new be seen, and with particular reference to the showings of Figs. '1 to 11, that a flatfoldable conical container of paper-board can be made with a snaprdown'bottom by suitably configuring a paper-board blank cutting out central segments to permit-curvilinear bottom portions, and scoring the central panels to provide snapdown segments serving to erect andhold the con.. taiper in erected, conical shape. The container folding the blank into flat-folded container form. 2. A flat-folded conical paperboard container capable of being erected into hollow self-supporting. iormatiomcomprising a tripartite sheet of material having a central bottom panel section and attachedibody sections on either, side of the bottom, the said sheet having a central longitudinal axis and the body sections having angular sides flaring outwardly adjacent the point of porting formation, comprising a tripartite sheet -01 material having a central bottom panel section and attached body sections on either side of the bottom, the said sheet having a central longitudinal axis and the body sections having angular sides flaring outwardly adjacent the point of junction with the bottom panel, cut-out sections between thebottom panel and the body panels,

and defining mating arcuate edges therefor, the bottom panel having a medial fold line perpendicular to the longitudinal axis, spaced fold lines parallel to the several panel edges, the said lateral score lines in each panel-defining edge flaps of differential widths, and the so formed flaps of.

common width being diagonally disposed with respect to each other..

4. A curvilinear snap-down bottomed container ,in flat form capable of being erected i nto hollow formation, comprising. a sheet oi material be] lows-folded upon itself to give a transverse botmay be made of parafiine paper-board or of i paper board provided with inner facings of liquid-tight material, including plastic surfacings, heat fusible or not, of rubber hydrochloride, vinylresin co-polymers andv various other plastic,

materials in film form, or as coatings sprayed or flowed in place on the inner surfaces of thefln-f ishedcontainers.v f

Having now particularly described and ascer- ,tom bellows fold and having the opposite edges of its opposed faces in the body section secured together in face to face relation to provide a fin seam container having an open-mouth, the edges of the transverse bellows fold formingffins merging into said first named side fins, the said bottom structure on erection forming snap-down curvilinear base. a v

5. Container according claim 4 having fused seams.

a J 6. Container constructionhiccording to claim 4 in which the seamed sides and bottom are, folded over onto the body of the container and secured thereto. 7. Container according to claim 4 having a con-;

tinuous inner surface. HARRY F. WATERS,

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