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Publication numberUS2386151 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1945
Filing dateAug 14, 1944
Priority dateAug 14, 1944
Publication numberUS 2386151 A, US 2386151A, US-A-2386151, US2386151 A, US2386151A
InventorsGeorge Trautvetter
Original AssigneeHeintz Mfg Co
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Window structure
US 2386151 A
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0d. .2, `19.45. G. TRUTVETTER 2,386,151

WINDOW STRUCTURE Filed Aug. 14, 1944 ga @ttm/man Patented oci. 2, 194s 2,386,151V

UNITED STATES PATENT oFEic-E WINDOW STRUCTURE George Trautvetter, Jenkintown, Pa., assigner to Heintz Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application August 14, 1944, Serial No. 549,376

, 2 Claims'. (Cl. 189-78) This invention relates to window structures Il and a rear frame strip I8, which in the asand more particularly to a window frame assemsembly are secured together as will be explained. bly for use in door openings and the like. The front strip Il of the frame is substan- It is 'a principal object of the invention to tially T-shaped in section and has a at central provide a window frame assembly vin which the 5 strip portion I9 which extends from the iront to window pane has a suspension mounting and is the back of the window opening. On the sides of adequately cushioned against jars and jolts. the window opening, this central strip portion I9 It is a further object of the invention to prois disposed flat against the edge wall I8 (Figure vide a window frame structure comprised in 2), While on the top and bottom of the window part of two strip metal members of novel secl opening this central portion I9 bridges the eX- tion and secured to the structure in which the posed edges of the front and back walls II and lwindow opening is formed in such manner that I2 and of the exposed edges of the channel memno screwheads or the like will be visible. p ber I5.

The invention as another object provides a The front frame strip Il also has arched arm window frame structure comprised in part oi l5 strip portions 20 and 2l, the ends of which have two strip members of novel section and made at inner surfaces 22 and 23.

lof metal, plastic or the like, and preferably ex- The rear strip I8 is of irregular section, havtruded in strip form in the desired section. ing an arched strip portion 24, the end of which These and other objects of the invention will has a nat inner sul face 25. The rear strip also become more apparent from the following dehas a lateral strip portion 26 which, when the scription and claims when read in conjunction frame is assembled, engages the central portion with the drawing in which: I9 of the front frame strip I'I.

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the invention The lateral strip portion 26 of the rear strip as embodied inadoor.` is provided with a groove 2l which runs its Figure 2 is an enlarged section taken on the 25 length, and the edges of which are undercut as line 2--2 of Figure 1. indicated at 28. 'I'his lateral strip portion 26 Figure 3 is an enlarged section taken on the of the rear frame strip I8 also has a shelf porline 3-3 of Figure 1, and tion 29 disposed in the plane of the window Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 3 but pane 30. showing a slightly modied form. 'I'he assembly includes a U channel strip 3| While `the `invention is applicable to many which binds the edge of the window pane 30. types of building structures it has been illus- 'I'his strip 3| is preferably of rubber, or the like, trated and will be described herein as applied and has lateral anges 32 and 33, as clearly to a swinging door such as used, for example, seen in Figure 3. in the vestibule of a railway dining car. 35 Also a sealing and cushioning strip 34 of rubber With reference to the drawing, the door I0 or the like is provided. The sealing strip 34 or other structure to which the invention is apin section has an outer edge which is forked to plied, may be made up of front and back walls provide portions 35 and 38, a rounded rear sur- II and I2 of sheet metal, such as stainless steel, face 3T and a at inner surface 38.

or the like. At the side edges of the window a Finally a series of self-tapping screws such as opening (see Figure 2) the front and back walls 39 and 40 are employed fOr Securing the frame 1I and I2 may be integrally formed with an edge striDS t0 the d001'- Wall I3. The edge wall i3 may be reinforced The Window pane 30 is inserted in the followby a strip of metal I4 suitably secured thereto ing marmer! by welding, brazing or the like. 5 The front and rear frame strips I1 and I8 are 'I'he top and bottom edges of the window 4 -disposed about the edges 0f the Window Openopening may be comprised as shown in Figure ing with the central portion I9 of the front frame 3 in which the front and back walls II and l2 strip I1 disposed in engagement with the edges are joined by a reinforcing channel member I5 0f the Opening and With the lateral DOrtOn 26 of U section. The channel member l5 may be o of the rear frame strip I8 overlying. The front welded or brazed or otherwise secured to the and rear frame strips Il and I8 are then secured front and back walls. to the door by means of the .bolts 39 and 40.

'Ihe window frame or sash about the window The WndeW Dane 30 with its binding 3| is then opening is generally indicated as I6 is comdisposed in the opening with the forward side prised of two metal strips, a front frame strip of the binding 3l in engagement with the at front frame strip I'I. Finally, the sealing and cushioning strip 34 is forced into place s0 that the portions 35 and 33 are firmly engaged in the groove 21. It should be noted that the normal section of the sealing strip is such that the portions 35 and 36 must be compressed toward each other while the strip is being inserted in the grooves 2l, whereupon the forked portions 35 and 36 then expand to press againstthe sides of the gIOOVe.

The inner ilat surface 38 of the sealing strip 34 engages the rear sides and the ange 33 of the window pane binding 3| so that the window pane 30 is held in suspension between the sealing strip 34 and the arm 20 of the front frame strip I1.

A slightly modied construction is illustrated in Figure 4. This differs from the embodiment shown in Figure 3, principally in the sectional shape of the sealing strip. In this instance the sealing strip 4I is of arcuate section. One end is engaged in the groove 21 and bears against the rear wall thereof. The other end of the strip 4I bears against the window pane binding 3| with the flange 33 of the latter overlying the edge of the sealing strip 4 I.

In accordance with the invention the front and rear frame or sash strips I'I and I8 are preferably formed of aluminum which is extruded in sectional shapes as shown and described. The door or other structure having the window opening may be of any suitable material, but is preferably of metal. such as stainless steel, aluminum, or the like.

It will be noted that the invention provides a window assembly which is easy to manufacture and assemble and in which the Window pane is mounted so as to withstand any jars or jolts to which the door, or other structure, may be subjected. Moreover, the structure presents a neat appearance as there are no screw heads or the like visible after the frame has been assembled with the window pane in place.

surface 22 of the strip portion arm 23 of the It should be apparent that changes in the structure and arrangement of the elements may .be made without departing from the invention, which is only to be limited as indicated in the following claims.

I claim:

1. A window frame structure for windowopenings in doors and the like comprising, a front frame strip, said front frame strip being substantially T-shaped in section, a rear frame strip, said rear frame strip in section having an arm strip portion and a lateral strip portion, said lateral portion having an undercut groove for receiving a rubber sealing ring, and means for securing said frame strips to the edge of a window opening with the central portion of the front ,y frame strip disposed on the edge of the window opening and the lateral portion of the rear frame strip overlying said central portion.

2. A window assembly for building structures and the like comprising, a window pane having an edge binding, a window frame, said window frame being comprised of a front frame strip and a rear frame strip of extruded aluminum or the like, said front frame strip being substantially T-shaped in section and having a central strip portion disposed for engagement with the edge of the window opening and arm strip portions, one of which engages one side of the building structure adjacent the opening and the other of which engages one side of the edge binding of the window pane, said rear frame strip having an arm strip portion for engaging the other side of the building structure adjacent the edge of the window opening and a lateral strip portion for overlying the central portion of said front frame strip, said lateral strip portion having an undercut groove, means for securing said front and rear frame strips in the positions defined, and a sealing strip of compressible material, said sealing strip having one edge disposed in said groove and another portion engaging the other side of the edge binding of said window pane.


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