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Publication numberUS2387077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1945
Filing dateDec 31, 1943
Priority dateDec 31, 1943
Publication numberUS 2387077 A, US 2387077A, US-A-2387077, US2387077 A, US2387077A
InventorsGeorge V Johnson
Original AssigneeWillamette Hyster Company
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Lift truck
US 2387077 A
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Oct. 16, 1945.

G. v. .yoHNfsoN 2,387,077

LIFT TRUCK Filed Dec. 31, 1945 '2 sheets-Sheet 1 oct. l16, 1945.l G. v; JQHNSON 2,387,077

LIFT TRUCK Filed peo. :51, 1943 2 snvetslsheet 2 Patented Oct. 16, 1945 LIFT TRUCK George V. Johnson, Portland, Oreg., assignor to Willamette Hyster Company, Portland, Oreg., a corporation of Oregon Application December 31, 1943, Serial N0. 516,405

22 Claims.

The present invention relates to lift trucks I and is particularly concerned with lift trucks of the type driven with an internal combustion engine and having at the forward end a pivotally mounted frame acting as a guide and a support plane 0f the line 7-7 of Fig. 6 looking in the for a carriage having a pair of forwardly extenddirection of the arrows. ing lifting arms. The present vehicle preferably has its chassis One of the objects of the invention is the pro' `in the form of an assembly of cast steel members vision of an improved lift truck of the class dewhich are also employed for housing and enclosscribed, the structure of which is more compact, ing the mechanism andfOr PI'OVding the houssturdy, and makes more eiicient use of available ings for a pair of laterally located mufllers. space to permit the use of larger pneumatic tires Referring to Figs. 1, 6 and 7, the lift truck and still retain general over-all dimensions conis there indicated in its entirety by the numeral sistent with trucks of equal capacity using smaller and its chassis frame by the numeral 2|. diameter solid tires. 15 This chassis frame mayy comprise a 'pair of side Another object of the invention is the propanelsv 22 joined at the top under the feet of vision of an improved steering mechanism for the operator by a transversely extending frame a lift truck of the class described which is simple member 23 which also serves as a floor board, yet effective and which is mounted on a, eonvenand joined at the rear by a vertically extending iently movable support for the drivers seat so,20 partially cylindrical end wall 24. that the steering post and seat may be moved At the forward end of the vehicle each of the to a different position to permit access to the side panels 22 is provided With a transversely motor and/or other mechanism. extending wall 25, which'is curved cylindrically Another object of the invention is the provision and slightly spaced from each. of the front wheels of an improved lifting structure for trucks of the 25V 26 tOOrm a fender, and the Wall 25 iS .ned class described which permits a greater visibility to a forwardly extending supporting flange 21, for the operator, forwardly of the truck, through which is secured to the front axle housing 28. the elevator and its mechanism, In order to clear the wheels 26 and brake drums Other objects and advantages will be apparent and brake housing 23, the forwardly extending from the following description and the accom- 30. wall 21 slopes inwardly from 30 to'3l, but has its panying drawings, in which similar characters end DOI'OIIS 32 parallel t0 the Side panels 22. of reference indicate similar parts throughout the The forward end portions 32 are formed with several views. the half cylindrical attaching flanges 33, which Referring to the drawings, of which there are areA adapted to fit the outside of the axle houstwo sheets, 35 ing 28, and which are provided with a pair of Fig. 1 is a side elevational view in partial secapertures for receiving the two legs of a U'shaped tion to show the muffler, showing the structure bolt 34 that embraces the axle housing and passes of a truck embodying the-invention; through the flanges 33 to secure the chassis Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional View taken on xedly to the axle housing 28. At the rear end the plane of the line 2-2 of Fig. 1 looking in 40 of the chassis frame the side panels 22 also enthe direction of the arrows, showing the steering close a muier chamber 35, which is formed by a mechanism; K top wall 36, bottom wall 31, side panel 22, inner Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional View taken wall 38, and two end walls 39, 40 (Fig. 1). on the plane of line 3-3 of Fig. 2, looking in This muier has its top wall 36 provided with the direction of the arrows, showing thedetails a threaded bore at, 4I for receiving the tail pipe of the mode of support of the seat on the housing; 42, which has a vertical portion threaded into Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional View on the the bore 4| and a horizontal rearwardly extendplane'of the line 4-4 of Fig. 2 looking in the ing portion discharging at- 43 rearwardly ofthe direction of the arrows, showing the details of chassis frame. the construction of the bearing and steering The exhaust is brought to the mufer chamshaft, by means of which the rear wheel is ber 35 by an exhaust pipe 44 on each side of turned for steering; the vehicle. The exhaust pipes pass in at an Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional view taken aperture 45 by means of a downwardly extending on the plane of the line 5-5 of Fig. 2 looking diagonal portion 46 and the pipes have a downin the direction of the arrows, showing the de'- 55 wardly. turned portion 47 in the chamber 35.

tails of construction of one of the chain tightening sprockets;

Fig. 6 is a top plan view of the lift truck;

Fig. 7 is a vertical sectional view taken on the ranged in two series, one series having its ex-.aV

haust connected to each of the mulers on each side of the vehicle. Y

The operation of these niuillers1 is,as.fol1ows:.

The exhaust gases, sparkscar bon;.etcgzare dis charged from the end 41 to the pipe 44 at high velocity directly toward the freeY surface of the water 49 and any burning particles' aredriven4 into the water and extinguished. As thefexhausti. gasesat high velocity pass out of the pipe end 41intoe'xhanst chamber35tliey arelperinitt'edto expand yfreely into the larger space Yprovidedandi the velocity" energyisdissipated in this chamber. Successiveyvvaves of pressure` are; created in: the chambenw'hih areL dischargeds through the` tail pipe 42 to atmosphere and'no'i'sefor"1 theexpl'osion of the@ engineisx Substantially. muilld'- by?v useA of thisistructure:

'i'nu@surtueuse-offwater-thereseassurancethat sparks will Inot'pass-outofj tlleltailpipes;` and the` construction is so arranged that; thewater is not blown from? the=muler, thuspermitting their use fvijltivly Vlongper'od's Without refilling: @'Iliesidvpanels 2l2 are alsoipr'eferablyf joined at" 'the' rear 'topbyjthe' upwardly' extending-- diag# on walls-5E 52i and1 atL tlier'earfbyj the f'rusto- 'conicalvndlwall 53 These' tapered wallsSl', 521', 5`n1ay9beintegrallyjoined to a'l top tva-ll 5# which-carriesanintgaldpendihg bearing-nous#f ing 55 of substarrt-iail'yV cylfiifidr-ic''alj shape: The bearing vhousing- 55" isjoinecl to the taperedl walls 5l`f'-5 3',- by reiiifc'ir'cingribsfv SEL-5B, andv thisbe'ar-f ing"housihgislpreferablwformed Awith-a planean. nula-Mower end=surfacef5 9:' v f The bearing housing:v 55 ifi-as' an inner4l cylindgiiical bore; 6B* andi isl provided' atits= upper and nwer mis with the bearings cig s2. These bea-*nge nfray' be similar in` construction;` each orie- 'consisting of? a" Ycylindricali bearing portion wand radially extend'ihgthrust flange-64; The cylindrical* portion',l of;` each bearinghasf a pressedlt in the. cyl'i'ripder bore; 68 and' the radial ri ng Meng-ages the-end off thislearing housg-,j v ain'gs 6ft;'o"'a`re`adaptedtosupportj for-rotation, the vertically extending steering sha-ft whiclr hasY a cylindrical outer surface B6* en*- gaging the' cylindrical@ bores in' the bearings 9F, "2j This verticalsteering shatvmayform airintegra part off a' steering Wheeli supporting memberM -61j Fig.' 7; Y which providesv a supportl for the vvheeljtii and' its shaft 69; kand also-provides; an

i'ntefgral*coimter-WeightV for counterjebalancing fand 'determines'the' final; position of the p formed of a cast metal member of considerable weight which has centrally located recesses 14 of sucient size to receive the wheel 68 and axle 69. The recess 14 has the parallel side walls 75, 16 and the inner end wall 1l, Fig. l, but these recesses preferably open at the rear as well as at the bottom. Of course the recess is open at the bottomso: that ther wheel! map project into e'nga'gemgentiwitlivv the groundl andlitgfisl preferably open at the rear so that the wheel' may be conveniently removed.

The wheel and its axle are preferably constructed substantially like the construction disclosed inA my. prior. application, case l., Serial i. L15953.05.;` led September 28, 1942, on Industrial ga-gi'ngL thev sprocket pla-tev 192 which isi secure'dto-y thissliaft bymeans off a pluralityof screwb'ol'ts 801 passing through the) sprocket"v plate andi threaded into4 threaded boresA in the topsurfacea T The sprocket plate 19 needl noti be'providcd with teeth-,. but it preferably has'itsf upper-'and lower surfaces beveled" at its peripheralJ edgea's indicated Eli 8-2, sothat the-edgeE331isrelativelyt narrowandy is adapted to be received between'- t-lie `flanges 94 of the links'A oi a'. sprocket` chainu 85".- 'Ihis chain may be endlessand may bey iixedly secured tov the-sprocket platelabymeans of a screw bolt 86 at theiright-lia-nd side of thelsprocket* plate as indicatedin'ligj. 4.

' The topvwall 54"at therear end of the-chassis' framevvliichA isf supportedby the sidewalls 5 l-513'l and which` carries the bearinghousing 55 is also preferably formed with aJ cyliifidricalA supporting surfaceA 8T? which isegconcentric' withr the. vertical shaftV G5,"` andA with a horizontal annular surfaceY 883 Fig; 3i Fig. 4; for rotatablysupportingftl'i'e seatandsteeringwheel structure: t Y

The drivers seat 89 and the steeringwheel are carriedv by a rotatably mounted hollow arm 9i, which has ,at its right end in Fig. l; acircular housingj 92 for enclosing-A` the sprocket' chain 8,5 and' sprocketV plate T94 afndf for supporting the arm 9| for rotation upon the cylindricalV suri'ace: 8.1,'. The circular; housing' 92" isl an ,integral partei' arm 91 and hasa partially'cylindrical wall 93L which isY providedi at its lower-edge-witli an annularthrust surface 94 and With1ai'i1iiwardly' extending; frame 95" haring a cylindrical bearingjsurface', Fig:r3.' n K 'I'h'e surfaces 94 and 9B engageithe1v surfaces; 8'8 and 81' on', thehousingftop'-l Fifil` and the armi 9L is thus adapted2 to,;be'1otated"on^tlc chassis frame. The circular housing 9 2 may be retainedl in place by a plurality of screw'bolts' 9i`whichhave^wash ers; 9'8" with' overehanging flange 9'5f` to serve as upper guides, permitting a slidingv movement' be tween flange 95 and washer 98t- When the; arm';9l isrotatedll Screwsk 91'l are threaded intbbmjes 99,'oflthej'housing top 54.

The' cylindrical housingportion 9'8" cates with the hollow .arm 9| which has two parallelfsidewalls 00, spaced from each other sufficiently to house the sprocket chainl85. f Arm 9| alsohas atop wall |02 through which bolts andy spacers may be passed for securing the seat 89 to thearm9|. f. 1

The lower side vof the arm 9| is also preferably closed by a bottom wall |03. The arm' 9| is also provided'-y adjacent the sprocket plate 19 with stub shafts |05 for rotatably supporting the idler pinions |04' which draw the sprocket chain in aboutthe sprocket plate 19 so that the 'arm 9| may be narrow.

In order that the arm'9l and its circular housing' 93 may be removed, the'flange 95 is preferably provided with -aplurality of circular slots |06 rotated a predetermined number of degrees away from -thebolts 91,`such as,'for example, 30 degrecs,u and the slots |06 are large enough to pass the Awashers 98. Thus, if the arm 9| is rotated 30 degrees until all the slots register with the washer 98, the circular housing 93 may be lifted from its bearings and after detachingthe chain 85 fromv the sprocket plate 19, the arm 9| with its assembled parts'may be removed.. n

' The top ofthe chassis frame which is formed by the two upwardly extending walls 22'may be open so as to permit access to the motor 50, but it is closed by means of a hood |01. Before this hood |91 can be removed, however, it is necessary to pivotv the arm 9| in a counter-clockwise direction away from the levers |08, |09, Eig. 1, vso that the hood can be removed Vby lifting it upward. Any suitable type of securing devices may be used for securing the hood |01, or it `may be made of a relatively heavy cast metal member which is held in place due to its weight.

At its forward end, that is, the left hand end, Fig. 1 andJ Fig. 2, the hollow arm 9| is provided with an enlargement ||0 having a curved end wall and this `enlargement is formed with an upper planesurface I2 having a circular bore ||3 for receiving lthe steering column |4 and its housing ||5. rSteering column ||5 preferably has a reduced cylindrical end portion which fits in a bore ||2 where it may be secured by means of bolts, andthe steering column housing is provided with acentrally located bore ||6 serving as a bearing for the steering column I4.

' .AtV its lower end the steering column ||4 carriesa pinion |1 for engaging with aV gear |8 that is fixedly secured to a stub shaft I9. Stub shaft ||9 also carries a sprocket pinion |20 and is rotatably mounted in bearings in the top and bottom wall of the arm. Pinion |20 is provided with teeth of the type used on a sprocket wheel and is adapted to be engaged by the sprocket chain 85.

The operation of the steering mechanism is as follows:

'I'he steering wheel 90 is iixedly secured to the steering column or shaft ||4, and when it is turned it turns the pinion ||1l The pinion ||-1 meshes with gear I8 which rotates shaft ||9 and sprocket pinion |20.

Sprocket pinion |20 drives the chain 85 which is held engaging the sides of the sprocket plate 19 by the idlers |04. Whenever the chain 85 is driven it rotates the sprocket plate 19 and with it the vertical shaft 85 that forms a part of the wheel support for the rear wheel. Thus, the rear wheel may be turned as desired by means of the steering wheel 90 and the intermediate steering elements serve as a reducing gear, so that it rc- Vquires, a greater movement of the steering wheel to turn the vehicle wheel,.butless power is required at the steering wheel 90.l

- The idlersprockets |04 have their shafts |05 of the type' shown in- Fig. 5. Shaft |05 has an eccentrically disposed enlargement I2 and the enprovided with-an elongated slot for the threaded extension |26,but by means `of this structure shaft v|05 of eachsprocket |04 may be moved inward or outwardto tighten the sprocket chain.-

In order that the seat supporting arm 9| may be held in its forwardly extendingv position the flange may be made thicker at the rear-or right side, Fig. 4, and provided with a tapered bore |21 for receiving the tapered end of a plunger |28. Plunger |28 slides in a bore |29 and is urged out- Wardlyl by the compression spring |30. When it is desired'to turn the seat supporting arm, a screw driver or other tool ,may be inserted in the bore |21`to drive back the plunger |28 to effect its release.

VWhen the said supporting arm is moved back to its forwardly extending position, as shown in Fig. 1,V the plunger |28 automatically moves into bore4|21 to lock the parts in that position.

The present steering equipment may be used on various types of vehicles,` but it is peculiarly adapted tobe used upon a vehicle of the type shown, comprising a lift truck, the forward end of which is provided with a vertically extending load-carrying frame |35 having an upper telescoping section adapted to be lifted by a hydraulic cylinder and piston and also having a carriage 220 slidably mounted on the vertical frame and provided with load-carryingfarms 246, the carriage being lifted by means of the chain |41 fixed at one end and passing over a pulley on the hydraulic piston. y

The vertical frame |35 is pivotally vmounted upon stub shaft |50 by means of rearwardly extending arms |49 which are pivotally connected at |54 to a piston |55 mounted in cylinder |58, by means of which the vertical frame may be tilted.

It will thus beobserved that I `have invented an improved construction for lift trucks which is simple, sturdy and capable of being manufactured at a low cost and adapted to handle relatively heavy loads for' its size and to transport them at a greater speed than the devices of the prior art.l The present elevator construction is very stable and exible in its handling and provides a maximum degree of visibility for the operator since only a single chain is used Which is disposed in alignment with the piston and cylinder.

The steering arrangement is also very simple and effective and it is mounted on a removable arm with a seat for they operator so that the entire assembly of steering gear and seat may be moved to one side for access to the motor, or may be'entirely removed.

While I have illustrated a preferred embodiment of. my invention, many modifications vmay be made without departing from the spirit of the invention, and I do not wish to vbe limited to the precise' details of construction setforth, `but desire t'o. avail myselfr'of: ailichanges withimthe scope of the appendedclaimsf...

Havingz thus described. my; invention; what I claim. isa nevvil andi desiret to; secure: Letters, Patenti on the;- United-,States,-f,. is: Y

1r. Inranfindustrialgtrucln,thecombinationoiai cbassisiframe comprisingan metalmember formed, at', its rear` end; with.k a- Wall,xv said: Wallfcarryinggrat..

k itsiupper-pontion a relativelyF largesbearing hous-` ing having. a.; vertically,V extendingV cylindrical.- bore: withv a.. rear wheel? support' comprising; a.

metai member having1 a verticallyy extendingl shatt-adapted to bev receivedgin; said horeeand.. supported thereini. for:rotatiiinI aboutY a verticalaxisi: aguider plate carriediby; the upper. end` oi? Ysaid .sh-aft, a@ tension; driving.f member secured to.

aguideyplatecarried by; theeuppen end. oi. said Q shaft aA tension; driving` member secured; to said. plate and: passing: around. a.. rotatable drivingmember locatediorwardly onf said chassis and a Steering. member for controlling saiddriving member,. said. tension driving. member compris.- inef` a-\ chain, and said. driving member. compr-is ingansprocket. Wheel. n

3;v In. an1 Yindustrial:truck, the-combination, oa chassis framecompriSingametal mem-ber formed at its. rear end with awall, said wallr carrying at its, upperportion a. relatively; large bearingl housing. having..l avertically; extending: cylindrical borer with: a; rear-whee1 support comprisineia metalA member having; a4 vertically; extending shaft adapted to be received irr saidrboreand supported therein for rotation; about@ ar vertical axis;YY at snide:` plate carried; bythevunpeirend: of said. shaft, ai tensioni` driving` member-f secured` to said platev andV passing; aroundf a; rotatable,- driving -1 memben located: forwardly; on said: chassis; and a steering member for controlling said driving; memberrsaict. tensionVv driving memben comprising; ai. clarin,y and; saift driving; membercomprisingra .sprocket wheel:y and said steering..y member; comprising-i aiwheel and shaft. having aspinion at: its:` lower ende engaging; gear;- rneansf for driving said-sprocket'rwheek 4'; In: an'. industrialztruckdthez combinationiiof; a chassisframecemprising*aimetal member formed atits. rea-remi. withaWa-ll, saidrpwall; carrying at its` uppery portion..a-.relatively large lbearinghousing.: havingafvertically extending cylindricalibore with a rear wheel support comprising aametal member; having a vertically'` extending shaft adaptedito .be ,receivedfimsa-id' bore and4 supported therein: for rotationabout avertical axis,I aguide piate carried; by the: upper; end' of said. sham ak tensiondrivingV member secured: to-.said plate and passing around a rotatable; driving member located forwardlyl on. saidchassis, and a. steerinfgrmembei-for controlling saicl` driving member, said chassis Walla alsabeingf formed; ati its upper portioni with;V a: cylindrical bearing surface and annularl thrust surface, andi a housing foranemona enclosingA saldi plate and tension-f drivnar mami-L benand. said;l secondementionedg drivingj meme ber.;rotatably; mounted onf said: latten cylindrical; surfacenandthrustisllrfaee..

l 5;. Iman industriali; truclathe, combinationzof; ai chassis frame comprising a metal memberfiormett ati itsfrear end: with a-..Wall,.said walbcarryingi at its; lippen port-ion. a' relative1y"large.l bearing lions;-5 ing having: alvertically.` extendingl cylindrical bore.

- with;V at reanwheelf. support;- comnrisng.; a metal member: havingf a. vertically,-l extending Shaft adapted to; bereceived; in sai@ bore and. sun ported therein for rotation about aivertioalaxis,L a.: guide-.plate carried by the upper. endg of; said shaitaitensionc drivingmember securedtogsaid plate; andf passing around; al rotatable. mem-ber located forwardly. onsaid chassis,4 and a.; steering; member' for controlling; said driving member. said chassis Wall. alsobeing-g formed. at, itsupper. portion with atcylindrical;V bearing-: sui-Le face andan annular thrust s urfaceand: arhous, ing-for enclosing; saidI plate andE tension; driving member and.. said, Vsecon,cl-mentioned driving member rotatablyy mounted,l on, saidlatterV cvflinw` 2 drical surface andzthrusttsurfacei said. housing,

alsor supporting. a pair of rotatable idler members for.- drawing. theclnlvingr tension' member aboutsaid plate to? reduce the necessaryv width of said housing;

6.. In an; industrial truck, vthe combination-.roi a chassisframecomprisinga metal .member formed at its rear end with awall, saidwallcarryinglat itsupper portionL ax relativelyr large bearing housinghaving avertically extending cylindrical bore with a. rear wheelY support comprising a metal member having. a vertically extending. shaft adapted to befreceivedinsaidbore and .supported therein.. for rotation .about` a verticaliV axis, ai guide plate carriedl byv the upper. end,v of. saidVY shaft..a tension .driving member secured' to said plateand passing around a. rotatable driving, member located forwardly on saidv chassis, andl steer-4 ing. member for` controlling said. driving mem.- ber, said chassis, Walh also being formed at its.` upper. portion with acylindrical bearing.. surface andan annularthrust surfaceand a. housing forenclosingsaid plate and tension.drivi1g..mem ber and' said4 second-mentioned driving. member rotatably mounted on Asaid/'latter cylindrcalisure fface and thrust Surfaceandguide means carried bv saicbchassis engaging above an anlnil'ar shtml,- der on said' housing for retaining, the. housing onV the, ch assis;

7.. Inan industrial truckA thecombination of a chassis frame comprising a metal' member formed ati its rear end' with a wall; said' Wall carrying at its upper, portion a relatively large bearing housingw having a vertically extending cylindrical' bore with a rear wheel support com.- prising a metal member having a vertically extending' shaft adapted; .to be received in; said' bore and sulziported therein for rotationabout a vertical axis; a guide plate carried'by the upper end of`said shaft, a-tenslonl drivingmembersecured to said plate and passing around aV rotatable drivingmemberlocated;A forwardly onsaid chass's, and a steering member forV controlling saldi driving` member, said chassis- Wall also being formed at its upperportion withy a. cylindrical bea-ring surface andan' annular v thrust' surface; and' a: housing for enclosing said' plate and ten'- sion` drivingl member. andi said second-mentioned driving.- member: rotatably Ymounted on: said". lat'- ter cylindrical' surface andi thrust surface; and guide' means, carried by.: said chassis` engaging above .an annular shoulder on said housing for 'retaining the housing on the chassis', said guide means comprising/a plurality of washers and threaded bolts driven into the upper chassis wall,

and said latter annular surface being formed f with grooves for -passing said washers when the housing is in a predetermined rotative position. 8. In an industrial truck, the combination of a chassis frame comprising a metal member 'formed at its rear endl with a wall, said wall v to said plate and passing around a rotatable driving member located forwardly on said chassis, and a steering member for controlling said driving member, said chassis wall also being formed at its upper portion with a cylindrical bearing surface and an annular thrust surface, and a housing for enclosing said plate and tension driving member and said second-mentioned driving member rotatably mounted on said latter cylindrical surface and thrust surface, and guide means carried by said chassis engaging above an annular shoulder on said housing for retaining the housing on the chassis, said housing having a tapered socket,yand said chassis carrying a tapered spring-pressed plunger for locking the housing against rotation on the chassis.

9. In a movable seat support for industrial trucks, the combination of a rear wheel housing having at its upper end an upwardlyl projecting cylindrical surface and having an annular thrust surface adjacent to said cylindrical surface, with a cover member having a cylindrical bore for receiving said cylindrical surface and having an annular thrust surface for engaging said annular surface, said cover having an inwardly extendingflange surrounding said cylindrical bore, guide means carried by said rear wheel housing for supporting said cover forrotative movement aboutva vertical axis, said .cover being provided with aradially projecting arm, and a seat carried by said arm and adapted to be moved to an operative position or to be rotated with said cover toward the side for permitting access to other parts of the industrial truck.

l0. In a movable seat support for industrial trucks, the combination of a rear wheel housing having at its Lupper end an upwardly projecting cylindrical surface and having an annular thrust surface adjacent to said cylindrical surface, with a cover member having a cylindrical bore for receiving said cylindrical surface and having an lannular thrust surface for engaging said annular surface, said cover having an inwardly extending flange surrounding Vsaid cylindrical bore, .guide means carried by said rear wheel housing for supporting said .cover for rotative movement about a vertical axis, said cover being provided the arm projecting'forwardly toV the Ioperative position.

11. In a movable seat support for industrial trucks, the combination of `a rear Wheelhousing having at its upper end an upwardly projecting cylindrical surface and having an annular thrust surface adjacent to said cylindrical surface,` with a cover member having a cylindrical bore for receiving said cylindrical surface and having an annular thrust surface for engaging said annular surface, said cover having an inwardly extending iiange surrounding said cylindrical`A bore, guide means carried by said rear wheel housing forsupporting said cover for rotative movement about a vertical axis, said cover being provided with a radially projecting arm, and alseat carried -lby said arm and adapted tobe moved to an operative position or to be rotated with said 'cover toward the side for permitting' access to-other parts of the industrial truck, said arm having an enlargement at its end and having an upwardly extending tubular housing,A a 'steering wheel shaft located in said .upwardly extending tubular housing and havingv a' steering'wheelf'on its upper end. f

l2. In an industrial truck, the combination of the chassis frame comprising a metal -'member formed at one end with a bearing -member for a steerable wheel, said bearing member having a substantially vertically extending cylindrical bore with a steerin'g'wheel support comprising a metal member having a shaft adapted to be receivedin said bore forrotation of a substantially vertical axis, a driving membercarri'edfby the upper end of said shaft, a'housing carried by said 'chassis' for enclosing the upper 'end of said shaft and said driving member, said housing having a radially projecting arm and steering wheel mounted on said arm, operative connections between said steerin'gf wheel' and-saiddriving member, and'a'. steerable' lwheel rotatably mounted on said wheel'support to be directed? by A said steering wheel. i

13. In an industrial lift truck, thecombination of Va supporting frame with a steerable*ground. wheel mounted for rotation upon a vertical axis on said frame, a seat supporting armi mounted for rotation lupon a vertical axis on said frame abover said steerable ground wheel, saidarm carrying an operators seat and a steering wheel,.

said steering wheel having-means carried by said arm for 'mechanically connecting ther` steering wheel with the steerableground wheel.: 2

14. In an automotivel vehicle, the combination of a chassis yprovided with a steerable ground wheel, said ground wheel being carried by'a yoke which is mounted for steering rotation abouti-'an upwardly extending axis, amovable supporting'A member for carrying a seat anda steering wheel;. said steering wheel being'rotatably mounted upon said movable supporting member in vfront'o'f said" seat, said movable supporting member being mounted for rotation above lsaid steerableground wheel, whereby the steering "wheel and seat and movable supportingme'mber may be r'nove'd'to member for carrying a seat and a steering wheel,

said steering wheel being rotatably mounted upon :saidrmcvable supDOrt-ngsmembcrfin front-.of said seat, said movable supporting member .bei-ng `l'nmirited ferrotatonzabove saidsteerablerground wheel, whereby :the :steering fwheel and :seat Vand :muvablesupporting member may :be moved toward one :side to expose that part vof the chassis which :is "normally runder :the gseat for -access .to the parts of-.theautomotive-vehicle, fand operative Afr nechanical connections :between a shaft sup- ;portng .Said Ysteerableground vwheel and a fshaft :carried :by:said-=steeringwheel, whereby the. steerwheekmay directthersteerable ground'wheel.

:16. :In rindilstrial lift rtruck, the combinaition of .wa supporting :frame 'with a steerable fgroundwheel mounted .fior rotation upon .a veretical :axis on :said `frame, ta Aseat supporting Harm mlmtedrfcr krotation uponaverticalyaxis on said drame :above :said steerable fground wheel, `.said

-arm 1 carrying :an operators Vseat Vand a steering wvhcl, said steering `wheel rhaving ,means ,cartrtfgby said varm.,ior vmecl'xanically connecting the wheelunizh the steerable ground wheel, mpvabie supporting -rmember comprising Va cover :member inrovided .with `an elongated iarm, said cover member being mounted above the zateerable'vvheel.

3.157. anfindustrialliftatruck, the combination tof assupnorting rf'ramewith a -steer-able ground :wheel @mounted for `rotation upon 'a vvertical axis on esaid ,frame, :a v:seat supporting arm :mounted im' notation '.upon a @vertical Aaxis von said Vframe shove saidsteerable ground ,wneeLsaid arm car- `xgying ran roperators seat and a steering wheel, :saidfsteeringzwheel lhaving means carried :by said farm :for mechanically :connecting the steering tWheelwith ii'flfle steerahle ground wheel, lsaidzfmovbleunprfcingmemberzcomprisingacover memprcvided lwith an Velongated arm, lsaid Ycover meI-nber beingzmounted abovethezsteerable wheel, aidrsteerablewheel being nnountedupon va shaft 52 driving :member located minder said 18. In an industrial lift truckthecombination ci .al :supporting rame :with :a steerable :ground Whenlrmonnied ifm rotation fupon favertical axis qnalaid lame, arscatsupporting armmounted 'for irrrtationupon aertical axis :on said iframe above Said Sheerable ground -wheel, said .farm carrying :Operators Vseat :and a steering wheel, rsaid ASteeringvvlfrecl having ymeans carried by said 'arm for-'mechanically :connecting *the .steering wheel with @the isteerable ground wheel, :said 7movable supporting imember comprising -.a cover :member gpronidedfwith anelongated arm,said cover mem- 1313.1':beingundiluted:above'the fsteerable'wheel. sai-d ,steerableiwheel ,-beingsmounted upon ra'shat -having fa rdriving :member :located :under rsaid mover, `riaidzarmfforniingahousng extending toa shaft Unredabyzaid `Steering WheeL'and drivingmeans Qperating :between i,the steering ftvheel shaft and bhc vdriving zmcmber :of the `steerable :Wheel and lacatediinfthe:housingroffsaid arm.

da. `In aan rautomotive vwehicle, i-the combination pif iarchassis provided with a 'steera'bl-e ground .Whelnsaid iground wheel 'zbeing :carried vby -a yoke amountedforisteeringrotation about an rextending faxis, a movable `supporting member forrcanyingfafseatand :a 'steering wheel,


said steering ,wheel :being .rotatablymounteduupcn said movable supporting imemberin:frontpf'said seat, said :movable supporting Imember :being lmounted iorrotation; abovesaid-'steerablerground wheel, whereby the steering wheel Eand .seat `and .movable supporting member may he 1moved toward one side to v'expose `that l:part of the chassis which l*is normally under the `seat for access to the pa-rts'of the automotive vehicle, and Vmeans for locking said supporting member against .-.rotative movement. on said-chassis.

20. Inan automotive vehicle, a steeringmechanism comprising a steerable y:ground wheel .hav-

ng an upwardly .extending .supporting shaft mounted forrotationona chassis a dri-vingmember carried .by ,the .upper .end .of said kshaft and .projecting above ithe chassis, a steering wheel supporting memberrcomprsing a cover member land an .elongated v.housing arm proiecting daterallyfrom said .cover member, said covermember -being rotatably .mounted .on said vchassis .above Lsaid .steerable wheel, Ya .steering wheel .carried by the .end 4of -said arm, `and ,operative `mechanical `connections .betweenfsaid steering .Wheel andsaid .driving member.

L2l. In anautomotive vehiclaasteering mechanism comprising va steerable ,ground .wheel having an upwardlyextending supporting shaft mounted for rotation `on a chassis, a driving member car riedvby the .upper end of said shaftandproj ecting above the chassis, v.a 4steering Wheel supporting Amember .comprising a cover member and an .elongated housing arm Eprojecting ,laterally from said cover member, .said cover member being .ro- ,tatablymounted on said chassis above saidsteerable wheel, a steering wheel carried ,by the end ojf said arm, and operative mechanical connectionsbetween said steering Wheeland said driving member, said connections including a tension member mounted on a driving Wheel actuated by said steering wheel, .said tension .member ex- 'tendingabout said driving member above said rs'teerable wheel andbeing"housed`in said arm.

`22. "In an automotive vehicle, a 'steering mechanism comprising as'teerable ground lwheel .having an upwardly extending supporting shaft mounted for rotation on a chassis, a. driving mem- 'ber lcarried Lby the upper end of `said shaft .and bprojecting above the .'chassis, Ya steering wheel 'supporting member comprising a cover member and an elongated housing arm projecting laterally Vfrom said covermember, said cover meniberbe'ing .rotatably mounted on said chassis above .said 'steerable Wheel, 'a steering wheel carried by 'the 'end VCif-said arm, and operativemechanical connections between said steering wheel and said driving member, said connections including Aa ftension member mounted on a driving Wheel arctuatedby"saidsteering wheel, saiditension mem- `ber extending about 'said drivin-g member .above said steerable wheel and 'being housed in said arm, said armbeing Aof narrower width than said vcover member, and said tension member being engaged by idler wheels at the `juncture of said -arm'with said cover to guidethe tension member Ain'tothe narrower partof'said arm.


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