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Publication numberUS2389596 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 27, 1945
Filing dateDec 27, 1944
Priority dateDec 27, 1944
Publication numberUS 2389596 A, US 2389596A, US-A-2389596, US2389596 A, US2389596A
InventorsArthur Malina, Benjamin Charnas
Original AssigneeArthur Malina, Benjamin Charnas
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Kit for toilet purposes
US 2389596 A
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1,1 5. '3. HAR-A$ my 2,389,596

KIT FOR TOILET PURPOSES Filed Dec. 27, 1944 Patented Nov. 27, 1945 Krr: FDR TOILET PURPOSES Benjamin Charnas, Forest Hills, and Arthur Malina, New York, N. Y.

Application December 27, 1844, Serial No. 5.'Ill,02 l

8- Claims.

This invention relates to improvements inkits for toilet purposes, and has particular relation to structures of this type designed to form a carrier for articles used in performing the toiletry action and for a protecting element utilized during the toilet activities; the toilet activity may be that pertaining to the application of cosmetics, or for shaving, etc., the kit being in the nature of astructure intended for individual use.

Containers or kits designed for individual usage are well known in the commercial arts, these carrying the various articles that maybe essential for toilet and other purposes; the "overnight case for female service, shaving outfits, etc illustrate the character of such kits. These may include a bib-like or other form of protecting agency for" the user. However, such kits have the various articles removably located therein, so that it frequently happens that one or more of these become misplaced or lost-after the toilet activity has been completed, the user may over- 1001: one or more of the articles with the result that the kit becomes incomplete.

The present invention provides a kit for such service which, when out of service, forms a neat and attractive carrier for the articles utilized in service, but differs from the commercial types referred. to: in that the container itself forms a permanent part of the combination, so that, in service, the container itself becomes part of the agency which the user employs for garment protective purposes, thus placing toilet articlesespecially ccsmetics-accessible to the user at all times during use. Specifically, the container is formed with a pair of pockets, one of which contains the toilet articles while the other contains the protecting element, in folded form, with the element permanently attached to the inside of the pocket; the article-containing pocket is 'closed by an individual closing f'ormationa zipper closure for instance-while the container closure is external and in the form of a flap which overlies such pocket closure, so that the closed carrier presents the appearance of an ordinary type of bag having a flap; In service, the flap is opened, the protection element drawn from its pocket and secured on the shoulders about the neck of the user, with the opened container at the front sufficiently below the head of the user as to permit opening of the article pocket and selection of the desired article therefrom, and which can be returned to the pocket after use if desired; on completion of the toilet activities, the articles which may have been taken from the article pocket, can be'restored thereto and the pocket element unfolded.

closure closed, after which the protecting element may be removedfrom the wearer, re-folded and replaced in its pocket, after which the flap is closed with the assurance that the complete outfit has been collected up and housed within the kit. The closed kit has a pouch-like appearance and can be conveniently carried within the overnight kit or the shaving case of travelers.

To these and other ends, the nature of which will be readily understood asthe invention is hereinafter fully disclosed, said invention consists in the improved construction and combination of parts fully described in the following specification, illustrated in the accompanying drawing, and more particularly defined in the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawing, in which similar reference characters indicate similar parts in each of the views- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the kit of the present invention in its closed condition.

Figure 2 is a face view of the same showing the flap raised.

Figure 3 is a rear face View of the kit.

Figure 4 is a plan view with the protecting Figure 51s a vertical section of the closed kit taken on line 5-5 of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is a view in side elevation showing the kits appearance when positioned for use;

The kit of the present invention--indieated generally at Ill-is made up of a carrier or case M formed of suitable fabric, preferably more or less flexible, and provided with a closure flap I la which overlies the front face of the case, a suitable detach'able fastener I! of suitable type normally retaining the flap closed. While the carrier or case may be formed in various ways, a simple and preferred arrangement is to provide a rear ply or wall b of which the flap I la forms an extension, a front ply or wall He and an intermediate ply or wall [Id-forming a partition.

In addition, the inner face of the from; ply and the face of the intermediate ply opposing such front ply, are each lined with a suitable lining lie, which may be of fabric suitably treated to render it substantially waterproof. These plies are secured together at the bottom and side edges of the carrier-as by stitching-and are relatively dimensioned as to permit the front and intermediate plies to also be stitched together at the top edges in a manner such as to provide a pocket eilect between these plies with the pocket capable of receiving a, number of cosmetic or other toilet articles without materially changing .ply prior to securing the plies together.

the shape of the kit. Likewise, the dimension of the rear ply-other than the flap-is sufliciently in excess as to form, with the intermediate ply, a second pocket of greater capacity.

The front ply is formed with a laterally extended slit in its upper zone below the stitching, to provide access to the front pocket, a suitable closure I3-which may be of the zipper type-being provided to retain the pocket closed when the kit is not in service, the closure thus not requiring the use of a separate flap, and decreasing the bulkiness of the assemblage accordingly. When flap Ila is in closed position, the slit closure I3 is hidden thereby.

Reference character l4 indicates the protecting element also formed of flexible fabric treated to render it substantially waterproof-it may be similar to the fabric of lining l la-.-and is capable of being folded. The element is preferably of dimensions such as to overlie the shoulders and the upper portions of the front and rear of the body of the user-Fig. 6 indicates somewhat of the characteristics in this respect. It may be formed in various ways, but a preferred conformation is shown somewhat in plan in Fig. 4, in which a body portion Ma has a pair of wing portions Mb which are designed to extend over the shoulders and be carried to the rear of the body of the user where the ends overlap and are adapted to be detachably secured together by suitable detachable fastening.

means indicated at l6, thus providing an opening l5. for the neck of the user. In addition, the body of the element carries a tab extension I40 which is secured to the inner face of the rear ply within the pocket zone of the latter, as by stitching l'l, preferably in the arcuate arrangement shown; in practice,.the element may be attached to the rear When not in use, the exposed portion of element I4 is folded up to dimensions such as will permit its ready insertion into the rear pocket as indicated in Fig. 5. When the kit is to be put into service, flap Ila is opened, this exposing the rear pocket, after which the body and wings of element M are withdrawn, placed about the neck of the user, and the fastener I6 closed. This positions the protecting element with the carrier ll suspended therefrom at the front of the body of the user and at a point where the hands of the user can conveniently manipulate the closure I3 to expose the contents of the front pocket--the flap i la may extend upward beneath the element M or extend downward as indicated in Fig. 6. During the toilet activities, the user may return a particular article to the front pocket at'will-- thus avoiding loss or misplacement of articles. On the completion of the activities, the front pocket is closed, the element l 4 removed from the body of the user, folded up and then stored within the rear pocket, after which flap II a is closed, thus restoring the kit to its inactive state. Since element It is permanently secured to the rear ply within the rear pocket, assurance is had that the element may not be lost or misplaced-and since it must be folded to permit flap Ila to be closed, assurance is had that the element will be properly housed.

One of the advantages accruing from the particular arrangement shown is the fact that while the kit is designed for the combined activities thus 7 described, it is not limited to such combined use.

For instance, it is apparent that with the kit carried by the usual ladies portmanteau, the cos- The exmetic articles are available for use by simply opening flap Ila and opening the zipper-leaving element [4 in its housed relation; hence. the kit thus functions as an ordinary cosmetic container. Or, when occasion demands, the user may utilize the element M as a protector in abnormal toilet activities, such as washing the hair, etc., by opening the flap and. drawing and unfolding the element M, placing it about the neck as above described, but leaving the front pocket closed, the

suspended carrier offering little obstruction to the activities-in such case element l4 forms a substitute for the usual protecting agency used at such times.

As is apparent the kit is not limited to toilet activities for women (in which the front pocket is equipped with cosmetic articles) but can also be utilized as a shaving accessory (the front pocket then being equipped with shaving accessories); in

the latter case, the element l4 may be given a somewhat different conformation'since it is unnecessary that it extend materially over the back of the user, thus permitting the use of a different shape for the wings Nb and which, would tend to give more of a bib-like character to the element'with the ends secured at the'back of the user. Other uses of the kit are apparent.

As is apparent, the assembly has the advantage of compactness, when inactive, but capable of adequate garment protection in use; in addition, there is little liability of loss or misplacing of the kit contents, since the element I4 is permanently attached, and the service position of the'carrier is such that the front pocket is more accessible to the user in such position than laying the articles on a separate table although the latter course is availablesince the kit must ,be bodily removed after service, it serves as a reminder to gather up the articles which may have been. kept out, an action which may take place prior to removal of the kit. Other advantages are apparent.

structurally, the kit may be of a desired material, and, if desired, maybe of orn'ate type. It is of simple form'and'therefor'e produced at a reasonable costthe assurance of non-loss of the articles of the kit offering anespecial incentive for its use, since the user is required to replenish the kit only after complete. service rather than the additional expense of replacing lostarticles.

While we have shown and described "one'form in which the invention may be utilized, andhave indicated possible modifications thereof; it will be understood that changes or modifications'therein may be found essential or desirable in meeting the exigencies of service or the individual desires of a user, and we therefore reserve the right to make any and all such changes or modifications therein as may be found desirable or essential insofar as the same may fall within the spirit and scope of the invention as expressed in the accompanying claims, when broadly construed.

What is claimed as new is:

1. In kits for toilet activities, a pouch-likecontainer having a flap adapted to be positioned in overlying relation to the front wall of the container, said container including a' partition extending in general parallelism with the front and rearwalls of the container to thereby form front and rear pockets within the container, said front pocket having an individual closure means and being adapted to receive the toilet articles, said rear pocket'having an open top adapted to be closed by the closing of the container flap, and a foldable protecting element permanently secured to the inner face of'the rear :wallnofv the'rear pocket, said element being housed within the rear pocket when folded and being adapted to be placed in service position about the neck of the user when withdrawn and unfolded with the element forming a support for the container when in such service position.

2. A kit as in claim 1 characterized in that the walls of the container are of fabric with the walls of the front pocket lined with a moistureproof fabric.

3. A kit as in claim 1 characterized in that the upper edges of the walls of the front pocket are permanently secured together, the upper zone of the front wall of such pocket having a laterally extending opening controlled by a releasable closure means.

4. A kit as in claim 1 characterized in that the protecting element is of flexible moisture-proof material and is formed with a tab portion located within the rear pocket and permanently secured to the inner face of the rear wall of the pocket.

5. A kit as in claim 1 characterized in that the protecting element is of flexible material and formed with a body portion and integral wings shaped to overlie the shoulders of the user and be detachably secured together in rear of the body of the user, the body portion of the element having a tab located within the rear pocket and permanently secured to the inner face of the rear wall of such pocket.

6. A kit for toilet activities comprising a container formed with front and rear walls and an intermediate wall in general parallelism with the front and rear walls, said rear wall carrying a fiap adapted to be positioned in overlying relation to the front Wall, said walls being perma nently united at the bottom and opposite sides of the container to thereby form front and rear pockets within the container, the front and intermediate walls also being united at the top of such front pocket with the front wall having its upper zone formed with a laterally extending opening provided with an individual closure means positioned to underlie the closed container flap to thereby constitute the front pocket as a receptacle for toilet articles, and a foldable moisture-proof protecting element having a tab permanently secured to the inner face of the rear wall of the rear pocket, said element being adapted to be housed within the rear pocket when folded and to be placed in overlying relation to the shoulders and neck of the user when withdrawn and unfolded for service, said element forming a support for the container when in such service position.

'7. A kit as in claim 6 characterizedin that the walls of the container are formed of fabric and relatively dimensioned to present the marginal zones as closely united and with the body portions of the front and rear walls capable of being bulged outwardly to provide for material capacity conditions within each of the pockets.

8. A kit as in claim 6 characterized in that the walls of the container are of fabric material with'the Wall faces of the front pocket lined with a. moisture-proof fabric.


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