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Publication numberUS2390465 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1945
Filing dateAug 21, 1942
Priority dateAug 21, 1942
Publication numberUS 2390465 A, US 2390465A, US-A-2390465, US2390465 A, US2390465A
InventorsFlorence Russo
Original AssigneeFlorence Russo
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US 2390465 A
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Decy4, 1945. F. @550 2,390,465


Patented Dec. 4, 1945 "This invention relates generally to improvenients in undergarments and more particularly to those embodying bust supporters, including brassieresbandeaux, corselettes, slips, etc.

'yIt is an object of the present invention to provide anundergarment of the above-mentioned type which opens at the front thereof and which is capable of being fastened substantially at the verticalcenter line of each breast of the wearer. It is another object of the present invention to formthe free ends of the front portion of the'undergarment into strap-like extensions with a verticalslot at one side of the undergarment to permit the passage of one strap from the rear of the front portion to the outside of the front portion for fastening purposes.

Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a garment of the bust supporting type which will add additional support from below, to the bust of the wearer, at the critical point.

It is yet a further object of the present invention to provide means for adjusting the closure means on such undergarment by the provision of a plurality of fastening means, such as, buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, as Well as providing at least one strap with a sliding buckle.

These and other objects of the invention and the means for their attainment will be more ap parent from the following detailed description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, illustrating certain embodiments of which the invention may be realized, and in which drawing:

Fig. 1 is a view showing an undergarment as worn on the body and made in accordance with the invention;

Fig. 2 is an outer plan view of the same in extended position;

Fig. 3 is a front view of the undergarment;

Fig. 4 is a rear view of Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a partial view of an undergarment made in accordance with the invention in a modifled form; and

Fig. 6 is a partial view of another undergarment made according to a further modification of the invention.

The undergarment generally indicated by the numeral I0 comprises the breast holders ll, l2 with conventional straps, l3, l4 connecting the front portions I I I 2 to the back portion of the undergarment.

Asmore closely detailed in Fig. 2, the garment may be made of a pluralityof pieces cut and secured together in such manner as to give the UNDERGARMENT Florence Russo, New York, "N. Y. m t Application August 21, 1942, Serial No."455,627 1Claim. cm-42) maximumcom fort to the wearer with a minimum waste of cut-outmaterial.

As typicallyillustratedin Fig. 2, each half of the undergarment may consist of three parts,

, namely, the bust pockets IE or 16a, the strap portion I l or Ha, andthe back portion I8. The bust pockets IE or [Gafmay be constructed or" fancy material, suchas, lace 23 shown in Fig. 5.

Pocket It or l6a is cut-out-at l9 and 20 from substantially the central area thereof, and which when sewed together by linesof stitches 19a, 20a, will give the proper cup contour to this portion of the garment. The shirring 2|, willadd additionally to this cup shaping of the material.

Each of the strapmembers ll, Ila is substantially triangular in shape, being curved at its free edge 22 and tapering towards its free end 38, thus aiding materially in the firm support and uplift of the breasts of the wearer, when the garment is adjusted. These strap members are also curved at 22a where they join respectively the pockets l6, l6a. The outer extremity 22 of strap member I! and the outer extremity 4| of pocket I6 meet or connect at the apex 42 of strap member I1 and form a continuous edge, likewise the outer extremity 22 of strap member Ha and the outer extremity 43 of pocket |6a connect at the apex 44 of strap member Ila and form a continuous edge.

At the juncture 24 of the bust pocket I15 and the strap portion I! and substantially in vertical alinement with the line of stitches 20a is a slot or slit 25 for permitting the passage of the tapered end of strap portion Ila therethrough to the front of the garment for fastening purposes (see Fig. 4).

It is to be noted that when thgundergarment is fastened on the wearer, the lower edges 39 and 40 of the strap members I! and Ila, respectively, are substantially coincident (see Fig. 3).

The fastening means may comprise buttons 30 and buttonholes 3|, complementary snap fasteners 32, 33, or hooks and eyes 34, 35. As illustrated in Fig. 6, an adjusting buckle 36 may be applied to the strap member II.

From the foregoing it can be readily seen that an embodiment of the invention includes the pair of substantially conically-shaped pockets l6, lGa each provided with the extremity 4| or 43 having a lower end, substantially triangularly-shaped strap portions I1 and Ila extending from pockets l6, lGa having the downwardly tapered ends 38, each of these triangularly-shaped strip portions having inclined meeting edges 22,

22a forming the apex 42 or 44 of each portion and its base 39 or 40 being opposite said apex, the apex 42 or 44 being located at the lower end of the extremity 4| or 43, one of the inclined edges 22 of each strap portion forming a continuation of a respective extremity 4! or 43 and terminating in the respective tapered end 38, the other of the inclined edges 22a extending from the apex 42 or 44 substantially transversely of the extremity Al ,or 43 and below eachbust pocket [6, 16a, the endrof the inclined edge 22a and1the-, end of the base '39 or 40 below the bust pocket'being spaced apart (as seen at 24), a slot 25 being provided at 24, through which the tapered end 38 and a portion of the edge 22 of the opposite strap portion Ila may be passed for securement of button-hole 3| to a button 30.

It is understood that while dmeslit 15 'is shown in the drawing as being located on the left-hand side of the undergarment (Fig. 2), thatthis slit 25 maybe, instead, located on the .rightehand side of the undergarmentmor vtwo such slits 0r slots may be provided, one oneachside.

.It is alsolto be understood that .the undergarment couldbe provided with additional fastening means at the back thereof'orthat parts of the and the disposition and location of the slot and fastening means uplifts and shapes the breasts of the wearer.

The invention is applicable to long-type brassires, corselettes, slips, bandeaux; and other accessories which are bust shaped.

Having thus described the invention, what is tremity; a substantially triangularly-shaped front strap portion extending from each of said pockets .and being tapered towards its extremity, said strap portion having inclined meeting edges forming the apex thereof, the base of said strap portion "being opposite said apex, said apex being located at the lower end of said lateral extremity, one of said inclined edges of said strap portion forming a continuation of said lateral extremity and terminating at said extremity of said strap portion, the other of said inclined edges .of said strap portion extending from said apex substantially transversely of said lateral extremity and below one of said bust pockets, the end of said other of said inclined edges and the end Qf'said base below said one of said bust pockets being spaced apart; a slot'being provided adjacent-one of the strap portions at the spaced-apart ends of said baseand said other of saidinclined-edges thereof, through which the extremity of .the;other strap portion may be passed at substantially the front of the ,undergarment.


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