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Publication numberUS239143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1881
Filing dateDec 27, 1880
Publication numberUS 239143 A, US 239143A, US-A-239143, US239143 A, US239143A
InventorsJoseph L. Camp
Original AssigneeHimself And William B
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Joseph l
US 239143 A
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(N 0 Model.)


Gan Sealer, 239 Patented March 22,1881.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 239,143, dated March 22,1881. Application filed December 27, 1880. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JOSEPH L. CAMP, of Oannonsburg, in the county of Washington and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and Improved Gan-Sealer, of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to provide a device for facilitating the sealing of cans with wax, whereby the objections to the old methods are avoided.

The invention consists of an upright metallic lamp-chimney having an'inclined open spout or conductor attached at one side, near its base, both chimney and spout being heated by a lamp; and it consists, further, of a slide supported by suitable standards on the lamp holder or case, and inclined toward the chimney, in which slide is placed a stick of wax with its lower end resting against the chimney, above the spout, and as the wax is gradually melted by the heat of the chimney it drops into the spout, and may be poured thence upon a can to seal it.

Figure l is a sectional side elevation of the device in readiness for use.

. end sectional elevation of the same on line sents the lamp holder or case, consisting of a long horizontal rectangular box open at both ends, provided on the inside, along its top and sides, with springs a, for holding the lamp in position.

B is the lamp, havinga long rectangular body corresponding to the holder A, and fitting therein, and held in position by the pressure of the springs a. The neck and wick-tube B of the lamp B project upward through a corresponding opening, b, made in the top of the holder A at its front end. Over this opening bin the top of the holder A is fixed the metallic chimney O, which is enlarged rearward at its base, as shown at c, and has fixed on top of the enlargement c an open spout or conductor, D, that is set at Fig. 2 is a rear right angles to the holder A, and is sloped or inclined from its closed end (1 to its open end f, that extends over the side of said holder A.

The slide E is supported on standards 9 g,

that rise vertically from the holder A in rear of the chimney O, and is inclined downward, with its lower end a little above the spout l) and in close proximity to the chimney G. The sides of the slide E are cut away, as shown at h, with semicircular depressions, for a purpose hereinafter explained.

The lamp B, being lighted, is set in position and pushed rearward, so that its flame shall impinge against the under side of the spout D to heat it, the slot 1 in the side of the chimney 0 receiving the wick wheel handle m when said lamp B is pushed backward, as required. A stick of wax, F, is then placed in the slide E and pushed down in contact with the chimney G, that'is heated by the flame'of the lamp B. The heat of the chimney U melts the wax F, which drops into the heated spoutD, so that by taking hold of the standard 9, that serves as a handle for the device,

the operator can direct the melted wax from the spout D upon the object to be sealed, the stick F being constantly fed down by its own gravity against the chimney C. When sufficient melted wax has been supplied the stick F may be removed from its position against the heated chimney O and placed across the slide E in the depressions h, in readiness for further use.

By the use of this device the danger of holder A, chimney G, spout D, and slide E, as herein shown and described, whereby the arranged and operated as set forth. wax is held in contact with said chimney, as

2. In a can-sealer, the combination, with set forth. the chimney G, of the spout l), substantially JOSEPH L. CAMP. 5 as herein shown and described. Witnesses:

3. In a can-sealer, the combination, with JOHN J. BEBOUT, the chimney (J, of the slide E, substantially EDWARD MONTGOMERY.

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Cooperative ClassificationE01H5/102