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Publication numberUS2392479 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1946
Filing dateJul 24, 1944
Priority dateJul 24, 1944
Publication numberUS 2392479 A, US 2392479A, US-A-2392479, US2392479 A, US2392479A
InventorsHumbert Louis J
Original AssigneeHumbert Louis J
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Beverage container
US 2392479 A
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1945- L.' J. HUMBERT 2,392,479


Application July 24, 1944, Serial No. 546,363


This invention relates to beverage containers, and more particularly to a light and cheap form of such container wherein beverages of various kinds, such as milk, lemonade, and certain soft drinks, may be sealed for shipment and transportation and use on railway trains and the like, the container being provided with convenient means for enabling the purchaser or user to drin the contents thereof. r

The prime object of the invention therefore is to provide in a suitably light and cheap form, a liquid container of the kind referred to, the same being made of water-proofed pasteboard or any other suitable material, and being provided with a pair of telescopically associated drinking tubes, also of cheap material, these tubes being normally collapsed together and sealed within the container, but adaptable upon breaking the seal,

. to be drawn out in extended relation, for use in drinking the contents of the container.

With the aforesaid objects in view, together with such other objects and advantages as may appear from the specification, attention is directed to the accompanying drawing as exemplifying a preferred embodiment of the invention, and wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a rectangular form of container, showing in dotted lines the telescopically associated drinking tubes as collapsed and sealed within the container. &

Figure 2 is a vertical section on a somewhat enlarged scale, through the container and the drinking tubes as collapsed therein, the extensibility of the inner tube being indicated in dotted lines, the over-all seal for the vent of the container being shown in full lines as closed upon the container, and in dotted lines as raised for the extension of the inner tube.

Figure 3 is a detail view in longitudinal section of a modified form and assembly of the telescopically associated drinking tubes.

The invention comprises a suitable container 5, here shown as rectangular in form, but which may of course'be constructed in any other preferred form, since such form is not of the essence of the invention. This container may be made of stiff and water-proofed pasteboard, or any other desired and suitably cheap material.

As shown in Figures 1 and 2 a fixed tube 6 is permanently sealed within the container, in the angular setting or arrangement thereof as shown in the drawing, this tube being of slightly larger diameter at its lower end i, and from this end slightly and regularly tapered to its upper end 8, this end being sealed at 9 to the upper side of the container, through which side it has an opening. The lower end I of this tube is open, and is disposed in spaced relation to the walls of the container, as shown, to permit the flow of liquid from the container into the tube. A smaller and similarly tapered tube I 0 is freely and slidably mounted inside the larger tube 6, and thus this inner tube is extensible from the tube 8, and may be drawn out as indicated in dotted lines in Figurei2, for drinking purposes.

Normally the inner tube l0 which may be referred to as the extension tube, is collapsed within the tube 6, and a small cork II is inserted into its outer end, to which cork a short length of string I2 is attached, as means for drawing the tube out to its extended position for drinking purposes, and also for pulling the cork itself from the mouth of the tube. An overall seal I3 is provided, this seal also having a short string or cord I 4 attached thereto at one margin, as means from pulling this seal loose from the container.

In the modified form of the device as shown in Figure 3, the tubes 6a and Illa, in lieu of being uniformly tapered from their inner to their outer ends, have their medial portions of uniform diameters as respects each tube, as shown in the said Figure 3, the respective inner and outer ends alone of these tubes being of tapered construction, as indicated at 6a and Illa.

If desired, an air vent (not shown) may be pierced through the upper side of the container, in such position that the seal I3 will cover same when the seal is closed down and. sealed to the container. is to admit air to the interior of the container as the contents thereof are withdrawn.

In use the container is filled and sealed with the tubes collapsed therein and the cork in the end of the extension tube, and the cords l2 and I4 circled underneath the seal [3 with the end of the string or cord l4 projecting, as indicated in Figure 1. The purchaser of such container, desiring to drink the liquid contents thereof, pulls on the exposed end of the cord I4, thus pulling up the seal l3, as indicated in dotted lines in Figure 2, and then draws out the extension tube In or Illa by pulling on the cord l2, and finally removing the cork II by means of this cord. After drinking the contents, the container may be discarded as the cost is negligible. Because of the tapered construction of the tubes 6, 6a and Ill, Illa, it is evident that as the extension tubes l0, Illa are drawn fully out in the manner described and shown, the inner ends of such extension tubes will engage and bind against the The purpose of such vent of course aseacvo inner walls of the outer ends of the fixed tubes tachable seal for and sealing over the 6, 8a, thus making a liquid proof joint or seal between the tubes, and also preventing the complete withdrawal of these said extension tubes.

While I have here shown and described certain specific forms of my invention, and certain preferred structural features thereof, it is understood that various changes and modifications may be made, as found desirable, withinthe, scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

l. A container for liquids with means for handily drinking the contents thereof, comprising a suitable container, a pair of telescopically associated drinking tubes mounted within the container and including a. fixed tube anchored within the container with its upper end having an openingout through the upper side of the container,

this said tube being tapered from its relatively to impinge and bind against the inner walls of the tapered fixed tube as the said extension tube is drawn outward for that purpose.

2. In a container according to claim 1. a deupper ends or the tubes as collapsed within the container.

3. In a container for a liquid, apair of telescopically associated drinking tubes mounted within the container and including a tube fixedly anchored within the container with its upper end sealed to and opening out through the upper side of the container, an extension tube slidably mounted within the said fixed tube and adapted to be partially withdrawn upwardly therefrom, these tubes being complementally tapered from their relatively larger lower or inner ends to their relatively reduced upper or outer ends for providing an interlocking engagement between the walls of the tubes as the extension tube is drawn outward. a 1

4. In a device according to claim 3, the said extension tube being fully collapsible within the fixed tube, and means for sealing the opening through the upper side of the container, over the upper ends of the collapsed tubes.

5. In a device according to claim 3, a cork for the outer end of the extension tube, and a detachable seal for sealing the opening through the upper side of the container, over the collapsed tubes.


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