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Publication numberUS2392634 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1946
Filing dateAug 24, 1944
Priority dateAug 24, 1944
Publication numberUS 2392634 A, US 2392634A, US-A-2392634, US2392634 A, US2392634A
InventorsCarroll M Bierman
Original AssigneeCarroll M Bierman
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Ornamental skate wheel
US 2392634 A
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Jan. 8, 1946. c. M. BIERMAN ORNAMENTAL SKATE WHEEL Filed Aug. 24, L944 v INVENTQR CAR LL MB/ERMAN I BY Z1 R M ATTO R N EY Patented Jan. 8, 1946 v I 2,392,634 I ORNAMENTAL SKATE WHEEL] a Carroll M. Bierman, Franklin Square, N. Y.

Application August 24, 1944, Serial No. 551,031 2Claims. (o1. ss -si) This invention relates to an ornamental skate wheel in general.

Among the objects of the present invention it is aimed to provide an improved ornamental skate wheelwhich is particularly suited for roller skating performers, having light reflecting mediums to cooperate with light rays not only to facilitate following the movements of the performers feet, but also'to contribute to the pleasing appearance of the exhibition.

More specifically, it i an object of the present invention to provide a disk for the face of a roller skate wheel that will not only serve as a cover to protect the bearings from dust, but will in addition serve as the support or mounting for light reflecting mediums, such as cut glass stones, quartz stones and the like.

It is still another object of the present invention to provide a disk for the face of a roller skate wheel that will cover the axle and bearing, thereby to protect the same from dust and which in addition, however, is composed of some light transmitting material, such as translucent or transparent glass provided with pockets to receive light reflecting stones such as cut glass stones with mirrored surfaces, cu't quartz stones and the like, whereby when a light beam is directed on the wheel while rotating, with the movements of the performer, the light reflecting stones will not only produce a pleasing effect to the eye, but also the light transmitting character of the disk will enable some of the light to flood the bearing and axle, and due to the changing angle of this bearing chamber with the light beam, will cooperate with the light reflecting stone to produce a continually changing lighting effect.

These and other features, capabilities and advantages of the invention will appear from the subjoined detail description of one specific embodiment thereof illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which V Figure l is a side elevation of a roller skate tiruck having wheels equipped with the improved isks.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged end elevation partly broken away and partly in section of a roller skate wheel made according to the present invention.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged side elevation of a roller skate wheel made according to the present invention.

In the embodiment shown there is illustrated a roller skate truck i having wheels 2 which may be chambered to receive bearings such as disclosed in my copending application for patent, Ser. No. 551,030, and filed August 24, 1944. ,When

chambered, preferably each wheel 2 has annular recesses 3 and 4 to enable reversing the wheel 2 in case of wear. These annular recesses 3 and 4, see the recess 4, is provided to receive the metal frame Or annular ring 5 which is threaded as shown or has a friction or machine fit in the recess 4. Preferably to facilitate removing the same, it has notches 6 on the outer surface thereof, see Fig. 3, to receive a spanning tool.

This metal frame 5 in turn preferably is provided with an annular recess 1 which is machined to produce a friction or machine fit with the pe riphery of the disk 8. The disk 8 preferably is composed of some light transmitting material such as translucent or transparent glass, Celluloid or the like, and it in turn is preferably provided with a plurality of pockets 9, six being shown in the such as are extensively used with novelty jewelry and the like.

The disks 8 as shown in Fig. 2 cover the bearing receiving chamber 12, and consequently effectively protect the same from the entrance of dust and the like. On the other hand, the light transmitting character of the disk permits the chamber 12 to be flooded with light and due to the natural interior conformation of this chamber resulting from the location of the axle l3, as the angle of the light beam changes with the movement of the performers feet, a continually changing lighting effect will be produced. The lighting effect so produced by the cooperation of the light transmitting disk with the interior of the chamber l2 will form a background for the lighting effect produced by the light reflecting stones ill to enhance the lighting effect.

In some cases, of course, it may also be desirable to use an opaque material for the disk 8 which may be composed either of polished metal such as a chromium plate disk or the like, or even a light absorbing opaque medium to form abackground for the light reflecting stones I0 The light reflecting patterns possible with varlations, either in the arrangement of the stones or the character of the disk 8 as a background, are, of

' course, unlimited, indicating the value of the discovery here disclosed. a

It is obvious that various changes and modifications may be made to the details of construction without departing from the general spirit of the invention as set forth in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In a roller skate wheel, the combination of 1 wheel member being rotatable'relative to 'the axle disposed in said axle receiving chamber to form a constantly changing background for the lighting eflect produced by the light reflecting stones during the rotation of the wheel and the movement of the foot of the skater using the skate.

2. In a roller skate, the'combination of'a roller skate axle, a roller skate wheel having a bearing and axle receiving chamber to receive said axle and be rotatably mounted relative to said axle,

5 a light transmitting disk secured to said wheel to form a closure for such chamber; and light reflecting stones mounted in said disk, the axle and bearing in said chamber forming a constantly changing background for the lighting efiect 10 produced by the light reflecting stones during the rotation of the wheel 'and the movement of the foot of the skater using the skate, the outer face of said disk and the outer side of said wheel .being flush with one another, with the stones projecting only slightly from the disk. V


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U.S. Classification301/5.301, 40/587, 359/524
International ClassificationA63C17/26
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European ClassificationA63C17/26