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Publication numberUS2392991 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1946
Filing dateFeb 12, 1942
Priority dateFeb 12, 1942
Publication numberUS 2392991 A, US 2392991A, US-A-2392991, US2392991 A, US2392991A
InventorsMacomber Frank P
Original AssigneeMacomber Frank P
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Match package
US 2392991 A
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Jan- 15, 1946- F. P. MACOMBER "MATCH PACKAGE Filed Feb. 12, 1942 I INVENTCSR. FHANKPMAUUMfiE AT T OHNE K1 Patented Jan. 15, 1946 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MATCH PACKAGE Frank P. Macomber, Coral Gables, Fla. Application February 12,

3 Claims. (c1. 40-426) The object of my invention is to produce a match package by means of which an effect of a dentured face may be simulated.

The accompanying drawing illustrates my invention:

Fig. 1 is an inner face view of the article in extended position;

Fig. 2 a side elevation in dentured contacting position;

Fig. 3 a side elevation with the parts folded to enclose the denture elements;

Fig. 4 a perspective view of the parts in the position shown in Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 a view similar to Fig. 4 showing. a modification.

In the drawing It] indicates the main body sheet of the device conveniently composed of heavy paper or light cardboard and provided, near its middle, with two parallel fold lines |I-I I flanked by opposite fold lines I2I2 which are, in turn, flanked b opposite fold lines I3I3 spaced from the fold lines I2 a distance approximating the length of standard paper matches I4-I4 less the approximate length of the match heads l5--I5 with the free ends of the body strip beyond the fold lines I3 of a length approximating the length of which are applied illustrations of face portions I1 and I8 above and below the mouth respectively, thus leaving exposed the match heads I5 to simulate dentures. When the body I 0 is folded in the manner illustrated on these fold lines, there is provided a match package comprising the complementary end panels Iii-I6, adapted to lie in are folded to in Figs. 2 and may hold the match heads in contact with each other and, by releasing the pressure slightly,

at the fold lines I It will, of course,

be understood that the den- 1942, Serial No. 430,607

ture simulating elements I5-I5 need not be match heads and that if removability of the individual denture simulating elements is not desired, these elements may be integrated with the flap I6 as indicated in Fig. 5.

I claim a my invention:

1. A match package comprising an end panel carrying a representation of the upper portion of a face, an opposite end panel carrying a repre sentation of the lower portion of such face, said panels being arranged substantially in a common plane with their adjacent; ree end edges bearing to each other substantially the relation of lips of such face, means flexibly connecting the remote ends of said panels together to permit relative movement of said panels in said common plane, paralleling that surface which said representations appear, the heads of said matches protruding beyond the adjacent free ends of said panels to simulate teeth, the heads of one of said series being movable, upon movement of said panels in said common plane, into and out of contact with the heads of the other of said series.

2. A match package comprising a pair ofpanels each carrying an illustration of a portion of a face complementing the illustration of the companion panel, a series of matches secured to the reverse surface of each of said panels with the heads of said matches protruding beyond the adiacent edges of said panels to simulate teeth in said face, and flexible means connecting said for relative movement in a common plane without placing an obstruction between said i1- lustration or said match heads.

3. A match package comprising a body stripfolded upon parallel transverse lines to form two end panels adapted to lie in a common plane with their free end edges adjacent and slightly spaced from each other, and with their obverse faces bearing, respectively, illustrations of complementary portions of a face respectively above and below illustrations of a mouth whose lip substantlally coincide with said free edges, two intermediate panels respectively underlying and approximately coextensive with the reverse faces of said end panels, two medial panels connected respectively to the inner ends of said intermediate panels at fold lines paralleling each other, said medial panels extending away from the free end edges of the end panels and having their inner ends connected with each other, and two groups of matches, each secured between a pair of end and intermediate panels with the heads of said match groups exposed between the end edges of the end panels and simulating teeth in such mouth. Y


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U.S. Classification206/103, 446/73, D09/701, 206/457
International ClassificationA24F27/00, A24F27/12
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European ClassificationA24F27/12