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Publication numberUS2393039 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1946
Filing dateOct 1, 1945
Priority dateOct 1, 1945
Publication numberUS 2393039 A, US 2393039A, US-A-2393039, US2393039 A, US2393039A
InventorsGilchrist Jr Peter S
Original AssigneeGilchrist Jr Peter S
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Bubble gun
US 2393039 A
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Jan. 15, ma.l

v P. s. calLcHRxsT. .JR

BUBBLE GUN Filed Oct. l, 1945 3 Sheets-Sheet Jan, vl5, 1946. P. s. GlLcHRlsT, 'JR

BUBBLE GUN s sheets-sheet 2 Filed 0st, 1, l1945 Jan. l115, 1946.


BUBBLE GUN Filed oct. 1', 1945 s sheets-,sheet 3 Patented Jan. 15, 1946 UNITED y STATES ATENT OFFICE BUBBLE GUN Peter S. Gilchrist, Jr., Charlotte, N. C.-

Application October 1, 1945, Serial No. 619,519

(Cl. l1li- 7) Claims.

This invention relates to a. gun for producing bubbles whereby a plurality of bubbles can be formed by blowing a stream of air through a circular member which is coated with a bubbleforming solution.

p Heretofore, bubble-forming devices have largely consisted of a member comprising a handle member and a ring on one end of the handle member, and this ring portion is dipped into a bubbleforming solution and then either th'e member is waved through the air by being seized by a hand of the operator or, in some instances, the operator blows through the ring to produce bubbles.

f It-is impossible for the operator to direct a concentrated stream of air with accuracy through' vthe center of the ring to produce the bubbles,

and by the gun herein shown and described it is possible to center the annular or ring member with regard to the axis of the stream of air issuing from a nozzle so as to producea plurality of bubbles in a much more eicient manner than h'as heretofore been possible by blowing through the annular member with a stream of air directed by the lips or by waving the bubbleforming device to cause air to pass therethrough. It is an object of this invention to provide an vapparatus having means whereby a quantity of centered in front of and with relation to the longitudinal axis of the nozzle so that when air is emitted from the nozzle, it passes through the annular member coated with a film of the bubbleforming solution to thereby produce a plurality of bubbles without any waving of th'e bubbleforming device as has heretofore been the practice.

It is another object of this invention to provide a bubble-forming gun having a pivoted member adapted in one position to dip into a .container containing a bubble-forming solution and, by pulling a trigger, to raise the bubbleforming member out of the bubble-forming solution and to aline it with' a nozzle together with fmeans for forcing air through the nozzle to produce a plurality of bubbles when air passes through the annular member raised to operating position in front of the nozzle.

It is another object of this invention to provide a bubble-forming gun having means whereby, by the manipulation of a trigger, a bubbleplate removed;

' suitable material.

therethrough which the trigger finger of the 01u--` erator penetrates. Mounted on top of the stock forming member can be lifted from a container containing a bubble-forming solution and disposed in front of a nozzle connected to one end of a cylindrical member with a pipe connected to th'e other end of the cylindrical member, the pipe' and nozzle being of less cross sectional area than the cylindrical `member and an operator can place a suitable tube in his mouth, the tube being connected to the pipe in one end of the cylindrical member and the nozzle being disposed in the other end of the cylindrical member, so that when air is blown by the operator into th'e cylindrical member and the cylindrical member having a greater cross sectional area than the bore of the nozzle member, a very much greater force can be imparted to the air as it passes through the nozzle member than if the nozzle member were on the end of the tube placed in the mouth of the operator, this enlarged chamber Vof the cylindrical member giving'greater air power for producing very much better quality and a greater quantity of bubbles than would otherwise be the case.

Some of the objects of the invention having been stated, other objects willappear as the description proceeds when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings in which: l

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the apparatus; Figure 2 is a top plan view of the bubble gun; Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 1 but showing the parts in operating position;

Figure 4 is a transverse sectional View looking upward from along the line 4-4 in Figure 3;Vv

Figure 5 is a rear end view of Figure 1 locking towards the left in Figure 1 and omitting lthe flexible tube;

Figure 6 is an elevation looking from along the line 6-6 in Figure 3;

Figure 7 is a sectional view taken along the line T-l in Figure; l

Figure 8 is a vertical sectional view taken along the line 8 8 in Figure 6;

Figure 9 is a side elevation o f a modified form of the apparatus and showing the front cover Figure 10 is a bottomplan View of Figure 9 and showing both' side cover plates in position;

Figure 11 is a View of the reverse side of Figure 9.

Referring morefspecifically to the drawings, the numeral lil indicates the gun stock, which maybe made of wood, plastic, light metal, or any other This 'stock has an opening Il I is a tubular member I2 having a suitable resilient stopper I3 in one end and another stopper I4 in the other end.

In stopper I4 is mounted a smaller tube I5 to which is adapted to be secured a iiexible tube I6, the free end of the tube I6 being adapted to be placed in the mouth oi an operator whereby air 'may be blown into the tube I2. Stopper i3 has a nozzle I'I therein having a restricted passageway therethrough and through which air may issue to form bubbles as will be presently described;

The tubular member I2 is secured to the top of the gun stock I0 by any suitable means such as inverted U-shaped strap members 20 and 2|. Thel inverted U-shaped members 28 and 2l have; setv screws 20a and 2 la in their upper portions whereby they can be driven inwardly to clamp the tubular member I2 in position in. the gun stock Hl.. The outer end of the gun stock Ill has a vertically disposed opening 22 therethrough which coin aides with an enlarged portion 23 of the gun stock. I Il`. Onthe lower side ot enlarged portion 23 there is secured by any suitable means such as nails, or screws 25 a screw-threaded jar lid' 26 to.- which is adapted to be secured a. jar or container 2'Iv for. containing the bubble-forming solu.- tion 2B. This jar lid, 25 has centrally disposed therein, a suitable opening 29.l through which a wand. portion. 3 Iv may pass throughthe opening 22. This wand portion 3'I` is preferably circular. and has an. upwardly extendingshank34 which passes through asuitable slot 35 in a bolt 3B which'penetrates a downturned portion. 3T of avmember. 38 which is pivoted intermediate its ends Vas at. 39. The bolt 36 has anut 4 I threadably secured there.- on whereby the bolt when driven home will clamp the portion 34 in adjusted. position.. It is to be notedy that the downturned portion 3l of member 38 has a horizontally disposed slot. 43 therein .through which the bolt 36v passes so that. the bolt caribe adjusted laterally inthis slot 43 for lateral adustment of the circular portion 3l and its shank 34.

The member 38 which is pivoted intermediate its ends as at. 39',v has pivoted. to its rear end as at 45' one end oi a trigger .member 46 which is pivoted to the gun. stock as at 4.1' and has a. trigger portion 48 whichs adapted to be engaged. by the i'nger 4910i an operator.. i

F'i-votedat oney end to the trigger 48 is a tension spring 'Ily which is pivoted at its other end as. at 5I` to the gun stock. This spring tends to hold the parts normally inthepositon shown in Figurefl and to return. the parts to this position when the apparatus is operated.

In Figures 9, and 11, there is shown a modified form. of the. invention in which there is `provided side plates BII and 6I between which is secured by suitable set screws 52 a handle portion 53 and spacer blocks 64, 65, and 56..

Adapted to lie on top of the handle E3 ,and ller blocks 65 and B6 is a tubular member B8 which is held in position by any suitable means such as inverted Ll-shaped. strap member G9 which has screws TI in its lower ends penetrating said filler block 55 to rmly secure the `barrel or .member 88 in position.

tubular The fillerblock 66 has a vertically disposed opening 'I3 therethrough, and to the lower side of. this iller block. is secured ascreW-threaded jar lid T4 by any suitable means such as screws 15, this jar lid. having an opening 'I6 therethrough gincding with the opening 'I3 in the ller block Through these openings 'I3 and 'I5 is adapted to pass an annular or otherwise formed portion 11 similar to the portion 3| in Figure 3, this portion I'I being on the end of a bent Wire 88 which extends upwardly and then laterally and then rearwardly and then laterally again and penetrates the side cover plates 6I) and 6I in a pivotal manner and has welded or otherwise secured thereto a leg or lever 82 which is adapted to have resting on the upper side thereof a crank portion 83 of a trigger lever 84 which is integral with a cross piece 85 and pivoted in the sidewalls 8D and 6I.

The portion 85 has a downwardly extending trigger 8'I- which rests in an opening 88 being disposed in the side wall portions B8 and 6 I so that the linger of an operator can be inserted through these openings 88 in the two side wall portions 60 andV 6I for manipulating the trigger.

The screw-threaded member 'I4 is adapted to have threadably secured thereon a suitable jar or container 90 f'or containing a bubble-forming solution.. Y

The endet the. tubular member 6,8 has Stoppers S I andl therein, the stopper SI having a piece of tubing such as glass tubing 83. therein over which is insertedY one end of a flexible tube. 94 shown more in detail. in Figurey 3. 'Ille stopper 92 has mounted therein. a tubular portion 9.5 having a constricted passageway 9.6 through, which air passed into the. tubular member 68 through flexible tube 'I4 issues out of andlin alinement with the, annular portion 'Il' when it. is inv fully raised position by pulling the trigger 81 all the way back to depress the lever 82 to raise the portion IT up in `alinernent withV the. passageway 96 in the tube 95.

In. the drawings and specification. there has beerrset forth aV preferred` embodiment ofV vthe in.- venti'on, and although specific terms are em.- ployed,V they are used in a generic and descriptive sense, only, and not for purposes. of limitation. the scope of the invention being dened inthe claims.

I claim:

l. A. bubble. gun comprising a stock, a. cylinder mounted on the stock, a tube. of lesser diameter than the diameter of the. cylinder connected to the cylinder through which air may b e forced into the cylinder under pressure, one end. of. the cylinder having a restricted passageway leading therefrom, -through which air is. vented from the cylinden a member pivoted intermediate its. ends to the stock and having a downwardly projecting portion provided withv an annulus on the lower end thereof, a trigger member pivoted intermediateits` ends on the stock and having its forward end engaging the rear end of the member pivoted on the stock, a container carried by thel stock below the annulus when the annulus. is in raised position,f said container being adapted to contain a bubble forming solution, means normally holding the annulus submerged in the solution, pressing of the trigger being adapted to raise the annulus into alinement. with a stream of air issuing from the nozzle. to thus allow the stream of air to pass through the annulus to. form bubbles.

2.. Abubble forming gun comprising a stock and an. air chamber member mounted on the stock, said air chamber having a. nozzle through which air can issue from the. air chamber, a member movably mounted on the stock andbaving a loop thereon, mea-ns on, the. stock for holding a bubble forming solution, means normally holding the loop in the solution, meanson the stock for moving the loop out of. the, solution and into alinement with the nozzle, meansy for admitting coin pressed air into the air chamber, air issuing from the nozzle passing through the loop when the loop is in alinement withthe nozzle to thus form a plurality of bubbles.

3. Apparatus for forming bubbles from a solution comprising a container for the solution, a member having a loop thereon, means for normally holding the loop submerged in the solution, means for raising the loop out of the solution, and means for forcing a stream of air through the loop when it is raised out of the solution to thus form a plurality of bubbles from the solution held by the loop.

4. A bubble forming gun comprising means for holding a quantity of bubble forming solution, a movable member having a loop thereon, means for moving the loop into the solution and withdrawing the loop from the solution, and means for forcing a stream of air under pressure through the loop to form bubbles from the solution disposed on the loop.

5. A bubble forming apparatus comprising a stock member, a container for a bubble forming solution carried by the stock member, a movable member mounted on the stock and having a loop thereon, means for moving the loop into and out of the solution, and means carried by the stock member for directing a stream of air through the loop While it is raised out of the solution for forming bubbles from the solution carried by the loop.


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U.S. Classification446/17, D21/401, D21/572
International ClassificationA63H33/28
Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/28
European ClassificationA63H33/28